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INSIDE Japan SECRET Discount Ticket Shops | Kinken Shops


  • 日本行カナダ号

    This is such a hack for hitting a set spending amount for new credit cards to get the signup bonus… wow!

  • Daniel Egger

    Huh? I'm surprised people would even consider that just to get some cash. My main three recommendations to getting some generally accepted payment method in Tokyo would be:
    1) 7-11 ATMs, there's no service fees so you pay only the conversion rate of your home bank (plus anything on top they may charge for withdrawal; for me this is a total of 1,5%)
    2) Use Suica card on an iPhone, which can be recharged with Apple Pay (worst case you have to pay a conversion rate); Suica is as good as cash in places where they don't accept credit cards, there's only very few places where neither IC nor CC work
    3) If you meet with friends, take over the bill, and let them cash you out (again, this will only cost the conversion rate; if it happens to be high with your CC issuer you can also use the conversion service of CC provider in the shop but this is quite often in the order of 3-4% and they will not tell you in advance how much it is, still a lot less hassle than Kinken shops)

  • mosindesire

    I buy baseball tickets from a well known site that actually works with the various sporting entities. Far as I'm concerned, as long as the tickets are real and the seller ensures that every ticket is legit, I don't see what the problem is. Not real sure about undercover stuff, seems like it could get you in some trouble, legit or the "going to bust your knees" kind.

  • Farrah farhana

    If just for travelling around, like for vacation, do you recommend to use this?? seems like a lot of saving can be done here.

  • Bevin McClain

    If I have to think this logically, I think the ticket shops are like pawn shops. You might get, say, a pair of tickets to a show but you cannot attend due to problems showing up unexpectedly. You can sell those tickets for quick cash instead of letting it go to waste.

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