Longest Travel Day WE’VE EVER HAD 馃槼 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!
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Longest Travel Day WE’VE EVER HAD 馃槼 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!


  • Stuart McGill

    I did Newcastle – Hong Kong – Auckland – Whangarei – 1 hr drive approx to Marsden pt. Up all the previous night mostly … Followed by ok we're leaving in 30 mins it's your watch … 馃く

  • Scott McMurray

    Totally feel your pain! Just back on Sunday from Sanya, China to Edinburgh, Scotland and took 28 hours via Beijing! Horrendous!

  • April and Tim Travel

    Now you know the pain of flying out of Australia! We're in the middle of nowhere 馃槀 Looking forward to watching the Las Vegas vlogs. We're going there in October so all the tips will be much appreciated 馃憣

  • Kuro fukurou

    The reason I love this channel is that you guys show airport and visa troubles you ran into on your way to different countries.Usually travel bloggers just film the countries they are in. But rarely anybody talks about the problems they had on the way to those countries. It's very useful!

  • Steve

    My boarding pass was also rejected by the Sydney scanner a few years ago. I was traveling with my son who had already scanned his and was inside the checkpoint. I told the attendant what had happened, and he directed me to his supervisor. The supervisor told me to go to the end of the terminal and enter there. When I got there, the line was about 20 people deep. I then went back to the supervisor and told him that my son was already inside and insisted that I be with him. He then brought me to the front of the line and I got through. So sometimes being a squeaky wheel will do the trick. Nice channel – just subscribed.

  • Tyler Bowman

    You guys are living my dream life! I am loving your series on Australia. I'm going in July, and I really enjoyed your series on Alaska, which is where I am from. But come'on, after being in Alaska, how can you say that is good salmon? Keep up the great content. You have the best travel vlog channel!

  • Talgat

    Flying to OZ is akways a huge pain in the butt. Literally, after sitting on an airplane first for 5 hours to Abu Dhabi or Dubai and then another 15 hours onto Sydney or Melbourne. There is no way to make a flight this freaking long, comfortable unless you have the money for a first class upgrade.

  • Laura Elle

    Aww! Ending your Hawaii trip with a little Hawaii. Kinda like aloha is used for hello and goodbye! 馃尯鉁岋笍

  • Positively Christie

    That's the Starbucks I ate at Honolulu airport when I was flying back to Sydney after my second trip to Hawaii haha.

  • amoboe

    You guys have experienced exactly the reasons that I avoid the Sydney airport at all costs! A bit more expensive and longer going non-stop from Melbourne to LAX, but so much less stressful, and Melbs is awesome! Also the not scanning American passport is a thing in Australia because mine does the same thing, and TSA in Sydney told me it's pretty common.


    Melbourne CBD is very fancy smancy well known for their cuisine and coffee hope you enjoyed your time here 馃憤馃挴馃檪

  • Seda Guyer

    Get ready for the "Longest Travel Day" of COMPLAINING !!!! Long Haul of bitching about people, buses, security gates, airlines, bad food, etc etc etc…………………………… Get the Bose N.C. headphones out!!!!!!

  • Timothy Gil

    Eric could have EASILY gone and gotten food while Alison was held up for so long he is just a lost puppy without her

  • Mike Allison Allison

    Hi Thomas, is it ok to fast when on a 23 hours flight (Sydney to Scotland!) thought it would be a good idea as plane food isnt the best. But does it stress your body too much? Im travelling with 3 young kids too, how would fasting but having a glass of Red wine to help sleep go? Love your information, its changed my life!

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