Is Wiegel Dating a Serial Killer? – RENO 911!
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Is Wiegel Dating a Serial Killer? – RENO 911!

‘Good morning, people.’ Well, apparently,
the Hells Angels who own that
brothel out there, out on 80… They’re doing a program, uh,
hand in your gun for a, uh… [clicks tongue]
Uh, ***. – ‘Hand job?’
– Yeah. “Hand guns for hand job ***.”
That’s what the poster said. Yeah, they wanted us
to sponsor that, you know but, uh,
up there said, “Unh-unh.” [knock on door] – Hey, guys.
– Can I help you, sir? Uh, just the lady out,
out front said that maybe I could talk to Trudy
for a second. The lady
out front was wrong, sir. We are in a meeting.
She is working right now. I can talk to you for a…
Uh, hold on. Let me talk to him
for one second. God, so rude. – Hi.
– ’25 seconds. Go, sir.’ – Hey, Trude. What’s going on?
– How are you? – ‘How are you doing?’
– How are you? – Good. I got you this.
– Thank you. (Craig)
‘This is kind of,
it’s kind of personal.’ Yeah? Tur…
Can you turn around? God. ‘I was just wondering
if you’d like to, maybe’ go grab a, a cup
of coffee sometime? – I would love to.
– ‘Alright.’ So I guess I’ll,
I’ll call you or something. – Okay.
– What’s your number? You can just call 911, or you
can just stop by here any time. It would be fine if you wanted
to stop by at any time. Alright, great. Sorry to,
sorry to inconvenience… – It wasn’t an inconvenience.
– I didn’t get your name. Uh, Pullin. Craig Pullin. – ‘Craig Pullin.’
– Okay. – See you later, Trudy.
– Thank you, Craig. Bye. [indistinct chatter] [Williams laughing] ♪ Two little retards
sittin’ in a tree ♪♪ – I think it’s cute.
– Shut up! You don’t think it’s cute! You think it’s funny,
and you think it’s pathetic. and you think it’s sad. Well, F you.
F you, and *** you. – Did everyone see this?
– Holy ***! Oh, my, God! That’s the guy. (Dangle)
‘Run it, run it through
the computer. P-U-L-L-I-N.’ – ‘What should we do?’
– Let’s get him… No, no don’t…
We-we can’t do that. ‘We have nothing.
We have no evidence.’ If we jump on him
with no evidence Trudy will say it’s just
’cause we’re trying to *** up her life again. ‘Find his home address.
Find his home address.’ We need to get close to him,
we need to find out what we can. I’m taking Trudy to Sears
for a makeover later and I will have some
girl-talk time and I will find out
what she knows about him. (Jones)
Can I google him? It’s the *** sheriff’s computer,
don’t use Google. You’ve been wa… Looking up
too much pornography and you forgot how the regular
sheriff’s computer works.


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