Los Angeles Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go to LA
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Los Angeles Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go to LA

– Yellow Productions Presents 13 Things to Know Before You Go to LA, I’m Chris, this is Yellow Productions, I do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining and in this video, I’ll tell you things you would like to know,
before you go to Los Angeles and there’s gonna be 13
of them, so here we go. Number one is that Los Angeles is huge, or should I say, it’s yuge? Los Angeles is really, really big, if you’re coming on a trip to Los Angeles and you’re staying for probably
anywhere less than a month, you won’t be able to see all of LA, there is also no center of Los Angeles, right now I’m in Downtown Los Angeles at the LA Live District, this is probably Downtown
LA’s closest to the center, but you can’t stay here and
just walk to everything, like you can in a lot of big cities and so you will need a rental car, if you wanna see a majority
of the attractions, LA is really, really spread out and the other thing to
know about Los Angeles related to it being huge,
is that LA is comprised of many, many different cities, so when people say Los Angeles, they’re also referring to cities like Beverley Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, those are not neighborhoods
of Los Angeles, those are actually their own cities and I think Los Angeles is composed of about 50 different cities, there’s also Orange County, just to the south of Los Angeles County, many people consider
that part of LA as well, except people who live in Orange County, then they’ll say it’s
completely different. Okay, the second thing you’ll wanna know, before you come to LA is traffic and what will you wanna
know about traffic? Well, LA has traffic
everywhere and all the time, all day, every day, yes, even
at one a.m. on a weekend, just deal with it,
there’s gonna be traffic, don’t get pissed, don’t get road rage, it’s just gonna be slow and just use Google Maps and
see how long it’s gonna take, there’s a phrase in LA, that
everything is 20 minutes away, except when there’s traffic and in that case it’s 60 minutes away, I’ll tell you, that may be true, but if you’re going
Downtown LA to Disneyland on a busy traffic time, it
might take you two hours, so really plan those routes about ahead. The other thing to know
about traffic and driving is that the freeways, they have names, you know, a lot of people refer to things like the I-95 on the East Coast, well, here, we don’t really
call it the interstate, we call it the 405, we call it the five, we put the word, the
in front of the freeway and they also have names, it’ll be like the San Diego freeway or
the Santa Monica freeway, ’cause they have names based
upon where they’re going, so those are things that
you’ll hear, when you’re here. The third thing to know, when you come to LA is
about public transit and there’s a lot of people that say Los Angeles has no public transit and I’m here to tell you
that’s actually not true, Los Angeles has a really,
really nice subway system and it’s a clean, modern subway, it doesn’t go a lot of
places, it runs through Downtown Los Angeles,
it goes up to Hollywood, great if you wanna go through Hollywood up to Universal Studios and it’s pretty cheap, adults
are a dollar 75 a ride, seniors or disabled are like
35 cents on off peak times, so if you are going
someplace the subway goes, check it out, the subway stations are decorated pretty nicely and they just opened the
Expo line from Downtown LA, which will actually take you
all the way to Santa Monica from Downtown Los
Angeles, if you take that. Okay, but the last thing to
know about public transit is LA has a lot of buses, but you might not wanna ride the buses, a lot of parts of the
world, buses can be great, efficient modes of transportation, in LA, you’ll probably be sitting on a bus next to people, who smell bad and generally the bus is not considered a prime method of transportation in LA. Number four, parking,
so, ’cause you followed my previous tip and you’re
gonna have a rental car, you’re gonna need to park
it at a lot of attractions and the things to know is
that parking in Los Angeles is often valet, almost always costs money, is often very limited and has
really small parking spaces, the only place that you’re
really gonna get free parking is probably when you’re
driving on the 405 freeway and it’s rush hour and
you’re not going anywhere and so therefore you’re
parked on the freeway, that will likely be free, but if you’re parking on the city streets, particularly in Downtown
Los Angeles, Beverley Hills, Santa Monica, pay attention
to the street signs, they have bizarre regulations here about what times you can and can’t park, typically during morning
rush hour, you can’t park, afternoon rush hour, you can’t park, there’s like two hours in
the afternoon, you can park, one hour in the evening, you can park, some residential areas will have signs, that say, like No parking
Monday through Friday, these times, no parking anytime Sunday, they might as well have
a sign that says Go Away, pay attention to those signs,
you don’t wanna get a ticket, I have, so I’m telling you
that from previous experience. Number five thing to know
before coming to Los Angeles is about navigation, so obviously to be able to park your
rental car someplace, you’re gonna be able to
drive it and navigate it, so LA has a lot of roads
and a lot of routes, my number one recommendation is if you don’t have a
GPS or a phone with GPS, get a GPS in your rental
car, you’ll want it, the roads here are super confusing. The other thing I’ll say
is it’s good ahead of time just to kind of know the exit, that you’re gonna take off the freeway, sometimes they’re not super well signed and the exits just appear out of nowhere, so know the exit you’re gonna take, don’t take the wrong
exit, because literally if you take maybe one
exit before or afterwards, you might end up in some
super sketchy neighborhood, that you really don’t wanna be, so pay attention, take the right exit and the other thing to know is because Los Angeles has
a lot of distinct cities, the roads that run through
LA can be really long, it can be a 40 mile street,
that runs through Los Angeles, but it goes through 10 different cities and the street numbering will like update, every time it goes into a different city, so you can have you know,
2000 Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverley Hills and 2000
Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles and those
are two different places, so make sure you’re entering the city along with the address,
’cause if you enter a different city, you’ll
be at a different place and not where you want to go. Okay, the sixth thing you wanna know, before coming to Los Angeles
is about the weather, LA, contrary to what you’ve heard, is not always sunny and warm, yes, today happens to be a sunny day, but it is not always sunny
and it’s not always warm, particularly at night, it
actually can get really cold, a lot of people only come
with shorts and a T-shirt, but I’ll tell you, at
nighttime in the winter, you will want a jacket and
you’ll probably want long pants, I, as a southern California local, I’ll wear shorts all the time, but I’ll generally put on a fleece and sometimes even a
beanie, if it gets cold, so do check the weather forecast and don’t just pay
attention to daytime high, pay attention to the nighttime low, ’cause the nighttime low can sometimes be 30 degrees lower than the daytime high and the other thing to know is that inland Los Angeles can
be 30 degrees warmer than coastal Los Angeles, so you might hear the weather forecast in Santa Monica and it’s 70 degrees, but if you go out to Pomona,
it can be 100 degrees and that is really not an exaggeration, those can be actual temperatures at noon on any given day here in LA. The other thing to know
is about the ocean water, you might be coming to Los
Angeles to go to the beach, the ocean water is not like Hawaii, here it is cold pretty
much all year round, the summer high for the
ocean water is 70 degrees, that’s about as high as it gets, the warm, warmest days will be 72, that would typically be
in August or September, in December, January,
the water temperature will be 55 degrees and as LA or southern California locals, we can tell the tourists,
because those are the people in the water not in the summer,
that don’t have wetsuits on, pretty much all the locals
will have wetsuits on, you can rent those if
you come to the beach, just be prepared for cold water. You’ll also want to
bring lots of sunscreen, I feel like in southern California, we’re pretty close to the sun here, particularly if you go to the beach and so it’s pretty easy
to burn like a crisp, bring sunglasses, the sun’s
bright, you’ll want them, a lot of activities are outside here and the last thing related
to the weather to know is LA is considered a desert
and so it’s very, very dry, so you’ll either want
to have some moisturizer or use moisturizer in your hotels, ’cause your skin can get
really, really dry here, after you’ve been here for a while, particularly if you’re not
used to this kind of a climate. Okay, seventh thing to know about LA is LA is really unlike
the rest of California, California is a really
big state and Los Angeles can often feel like its
own different country, I’m from San Diego and when
I come up to Los Angeles, I do feel like I’ve
traveled a long, long way to a very different place, even though it’s only 80 or 90 miles away, in particular, if you want to feel the most out of this world and like you’re actually in a
different country completely, check out Venice Beach, which
is just south of Santa Monica, the Venice Beach Boardwalk, it’s famous, there is nothing like Venice Beach anywhere else in the
world, crazy Boardwalk with some of the most
interesting characters, that I think you will see anywhere. Okay, the eighth thing to
know about coming to LA is Hollywood is in the neighborhood called Hollywood, there
are other neighborhoods and cities called Hollywood, there’s West Hollywood, East
Hollywood and North Hollywood, East, West and North
Hollywood are actually very far away from the
center of Hollywood, when you think of the Walk of Fame and the stars and all that stuff, that’s in Hollywood, probably
the best place to go, if you’re doing Google Maps is to go to the intersection
of Hollywood and Highland and there’s a Hollywood
and Highland mall there, that’s where the Dolby Theater is, so if you’re going to Hollywood, that’s where you’ll want to go, but oh, by the way in Hollywood, there are actually no actors in Hollywood, when people think of
Hollywood, they’re like, “Oh, I’m gonna see stars and
they’re gonna be famous,” and about all you’re gonna
see on Hollywood Boulevard are maybe people dressed
up as Elmo or Spider Man and it’s, you might see a few bums and a few homeless people, actually you’ll see a
lot of homeless people, Los Angeles has a pretty
big homeless community and population, so just go
ahead and be prepared for that and oh by the way, a lot of people, when they come to
Hollywood or LA, they say, “Hey, let’s go see the taping of a show, “you know, it’s a 30-minute comedy show, “it’ll only take 30 minutes, right,” well, if you go see a
taping of a 30-minute show, it will take at least four hours, so be prepared to invest that much time, if you’re going to see a show taping. Okay, number nine, something
you’re gonna hear a lot when you come to LA is
the term, the Valley, people will say things like, “Oh, I’ll come in all the way
from the Valley for this,” what valley are they talking about? They’are talking about
the San Fernando Valley and the San Fernando Valley is the valley just north of Los Angeles, this gets the term Valley
Girl, the Valley accent, the Valley or the city is
primarily a Burbank Studio City, North Hollywood and Van Nuys, so if someone says, “I’m from the Valley,” or “I’m gonna go to the
Valley, that’s in the Valley,” that’s the Valley north of Los Angeles. Okay, number 10, and this
kind of takes us back to number eight related to Hollywood, is that some of LA’s
most known attractions are the most rundown, lots of LA can be really seedy and you know, when
people think of Hollywood or people think of Venice Beach, they think of like glamor
and glitz and all that stuff and I am here to tell you that there’s not a lot of glamor and glitz at most of LA’s popular attractions, they are certainly classic attractions, but don’t expect them to be nice, actually take your
expectations, if they’re up here and bring them way down here
for about how nice they are, the nicest things you’ll find in LA are things that are really owned and run by private companies or corporations, LA Live, the district behind
me, really quite nice, but there’s a lot of places,
the public places in LA, not so nice and can be rundown,
’cause such a big city, the tax dollars kind of go everywhere, the nicest public
building you’re gonna find is probably Union Station, which is in Downtown Los
Angeles, check that out, also you can go over to LA City Hall, see a view from the top and see just what I mean
about things being rundown, LA City Hall has really
seen some better days. The eleventh thing to know about LA is that from a dress
code, LA is pretty casual, you know, a lot of people think, “Oh, it’s a high end restaurant, “I’ll need to go, I’ll need
to wear a suit and tie,” I’m here to tell you that like shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops will get you into 98% of all
establishments in Los Angeles, I’m sure some people will say, “Well Chris, but there’s this
place and there’s that place,” yeah, there’s a few here and
there, that have a dress code and they want you to
wear you know, a shirt and there’s like .001%, that you have to wear a shirt and a tie, but that is pretty rare, you’ll fit in fine with
shorts and a T-shirt. Number 12, bring your own shopping bag, California recently passed a law, that supermarkets and food places have to charge 10 cents for shopping bags and so if you don’t wanna pay
10 cents for a shopping bag, bring that shopping bag or
you buy a shopping bag once, bring it back to the store, the charge is for paper
and plastic shopping bags, all shopping bags that come
from a food type place, if you’re going to a restaurant, then they don’t charge
you for a shopping bag, so you might wanna get
some fast food, get a bag and then you can take
it to the supermarket. Okay and the last thing
to know about coming to LA is Mexican food is awesome here. If you’re coming to LA and maybe you say, “Well, hey, I don’t like Mexican food, “’cause Mexican food’s not very good,” I’ll probably tell you
haven’t had good Mexican food. I lived on the East Coast for a while and people would always say,
“Chris, I’m gonna take you “to this really great Mexican restaurant,” and after I went to about
the sixth or seventh one, I was like, please don’t take me to any more Mexican restaurants, because they’re all bad, I
will tell you here in LA, they are all, almost very, very good. My favorite Mexican restaurant in LA is called King Taco, it
is a chain of taco places, they sell tacos, burritos, nachos, tamales and basically you pick
what meat you want in it, it’s pretty simple, the
taco’s like a dollar 59, some of the best carne asada,
that I feel I’ve had anywhere and just really simple, really tasty, I’ll also tell you, you won’t
find this at a King Taco, but you’ll find it at a lot
of other Mexican restauranm, get the fish tacos, fish tacos are a Baja, California
specialty and Mexico and so since we’re just right
north of Baja, California, you’ll find lots of fish tacos as well. It’s funny, there’s actually a place in LA called The Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada, Ensenada’s in Mexico, but it’s in LA, so just kind of a funny name for a place. Okay, well so, that concludes Everything You Need to Know
Before You Come to Los Angeles and hey, if you’re an LA local
and you were watching this and you think there’s something else that people need to know,
please leave it in the Comments below for other visitors, that come to LA. If you got something
useful out of this video, please give it a Thumbs Up,
if you’re not a subscriber, you could consider subscribing
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could click over here to watch some of my other videos from LA. Alright, well thank you very much and keep on traveling, bye bye. (light uplifting music)


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    You might have included that although places such as Hollywood, Venice, Van Nuys, etc. are commonly refered to as separate political entities, i.e. Hollywood, CA, Encino, CA. They are in fact merely districts within the City of Los Angeles and just have their own postal designation. When looking for an address in Universal City one has to type Universal City into Google Maps even though it's still LA. Confusing, but necessary to understand.

  • Patricia Artese

    would u say it's safe for my family and I to look into airbnbs/hotels in Beverly Hills, Venice, Santa Monica, or Downtown LA… we are having a hard time looking for safe areas to find a place to stay at..some websites say places are safe while others say those same places are dangerous..it gets confusing

  • hibiki ryuki

    Hollywood walk of fame is the worst place I have ever been to. And horrible traffic makes me want to stay at home all the time.

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