La tour de San Diego me parle français ! (version longue) (Farwest’16)
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La tour de San Diego me parle français ! (version longue) (Farwest’16)

Socal approach United 736 with on ____ 6 departure, 1’300 for ____ ____ 736, Socal approach, radar contact Cessna 8ZY, traffic no factor, you’ll exist the Bravo in about a mile, you still clearance _____ Remain on your beacon, contact Montgomery tower on 119.2, good day Same beacon and contact the tower on 19.2,
have a good day 8ZY American 2549, contact… Montgomery tower, good afternoon,
Cessna Skyhawk N738ZY Mount Soledad with information B inbound to land Cessna 738ZY, Montgomery tower, south of Soledad,
for left traffic, runway 28L Left traffic for runway 28L, 8ZY 8ZY, traffic is a Cherokee departing westbound Looking out, negative contact, 8ZY N603, verifying heading 270? And…603…on 270 603, roger, traffic 1 o’clock in 2 miles…
Correction 1 o’clock in 4 miles, southeastbound, Cessna, inbound, indicated 2’800, I’ll make it turn southeastbound Cherookee 603, we have the traffic 603, roger 8ZY, I _____ to the left in a right downwind,
_______ right now Was that for 8ZY ? Communication broken, say again R8ZY, affirmative, in a right traffic for runway 28R Right traffic for the 28R, roger ! 8ZY ZY, traffic, twelve o’clock, in 3 miles, westbound is a Cherokee, 1’600 indicated, he’s going to be to the approach control OK, negative contact, 8ZY 603, maintain visual separation from the Cessna We’ll maintain visual separation, 603 Make sure the incoming traffic is on your 1 o’clock in 2 miles, westbound 1’900 indicated ___ 54, make left closed traffic, for 28L, _____ Left traffic 854, and we can cut off the crosswind on the freeway No worry, 54, crosswind at your discretion Ok, thanks Cessna BM, runway 28R, cleared to land Cleared to land 28R for 5BM _____ 3 traffics pass half away no factor, contact socal departure _____ Over departure and ______ ____ right traffic, runway 28R trafic, no factor, you’re following Cherokee traffic on a mile final, runway 28R, cleared to land On the right traffic, runway 28R, cleared to land, 8ZY ____ 45, runway 28L, cleared touch and go 28L 845 ____ Montgomery tower, ______, radio check please You’re a little bit weak but we got you Cessna 8ZY, use caution for birds reported on the flight path to the final Please say again, 8ZY Il y a des oiseaux “Il y a des oiseaux”, thank you, looking out, 8ZY Birds were on short final for the other runway Looking out negative contact, 8ZY Wind 280 at 7 Cherokee 5BM turn left when able and contact
correction…and hold short runway 28L, remain on my frequency Left turn, hold short on 28L, remain on the frequency, 5BM 8ZY, traffic ahead on your right is a helicopter working low level We have the traffic in sight, 8ZY ____ 5BM, cross runway 28L at Golf and contact ground on the other side, good day Cross 28L at Golf and contact ground 5BM __845, runway 28L, cleared touch and go and then continue with a right closed traffic 845, 28L and right traffic 280 at 7, gust 14 Cropple 10, traffic is a biplan, closing, downwind, south of the airport, altitude indicated Non responsive transponder altitude indicated Approximately 1’000 ft In sight, cropple 10 ____ 45, transponder appears you’re now approved (??), traffic over the stadium inbound is a helicopter, report him in sight We will recycle and try again, 845 All aircraft, use caution for birds reported on the finals (Vincent) Ah, there are birds on final So, there are birds… It was’nt a joke Wind 270 at 9 gust 14 (Antoine) Check, we have 30 degrees, 65 kts … another plane there (Vincent) Wind from the left… sorry (Antoine) On the glidepath …and the wind… how much ? (Vincent) 270… gusting 14…I believe (Vincent) And we are cleared (Antoine) Thanks Montgomery tower, Citation 123S, inbound for the ILS 28R Citation 123S, Montgomery tower, reduce at the slowest practical speed for traffic Reducing to the slowest speed 123S ___ at 5 gust 14 Cessna 8ZY, turn left on Golf taxiway, cross runway 28L at Golf, use caution for rotorwash from helicopter landing at midport and contact ground after crossing Left on Golf, crossing 28L and contacting ground on the other side, 8ZY, thank you very much bye Il n’y a pas de quoi et bonne soirée Fantastic ! Merci beaucoup ! Il vous en prie (Vincent) We are cleared to cross and ground on the other side It’s so obvious we are french ?! ____ gust 14 (Vincent) Look at the rotorwash… Caution (Vincent) Slow down… … if you want ___ 45, short approach, runway 28R,
cleared touch and go 845, veryfing clearance Touch and Go (Vincent) We are on Echo ? …Nop, it’s Golf (Vincent) Do you mind slighty move forward, please ? (Vincent) Stop, stop, stop… It’s OK…There’s room there Montgomery ground, good afternoon Cessna Skyhawk 8ZY, Golf for Gibbs apron Cessna 8ZY, Montgomery ground taxi to Gibbs via Hotel and Juliet Hotel Juliet for Gibbs, 8ZY thank you (Vincent) Can I open the window ? (Vincent) Can I open the window ? (Antoine) It’s open (Vincent) Oups sorry, I mean mine (Antoine) Yes, of course On the ground It’s hot “Il y a des oiseaux” (Antoine) I think I even didn’t catch it (Vincent) We have already difficulties in english If they start… what a shame for us ! (Vincent) We are so bad in phraseology… … that ATC talk to us in french ! That is laughable ! (Antoine) No one ? (Vincent) Yep, clear (Antoine) On which line ? (Vincent) 47 (Antoine) The first one ? (Vincent) You see the Cherokee same direction as us ? (Antoine) I’ll enter on the first line, then we push it… This headset is destroying my head/ears (Vincent) Clear on the right (Antoine) Yep (Antoine) on the yellow line


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