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Hello from London I am so thankful that
we made it safely to London after many hours of traveling we actually just woke
up from a nap because we were so tired I don’t think Brandon slept a wink on the
plane I did doze off for like a few minutes but barely so we definitely
needed that nap and I’m feeling a little bit better but it’s already about 2:30
here in London so our plane landed close to 9 a.m. London time and we took the
Gatwick Express over to Victoria Station and then we took an uber to our hotel
and we’re staying at the Academy which is such a gorgeous hotel I will
definitely give you guys a room tour cuz it is so cute and so beautifully
designed and it’s on such a cute little Street as well with so many restaurants
that we were passing it all the way here so can’t wait to go eat at one because
we’re so hungry we haven’t eaten in a long time but I did make a little coffee
for us because they have an espresso machine here in the hotel room so that’s
super nice so now we have the energy to go out and start exploring I don’t know
how much we will actually get done today but first and foremost we’re going to go
to this neat spot called Neal’s Yard which it’s like a little alleyway with
restaurants and coffee shops and who knows what else but it’s supposed to be
really cute and it’s only a 10-minute walk from our hotel restaurant
represented in London so our so thankfully in our belly assumed was absolutely phenomenal one of
the best meals we’ve ever had in our whole entire life
Wow I I don’t even remember like how to explain everything we got but everything
was so flavorful RTP I eat fresh Oh such a good meal
ticket hello friends it’s a super cozy Alison
in London today was such a dream we are still super tired so we came back
to the room pretty early it’s only 7:30 now but we really want to rest up so you
can have a full and fun day tomorrow but I need a little decaf an espresso and
put on my robe from the Academy and they even had slippers for us which is shy
amazing and so cozy which is my favorite state to be in but today was incredible
and now I just want to take some time to plan tomorrow while Brandon’s in the
shower and then I’ll take a shower but today was incredible
we went edition like I showed you and we went to the British Museum which was
really cool we didn’t stay that long but it was me and then we went back to the
Neil’s yard area in Camden and Covent Garden and we loved that area so much
it’s basically the only area we fit in today but and in London cuz it’s
Thursday but we love it I feel like it’s gonna be a hard area too because it’s
just so cute there’s so many cute shops and restaurants and we got this really
yummy chocolate shake for dessert I also got a green juice as well so we have
nice little balance here um but it was so cool Seven Dials market is amazing
and we definitely have to go back there for some yummy food but we were so full
from lunch because we ate I like 2:30 that we didn’t really need an actual
meal so I’m excited to eat some food there over the next few days but yeah
we’re calling it a night I’m just gonna be super cozy at our hotel and then
we’re gonna wake up probably around 6 a.m. to get our day sir good morning our second day in London in
our first full day we just had the most beautiful breakfast at the Academy and
we are about to go to the Chelsea area and go to Peggy portion which is one of
the most famous pink cafes in London and it looks like a dream my dream
especially because I live a very ping filled life so really excited for that
and then we’re gonna go to buy Water Street if we have time and then go see
the changing of the guards so we have a fun morning planned ahead and I’m ready
to get started we just found the cutest little colorful
Street it’s called by Water Street and it’s in the Chelsea area and it is
pastel heaven Brandon said that it looks like Easter we just ate a little lunch at this
little hole-in-the-wall called scooters cafe and we have a little tote seat
which is what they call a grilled cheese and it was quite yummy it was on
sourdough bread and it was so tasty we just shared it so it was just a little
something so we’ll be extra hungry for dinner right now we’re going to the
Imperial War Museum which bridge we just spent over three hours at the
Imperial War Museum this little one likes to read every single sign that we
pass I think it was really interesting but after reading about the Holocaust I
need to like lighten up the mood it’s just so sad but it was a very beautiful
museum with lots of great exhibits so it was a good good way to spend our time
but now we’re back outside and the weather has been so beautiful this trip
so I think now we’re gonna probably walk over to Seven Dials Market which is
where we went last night and get some dinner get some fish and chips but we’re
just gonna kind of recoup and see what exactly we want to do for the rest early the yummy
yeah Oh crispy and yummy okay give it a try Vance
a bit more do you like it
you’re so confused no chocolate what is it in the middle there’s no chocolate he ordered a
chocolate one so do you see any chocolate oh we’re going
back for chocolate oh my okay we got a chocolate one nope
they didn’t put chocolate in it okay here we go take two hopefully you get a
nice big biter truck oh gosh it’s oozing out the back oh my gosh
still no chocolate what if there’s no chunk living I don’t see any chocolate
we should have we should have opened it there oh we could are you gonna go back
again are you really going right here we open up there’s no chocolate a third
time’s the charm we went back again same way keep it it
appears to be the exact same but hopefully it’s separate whoa chocolate
finally oh my gosh finally is it good you like it we’re worth all the time there you go it’s good Jimmy
so tastes like a chocolate waffle in a sense and we’re back to our cozy little
London home so this morning the Academy asked if we wanted to move to a suite
because we were staying at multiple nights and we said why not and we just
got back home to our new room and it is so stunning so cozy still even though
it’s like double the size I just love their decor so so much and then we have
a nice big bathroom which I’m about to hop in that shower to clean off because
we walked about ten miles today which is just so crazy but we definitely ain’t
all the calories to make up for exercising that much but there’s such a
beautiful day good morning and happy Monday from
London today is super extra exciting because we are about to hop on a train
and meet up with my friend Natalie and then we’re going to this beautiful
beautiful area of England that’s about two hours from London called the
Cotswolds and Castle Combe which is just like an enchanting Storybrooke a little
town so we’re really excited and it’ll definitely be something different from
the city and super different than anything that we have near us at home so
we’re really excited to go on this adventure Natalie just told us but this is an
honest box so you can take a little piece of cake and then pay them how much
it is and you know no one’s here but they just trust that you’re gonna pay it here turn your husband took us to this
beautiful town it’s amazing it is amazing us here can you tell us where we
are so we’re in Catholic home in the Cotswolds and the Cotswolds is this like
super cute district of like yeah just outside of London and it is a dynamo
gorgeous so precious it’s like being in a storybook for real
literally yet again for dinner and last night we
were researching and apparently it’s only been open for eight days I am so
happy to open before our trip because obviously we love it and can’t get
enough there is a life valley and you see the
blue being the cup mighty I can take what I need to get by doesn’t make it it’s so cool it’s so beautiful way we’re
beautiful then I’ve seen pictures up and now we’re headed over to sky garden
which is a rooftop garden and we’re really excited and we have a busy rest
of the day trying to cross off all of our bucket lists for London to the Churchill War Room which Brandon
is special level tree and one of his best things he wanted to do so a little
update we just got back to our hotel we had a great time at Churchill war rooms
we were there for quite a long time but Brandon really enjoyed it and it was
neat to see such a huge part of history I probably wouldn’t have spent two and
half hours there but he could have spent the whole day so I’m glad we got to
enjoy that especially it for Brandon and now we’re about to have and do such an
iconic London treat and that is afternoon tea we are having it at our
hotel the Academy and it’s mr. Mayes afternoon tea and it looks absolutely
fabulous and I’m really excited to take part in this London tradition afternoon tea was absolutely fabulous
it’s called mr. Mays afternoon tea at the Academy Hotel if you’re ever in
London but it was just absolutely delectable and inspired by this book
which I’m taking home with us and I can’t wait to read it
it’s Laotian mr. May and Sun book and basically it’s about Asian family who
well a father and son who comes to London and you know they’re not really
making friends really quickly because they just moved here and you know
everybody is already friends with each other but they bring some tea with them
from Asia and you know people in London in England love tea so they share the
tea and that’s how they make friends and it’s just like all the little stories
that happened along the way and that’s what the tea is inspired from so I think
that is just such a sweet story and Brandon even tried tea which was very
out of his comfort zone because he doesn’t like tea very much so I’m very
proud of him but it was so wonderful and now we are probably just going to hang
out in our room for a little bit and then I’m gonna change to something a
little more warm because it’s quite chilly tonight well it’s probably like
what how cold do you think it is than the 50s some people will make fun of me
for the you know it’s cold but flirt a girl through and through and we’re gonna
walk back over to Covent Garden we pass through on the way here and it’s super
close to our hotel which is fabulous because it’s such a cute spot and we
might get a salad just because we haven’t eaten very many vegetables but
we are quite full from the tea because of all those sandwiches and pastries and
whatnot so we’ll probably just get a salad and then just pop in all the
schnapps and kind of soak up our last you mean in London hello from our last few hours in London
we are actually about to hop on the Eurostar in about an hour to head over
to Paris but we’re feeling kind of bittersweet because we truly have
fallenness so in love with London it is absolutely magic so you know we will
definitely miss it but of course we’re excited for our next adventure we’ll be
spending the next three nights in Paris and it’s about a little under a three
hour train ride so super close and easy to get to we think we’ve never been but
we’re assuming so hopefully everything will go smoothly there but I’m going to
end this London vlog because unfortunately our time here has ended
but I will be vlogging in Paris as well so be sure to check out that travel
video but thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it and you
could see how special lending is and if you’re going here soon hopefully you
were able to find some spots that you can add to your London bucket list so
thanks for watching and I’ll see you in good


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