Learn British English: At The Restaurant (UK) – Reservations, Booking, Ordering, Paying and Tipping
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Learn British English: At The Restaurant (UK) – Reservations, Booking, Ordering, Paying and Tipping

Hello there and welcome to B1 with
Benjamin. Today, we’re going to look at the Restaurant situation. At the end of
this video you’re going to be able to know how to make a booking, what to do
when you get to the restaurant, and all the little tiny things that you need to
know when you’re there. Okay, so if you’ve ever been to a
restaurant in the UK and not known if you’re doing the right thing,
by the end of this video you will! Let’s go straight into it! First of all, the
normal way to make a reservation is over the phone. Now, you can call up and you
would say: “Hi, I’d like to make a reservation, please.” They will ask you for
how many (people) and at what time. “A table for two please at nine o’clock.” Now, a lot of
English restaurants shut at nine o’clock, so just check when they stop serving
food. (but you can say…) They’ll likely say: “That’s great, thank you. Please may I take
a name?” And, you just need to tell them your first name or your surname. They’re
likely to be happy with that. Once you’re at the restaurant you’ll likely be
greeted by someone who will say: “Can I take a name?” or “Do you have a reservation?” For the first one give your name (if you’ve made a reservation), otherwise you
need to say: “Do you have a table for two please?” (or whichever number of guests
that you have with you). The waiter will often ask: “Follow me this way.” That means follow them to the table. Once there, they should give you a menu
but if they don’t say: “Please may I have the menu?” The first thing they will do is
ask you what drinks you would like. You can order drinks by saying: “I would like
a beer, please.” or “I would like a glass of wine, please.” If you want water, they may
ask: “Still or sparkling?” But, if you are like me and you don’t want to spend too
much money I ask: “Please may I have just a jug of tap
water, please?” They’ll likely give you a few minutes and then they’ll say: “Are you
ready to order?” Then, you can order your food; read off the menu: “I would like…” and then read what you want. If you don’t know what something is, don’t be afraid
to ask: “What is this?” or “What’s that?” During your meal the waiter will likely come over and ask you if you would like any more drinks
and they will ask you: “How is your food?” Most people will say: “Everything’s great,
thanks.” But, if there’s a problem don’t be afraid to say something. But, obviously,
try and be as polite as possible: “Yes, actually, I thought there should be
prawns with my pasta.” Waiter: “Oh! I’m so sorry sir. Yes, I’ll get the kitchen to bring some
prawns out right away!” At the end of your meal they will come over and ask: “Have
you finished?” If you have finished feel free to say: “Yes, thank you.”
Or, if someone at the table is still eating say: “No, not quite yet.
Can you give us a few more minutes?” In the UK there’s one strange thing with
desserts. They will likely ask you: “Would you like any puddings?” Now, puddings means all desserts in the UK. So, if you’re in the mood for a dessert say: “Yes, I’d like
to see the dessert menu, please.” if you’re full, as I often am, say: “No, thank you,
we’re okay.” “Would you like any coffees?” if you do, you would say: “Yes please, I’d like
a latte, please.” or “Yes please, I’d like an espresso.” Perhaps you don’t like caffeine?
Most people will say “a decaf” and then you name your coffee. When you’re ready
to pay the bill, it’s important not to clap, or click, or shout in the
restaurant. Most English people will try to “catch the eye” of the waiter or
waitress walking through the restaurant. You can say:
“May I have the bill, please?” But, if they don’t come anywhere near you can simply
go… which is the International sign for “Please, may I have the bill?” Traditionally,
if you’ve received good service in the restaurant, you may wish to leave a 10
percent tip. But, if you don’t feel like you’ve received good service, feel free
not to leave the tip. Anyway, that’s it for this week’s video on the restaurant
situation. How did you like it? Tell me in the comments below, or click like and
subscribe! I’ll see you in the next video! Bye!


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