I am 19, my husband is 50

Hey, guys! My name is Lisa, and I want to tell you my
story how I became a sugar babe. Don’t start blaming me! First, hear me out. I was born to be unlucky. I don’t know where I screwed up so hard in
my past life that I started my life from the bottom in this one. My parents are typical white thrash – unemployed
alcoholics. Well, at least they had a home. But the home didn’t mean they wouldn’t
sleep on a park bench or in some other places where they got knocked out by alcohol. I even thought they would easily become drug
junkies. But they simply had no money for this. I have lived with them for a year. Well, I suspect they did not even know they
had a kid. I mean, me. It was a miracle I somehow survived. I can’t even imagine my mom feeding me with
her breast or changing me diapers. Fortunately, I don’t remember such an early
childhood. I’ve learned it all later when I searched
for the information about my parents. I was told that one of their drinking buddies
was a little more conscious than the others. He called some social services and they took
me away. Great thanks for him, really. Then there was a baby house orphanage – I
can’t remember it either – and then the boarding school. This is where my own memories start. Not someone else’s. Our boarding school was fine. Well, as fine as a boarding school could be. The food was good and they provided us with
a suitable and adequate clothing. The sponsors gave us so many toys that our
principal even sold some of them. We didn’t mind. For the money earned he made some repairs
and purchased necessary equipment for us. So, things were fine but our only problem
was the lack of affection and love. But me and my misfortunate fellows wouldn’t
get it all outside the school. Because the life out there was too hard for
us, yeah. No one poked their nose in our personal life. If you want to study OK – you’ll get everything
you need. If you wanna drink some booze – no problem. Just drink outside, don’t violate the internal
rules and don’t get pregnant. So, we chose a sweet spot in the middle: we
had time both to study and to drink. And the girls didn’t get pregnant. The sex itself didn’t exist there, just
like in the Puritan community. Our teachers carefully watched after us. If they saw a couple kissing, they would strictly
punish them both. I was not good at school knowledge. But I knew the wisdom of life. I was 12 when I first saw sponsors coming
to our boarding school. That day I realised that if I wanted to live
well, I needed to study hard or to look for some other options. Honestly, I tried to do something. I was good at foreign languages – Spanish,
German, and French a little. Mostly I worked at them. And in my free time I had fun. I didn’t worry about the college. I was supposed to have had an admission benefit
there. When I was at college, I quickly realised
that my great plan had one big disadvantage. I simply do not have the money! Yeah, the admission benefit and free student
hostel – that’s cool. But when there is nothing to eat, it’s not
cool anymore. Yeah, I had a scholarship. But it was just peanuts, enough to buy only
minimum of things to live. The only thing I got lucky with was my appearance. I had a pretty face and a slim figure (especially
because I didn’t eat much). I looked like a model. Just put some trendy wear on me and I am ready
to get married! So, I decided to use my advantage at the fullest. I met different guys. Mostly I chose some wealthy and reasonable
ones. I never asked them for anything – no gifts,
no money and stuff. But they were very good and they gave me everything
themselves. So, I got dressed up, I ate more and I finally
felt like a woman. One day I noticed that one of the professors
was looking at me in a way he didn’t look at other students. Vincent taught English literature at our department. It was one of the main subjects! If he really wanted to do something with me
– I even wouldn’t mind. But he was always polite and correct. He never hinted he was interested in something
more. And that’s why I liked him. Plus, the fact he was a professor, divorced
and wealthy… However, he was nearly 50… but all the advantages
outweighed this one. I thought I had nothing to lose… Anyway, I wouldn’t describe you how I hooked
him. My bait was good, but the fish… The fish had a surprise. When we started dating I myself fell in love
with this extraordinary man, for the first time in my life. A man who could have been my father by his
age. The re-education of an orphanage girl, like
me, who just did not know what love, care, a normal family and relationship meant was
a task a little more difficult than analysing Shakespeare’s plays! But Vincent just conquered me. He showed me a completely new life without
deprivation, humiliation and struggling for the right to exist. He made me feel safe and loved. Of course, there had been a lot of talks and
reprimands to us when we started living together. Mostly, people condemned him. They said he wouldn’t be happy with a young
girl, that I would find myself a crowd of young lovers, that a boarding school girl
would never be a good wife and a mother… Anyway, a lot of bad things. I was even threatened. But Vincent didn’t leave me. On the contrary, he quickly offered to make
our relationship official. We registered our marriage. Soon I got pregnant. Now I’m on the 8th month. Ultrasonography says we’re gonna have a
girl. I hope she’ll be smart and wonderful as her
dad. I don’t want any young men to be my lovers
– my husband is the best man in the world! I’m learning to be better for him and for
our daughter. You know, it’s always easy to judge people. But being in other shoes is much more difficult. Like, if you agree that judging people is
bad. Write in comments if you have the same stories. And remember, every person deserves the right
for happiness. Even if this happiness doesn’t look like

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