Investigating the Secrets of Dragonfly Flight
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Investigating the Secrets of Dragonfly Flight

All insects including the Dragonfly have a flexible wing They are masters at using this kind of flexible structure for their maximum aerodynamic benefit the
flying actually So flying actually, it has been a very old topic in terms of the human desire and the
research history Researchers who are working on the
design of small flying robots have discovered regular wings have
limited their flying abilities this is why my research is looking at
the flexible wings of dragonflies and other insects to try to discover the source of the efficient and highly maneuverable flight So we have three high speed cameras and we’re going to put the dragonflies on that platform and let it free fly and when it starts flying we push the trigger and record all the motions We are trying to track the deformations of the insect wings and also we would have this three-dimensional
model and develop newer numerical schemes trying to handle such complex geometry and complicated motion The blue is actually the structure, to understand how the wing interacts with the flow is very important
of us to understand the aerodynamics with insect flight Our hope is that researching to the efficiencies of insect flight we’re contributed to the design of small flexible winged robots and lead to an innovative design of flying robots and perhaps extend it to other aircraft designs as well


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