Looking for Alaska: Trailer (Official) β€’ A Hulu Original
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Looking for Alaska: Trailer (Official) β€’ A Hulu Original

[MUSIC PLAYING] I am fascinated by last words. My favorite last words ever,
“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” [MUSIC PLAYING] You must be the new roommate. Welcome to Culver Creek, Miles. I call him Pudge. Ah, The Colonel and his irony. Who is that? Alaska Young. Alaska? My reputation precedes me. [MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, scrub? You grow this summer, bud? You’ll have to
excuse them, Pudge. They had everything in
life handed to them. Looks like we’re going to war. There has been an outbreak
of pranks on campus. I hope you two are
staying out of trouble. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ooh, hot damn. I didn’t think
you could look any more handsome. [LAUGHTER] Simón Bolívar. You know
what his last words are? “How will I ever get
out of this labyrinth?” What do they mean? That’s the mystery, isn’t it? And which is he trying to escape,
the world or the end of it? I’m interested in
those things, too. [MUSIC PLAYING] You ever going to ask her out? Hi, Lara. How could I say no? What’d Alaska say about
dressing for a first date? You do realize you’re going on a
date with Lara and not Alaska, right? Maybe the girl I was
supposed to be with was right in front of me. Trust me, Pudge. Hang on to your innocence
as long as you can. [MUSIC PLAYING] How will I ever get
out of this labyrinth? What if Bolívar wasn’t
talking about life or death, but that part in between? What if it’s suffering? Are you suffering? [MUSIC PLAYING] Did you hear about the
students who were kicked out? Going home isn’t an option. Alaska is going to
get what she deserves. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I swear I
never meant for this. We’re the same. We are not the same, because
I would never do what you did. We are lost in a maze. So how do you get through it? She made us accomplices, Pudge. We have to live with that
for the rest of our lives. How are you going to defend her? This ends tonight. Eternal sadness. You guys don’t trust me?
Something terrible has happened. It’s not fair. We don’t have a choice. It’s the human condition. [SCREAMING] Even when your heart
breaks, you have to find a way to keep living. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Was an honest mistake.


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