L’Internat Abandonné – Visite et Exploration d’un Lieu Fantôme (Urbex)
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L’Internat Abandonné – Visite et Exploration d’un Lieu Fantôme (Urbex)

We feel that it has aged anyway, huh? Fuck… Pfouh … seriously, it looks like there were children yesterday, you know! – Wait, I’ll do a rush there.
– There are still crayons on the floor. This is insane! Oh, a single room. This is the first I’ve seen since earlier. Yeah. Maybe it’s a teacher’s, you know, I don’t know. I can’t see if there is anything left in the locked lockers. Impressive. Wait, didn’t you hear a dog? Fuck… What are we doing, we get out? Yeah! – Come on!
– Let’s move! Wait for me Guillaume! “The Abandoned Boarding School” It’s Monday, August 28, 2017 that we decide Romain and myself to go on an adventure again. We will not observe wild animals as we did before, remember. Although this experience has brought us a lot personally. But this time, we are on our way to visit a completely abandoned place not far from home. It’s indeed a boarding school that has long belonged to the city of Lyon. This site built around the 1890s has a total of 9 buildings, for a surface of about 5000 m². Between the years 1900 and 2003, all these buildings welcomed young pupils from Lyons in difficulty, as well as many summer camps. The students were thus fed and housed all year long, and spread over 2 floors,
between dormitories and classrooms. Sadly,
This site is badly placed geographically, It has become impossible for school buses, as well as vehicles, to access the school by the main road. The road has become too dangerous because of landslides, You will see later that the path has been completely barred and closed. The boarding school had to stop and give up its activity. The city of Lyon, which owned the site, was forced to sell it to an individual for € 700,000. This particular wants to sell the whole site too. But don’t find takers, so an auction is feared, And while waiting to find a new activity, the site is completely abandoned. Of course, we will not reveal the exact location of the buildings, to prevent all malicious people from entering and degrading this place left. After spending a few minutes riding on the road, We arrive Romain and me at the place where the cars can’t go any further. To reach the boarding school, we are therefore obliged to continue our adventure … on foot. The distance we have to walk Romain and me is quite long and climbing. And very quickly, we realize that even though the road was closed only for a few years, Nature quickly took up these rights. We are therefore aware that the trace of the passage of Man is not eternal and can quickly disappear. Our walk will be done in silence, and we appreciate being away from any noise pollution caused by humans. We will meet on our way several remains of landslides, we then see the damage it can cause, as well as the danger of taking such a path. And we understand better why the road was denied access. Ok guys! So we’re about halfway there, we’ve climbed quite a bit already. So it remains … There is still a lot of road, look, there is Romain in front of me… This is the path we have traveled. Then we will join this school … this famous abandoned school. Later on our way, we will witness the rests of a home that we can’t date. We are admiring in front of these ruins, and we contemplate them in silence. “- Shit !
– No problem, no problem … ” After gaining height and climbing almost les of the way, We decide Romain and I to take a break to admire the view. A kind of reward for the long march accomplished, before finally reaching our ultimate goal … The boarding school. And when finally we go through the last meters of our expedition, the excitement and apprehension is felt, because we are finally reaching our destination. The discovery of the place is simply impressive. Unfortunately, we arrive Romain and I before a dead end. Because the portal leading to the boarding school is condemned by a huge padlock. We are too exposed and identifiable thus staying in front of the entrance. And to go over the main portal would be a mistake. Because we know that the guards live behind all these buildings. So we decide in a first step to bypass the building, to better observe the place and try to spot a potential entry which is more discreet than the main portal. And already, bypassing the boarding school by the left side of the yard, we have a glimpse of the size of the building that awaits for us, and we can’t wait to get in! After going around the buildings, The simplest solution we found Romain and I to enter the courtyard is still to go over the main portal. But we make the decision to do it only when night falls. We will wait patiently until the night falls away from the place. We take this opportunity to restore ourselves, and rest before the long night ahead. And when darkness is finally present everywhere, we set off again to enter this gigantic building. Sorry but I have no images when we go over the portal. Our first visit will take place in the building on the left. But here we find nothing interesting and we don’t dwell. So we decide to cross the courtyard, and go directly to the building opposite. Because when we arrived on the scene, remember, we spotted a small door that was open and we want to see what is hidden there. “You too ?” Hard to advance in such a storage room. apart from stacked objects dating back more than 7 years, we don’t find much interesting. But we still want to go around the room. “Look, poto!” “Cool!” “Go ahead if you want to film.” We quickly notice that this room is a dead end, and we will not be able to reach dormitories or classrooms here. So we decide to turn around and go outside. – If you want after we get out, we went around.
– Yeah. – Can you turn off the light?
– Yeah! Discretion is mandatory if we don’t want to attract the attention of the guards. We will enter the largest building directly through the entrance hall. Sorry but I have no pictures when we enter. because to be as discreet as possible, we couldn’t let the light on for too long outside. And filming in the dark was useless. I remind you that the building has no water or electricity. So every light we emit is easily identifiable. After a few minutes of stress, We will still manage to go through a window that I won’t reveal the location. The reward is here! We are finally on the ground floor of the largest building. And what we discover is simply amazing. Here are the pictures! “Refectory room” The present smell is unpleasant. It smells like mildew and musty. We don’t believe our eyes. Even after 7 years of neglect, the dishes are still intact and the chairs are still in place. We won’t linger in the refectory and the kitchens. We decide to go directly to the first floor. “Teenager’s Home” “It sounds sick!” “Are you recording?” “It’s crazy, it’s super silent.” “It’s showers.” “More toilets.” “It’s still well maintained.” “Yeah that didn’t move!” “But uh … I’ll admit that the ground over there
it made me a little flippy anyway! ” “Ooh! … Look!” “Prohibition to take a bath, a shower, unaccompanied by an adult … Thank you” “It sucks!” “Now…
You do that now you’ve been shooted! ” – “They complain!”
– “Wait, are you filming?” “What?” “Did you film this?” “Yeah!” “ROoh! … Poto! ” “This is really frightening!” “It’s the dormitories!” “We feel that it has aged anyway huh!” “Fuck!” “It must have been the girls’ rooms.” “Because we can see that …” “The edges of the beds are pink.” “Here is another room, 2, 4, 6.” “It’s all abandoned!” “It is quiet.
We don’t hear a sound. ” “Phew … seriously, it looks like there were children yesterday, you know!” “- Yeah! Wait, look, I’ll do a rush!
– There are still pencils on the floor! ” “It’s a crazy thing!” “It’s impressive !” “Awesome!” “Damn there are still blankets on the beds and everything!” “Another room of 4,
we’ll see if there is something else. ” “No there is nothing!” “Damn the floor cracks!” “Small laundry, it must have been an office,
supervisor’s. ” “There it must have been a supervisor’s office.” After exploring the entire first floor, We decide to visit the second level. There, we discover a door that can lead to the attic, We decide to go there. “Rooh! Guillaume!” “Oh well done,
Well done poto! ” “You know what, I’m lost!” “Well, it’s the stairs …” “After there is the bottom … Look.” “We are here …” “It’s the staircase, after it’s the bottom …
and after we go down and we went back there … ” “So I’m going up to the attic to see what’s up there!” “Come with me!” Once in the attic, We don’t find anything interesting apart from a lot of cumbersome stuff. But here we come across a small trapdoor. “Here, come light up there too, please Guigui!” We can’t see what’s inside, And the trapdoor is too small to sneak in, We decide to turn around and go down to the second floor. “Ah, there is a dead bird!” “There are still showers.” “Oh, a single room.” “This is the first I’ve seen since earlier.” “Yeah…” “Maybe it’s a teacher’s, you know,
I dunno ?” “Yeah, maybe the supervisor’s.” “Oh the lockers!” “I can’t see if there is anything left in the locked lockers.” “No, there is nothing in those.” “Wait, haven’t you heard a dog?” “Fuck…” “What are we doing now, we get out?” “Yeah!” – “Come on!
– Let’s move!” “Wait for me Guillaume!” “Here we go straight down, we arrive right from where we get in!” “By the window!” We will manage to escape without knowing if a guard was really behind us or not. And finally, We will end this evening by returning to the point where we felt most secure. That is to say near the big cross. This will be the end of this visit. And we are still moved by everything we have seen. We didn’t seek to come into contact with spirits or anything paranormal by visiting this abandoned place. We remained very rational throughout the visit. But it still did something weird. (Unpublished images not used)
Indeed, all the time we were in the biggest building Romain and I, A kind of euphoria and excitement was present. We felt like two great kids who were going to make bullshits, And who were in a place where they should not be. That’s why when we heard the dog barking, We quickly fled as if we were going to be punished. Wasn’t this a feeling of the childish spirit that reigns in this place? I don’t know… It’s up to you to interpret it as you want. In any case we really enjoyed filming this place, And the ambient atmosphere was really amazing. That’s the end of this special video. Thanks for watching it. And above all don’t hesitate to share what you felt by viewing it. On this I tell you see you soon for other videos. Ciao!


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