How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime – SELL ME THIS PEN
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How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime – SELL ME THIS PEN

Go ahead, sell me this pen. Today I’m
gonna teach you how to sell anything, to anyone, any time. Now, when it comes to
selling, when it comes to closing, there’s so many techniques and so many ways. Today, I’m gonna share with you three powerful secrets that you can use to sell
anything to anyone. The very first secret is this. How do you turn something
that’s a commodity. How do you sell a product, how do you sell a service in
such a noisy marketplace. Number one, understand this. People don’t buy because of logic. People buy because of emotions and they justify it with logic. People
buy based on emotions and they justify with logic. I want you to think of something that you want to buy in your life. It could be a car, it could be a house, it
could be anything. Just want you to picture that. Once you have that in your
mind I want you to ask yourself this question: Why do you want to buy it?
Why do you want to buy the particular item? Why do you want to own that item
Why is that? Maybe it’s a new suit. It looks good on you. Maybe it’s a
new dress, maybe it’s a new car, maybe it’s a new house, maybe it’s that vacation, but why do you buy it? I want you to dig a little bit deeper. If you pierce through
the layers, I think you’ll realize you are buying emotions. Maybe you buy the
item because of greed. You want to make money, or you wanna save money, or maybe it’s because of generosity that by buying this item, it’s gonna help other
people. Have you noticed sometimes even there are companies out there if you buy
this particular product they donate a certain amount to charities. Maybe you
buy because of generosity. Maybe because of shame that if I don’t buy this
I’ll look foolish. If I don’t own this I’ll look foolish. Or maybe it’s fear that if
I don’t buy this I’m gonna be missing out. I don’t want to miss out.
Maybe it’s an escape that you go on the vacation, your 9 to 5 job is driving you
fuckin crazy and you say, “Aw man, I need some time off.” Maybe doing it,
buying it because of escape. Whatever those reasons are, those are
very often emotional reasons. So you buy because of emotion and you justify it
with logic. So think about when you’re selling something to somebody. Are you
just talking about features and benefits? What this thing would do for you, or are
you pushing those emotional hot buttons? I remember one time I was in Harry Rosen, which is very well-known kind of men’s menswear store, high-end, in Vancouver. I
walk into the store and I was walking by the Tom Ford section. And the salesman
approached me and said, “Sir, well is there anything I can help you with?”
I said, “No I’m just browsing around” and he said, “Do me a favor, put this suit on.”
Now, at the time I’ve never owned a Tom Ford suit before. I have a lot of suits
but I don’t have a Tom Ford suit. He said do me a favor, put this on. I said alright. I put it on. So how do you feel? Well it feels pretty good. Okay, also
try this on, put on this tuxedo. I said okay that’s pretty good. Oh it looks great. He
said Sir, are you a fan of James Bond? I said who isn’t a fan of James Bond like duh. You see this suit right here,
this tuxedo? It’s the exact suit, exact same design as he, James Bond, wears in Casino Royale. You know the scene? When he was gambling?
Fuck! It looks good, right? And before you know it, I bought the damn fucking
tuxedo, right, and it’s a lot of money. Cost a lot of money. And if you think
about that, what am i buying? I’m buying emotions. What I’m buying is this. I’m buying when I wear this tuxedo, I feel good, as a James Bond fan, I feel
like James Bond. Even logically I know this of course is not James Bond, I’m not
James Bond. But emotionally, it takes me there! This is cool that I own, you know I
wear the same tuxedo, the same fit, the same everything.
And then he up sold me on the damn like the shirt, and the cuff-links, the whole
nine yard, right. That’s what I’m talking about. People buy because of emotions and they justify it with logic. You have to
understand that. Don’t push your products. Don’t just push your services. Don’t push
the features and benefits. Think about what are those emotional hot buttons that
you’re pushing. Number two, people don’t buy their way into something. They buy
their way out of something. It means people very often they buying something
because they have a problem they want solved. They want to buy their way out of
that problem. People don’t buy the drill, they want a hole on the wall. So what is
it that you are, you’re helping them solve that what problem, what is it, what
is that thing you have to understand. So I always say the amount of money that
you make is in direct proportion to how deep you understand your marketplace’s
pain. The amount of money you make is in direct proportion of how well, how
deep you go, how much you understand your marketplace’s pain. So you have to
understand what it is, what are the pains that people have and how can
you help them relieve some of that pain? So think about that. Number three, people
don’t buy products and services. They buy stories. Because when there are so many
choices out there in the marketplace, on the Internet,
any product that you want, there are hundreds and hundreds of choices.
How do you stand out? How do you add emotions to a commodity, a pen? What’s the
difference between a $2.00 pen like this or an $800 Montblanc, John F Kennedy,
limited edition, exclusive pen? $800 pen? It’s the same pen, it has the same
functions. Story. When you add story to an item, suddenly, when you add the
the John F Kennedy, the president story, attached to a brand, to a logo, it
is ten times more valuable. It is a hundred times more valuable. It is 300
times more valuable. That particular pen. All because a story.
It writes the same. A $2.00 pen, you can write too. That’s the difference. So think
about what’s the story? How can you inject stories into
everything that you do? Maybe it’s your origin story. How did you get started? Why do you do what you do? What of also stories of your customers? I just
launched a new YouTube channel you can click on the link below, I put a
link below in the description you can check it out. That’s the Dan Lok
Global Community on YouTube. It has nothing to do with the program that I
teach. It has everything to do with stories. It’s stories from my students,
what they have learned, their background, their stories. Has nothing to do with me,
has nothing to do with the program that I run, has nothing to do with that,
but stories. It’s other people’s stories, other people’s success stories. So where
are you using stories in your marketing, in your business? How else can you use
stories? Remember, facts tell, stories sell. Facts tell, stories sell. So, comment below.
Tell me, based on these three secrets, how will you sell me this pen? Go ahead,
comment below, and sell me this pen.


  • Nazmeen Shaik

    Straight up! Who can turn down a John F Kennedy Limited Edition! It has only a few in stock only for few special vips…. Well it looks sooo good on you.. And a real success full business person cant be seen signing important documents without a brand new released pen! It sure has the same function as others but not the same impression.. Never the same feel. Hold it! Feel it! Imagine yourself working with it. Now …. Would you go back to using a silly brand again?

    Would you buy it now? Did I try too hard? Let me know

  • EYES 2 SEE

    Tuxedo Salesman: are you a fan of James Bond.
    Me: not particularly
    Salesman: _______

    How do you still sell the customer if your hook question is non effective? Poor sales technique. @3:22
    Better would be to start by building rapport. Then after discovering they are in fact a James Bond fan, have them try the tux on and explain the backstory and how great they look wearing it.

  • Xorem

    Guys for all you five year olds that watch this guy and dream of becoming rich and wearing cringe supreme hypebeast clothing, the "sell me this pen" phrase comes from the 6 years old movie wolf of wall street and in the movie, the character presented with this challenge responds with asking the other guy for his number, which he responds to: " i dont have a pen", so thats where he sells Leo the pen. There, just saved you 20 minutes of cracking your 5 year old little brains trying to figure this out.

  • Ragu Rajan

    Let me tell idea to sell this PEN.
    1st i will keep this pen in entrance of my shop holding price tag of $ 200.
    Then below in a frame i will explain that the cap made in China, Nip made in India and silver parts made U.S etc.
    as its made stories. And final quote is sale for "Only for Royal kids, If you think your kids are princesses"….this isy way .. sorry if i am anything wrong..

  • Webchuchote

    Remark: That script needs to adopted according to the real benefits and features of the pen. If that pen doesn't have these features than I would before make some research to find one that has. So let's assume that this pen has some amazing feature that never makes him dysfunctional when maintained properly.

    Here we go:

    Me: Look Dan, to use this technique you'll need a little bit of research but it will make remember your most valuable clients who made their success possible EVERY TIME they sign a deal in the future. <smilingly waiting for a reaction>
    Dan: Aha, go ahead.
    Me: You will need to actually do some research on the history of President Kennedy, his core values and some significant contracts he signed, understand?
    Dan: Well, ok.
    Me: Dan, what's the value of the biggest consulting deal you've ever closed?
    Dan: <some $$$ value>
    Me: Wow, that's really amazing!
    Dan: Thank you <proudly smiling>
    Me: Now, here's what you do the next time you've just closed a deal with a client of that category to make him remember you in all the future deals he will be closing thanks to your services. Do you want me to go ahead?
    Dan: Sure, you've my full attention.
    Me: Great. Look, here's exactly what you will do and tell that person.
    – First, during the conversation make sure that you identify some of your clients core values just until to find one that relates to the core values you've found in your research about Kennedy.
    – Then, make sure you tell this story and make your client touch the pen already sometimes before closing the deal. Do you think you can do that?
    Dan: Sure, but why would I want to do that?
    Me: Great, you'll understand it in a minute.
    – Look Dan, if you're closing this deal, you say this.
    – I'm so happy for you that you made this decision today, this decision that will make you close so many more deals right after today.
    – But sometimes even the best closers could loose their track in difficult situation. What has proven to help stay focussed and confident in difficult situations is a physical item that help you remember what your objective is and what the situation really needs at that particular moment.
    – For me, the best thing was something of very high value that makes me remember my values.
    – Look, I know from our conversation that <core value> is very important for you.
    – That's what brings you on the same level as Kennedy when he signed <important contract in US history> with a pen exactly like this one. It had the same color, materials, weight, even the same balance and it already had <function> that made him one of the most reliable pens in the world at this time, and he probably still is. This pen will never disappointed somebody when it was time to sign a the contract, and never will be because of <amazing function>.
    – I'm convinced, if you will have this pen in your hand or at least visible on the table it will help you remember your core values in difficult closing situations and it will give you the confidence you need to do what's needed.
    – This pen costs 800$ and there exist only <number> on this planet. But because I'm so proud that you've made that decision today that will change all your upcoming deals I want you to have this pen right close to you, to make you remember who you are and why you need to close this deal.
    – If you promise me, that you'll only use this pen to sign contracts of deals related to <core value> or some other important value to you, I'll give you my 800$ pen right now for free.
    Then put the pen in front of your customer en between you where he can take it and smile.
    Are you with me so far?
    Dan: Oh year, totally.
    Me: Well, that's basically it. He will surely grab that pen and be even more exited about having signed that deal with you. In addition he will have a great confidence booster with him that will in addition elevate his status in future deals as well as a story to tell to his clients about the core values of his company.
    But what's more important, you've just gave him something that will make him remember you in the most important situations in his live in the future what can make him come back to you for further consulting in the future.
    Does this makes sense to you? Do you think that would boost your post-close-costumer-come-back rates?
    Dan: Oh yeah, that's amazing. Thank you Adjunga.
    Me: No problem Dan.
    You know what, if you buy 5 today, you will get one for free. If you buy 10, you'll 2 for free and so on.
    How many Pens do you want?

  • AK

    An 800 dollar pen is not an ordinary product. It's a niche product for niche customers, certainly not for most of us watching this channel.. such products find their own buyers, like the tuxedo found you.!

  • Achiksa Marak

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  • O Grande Irmão.

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    House: 20 million
    Bentley: 4million dollars
    Clock: 1 million dollars
    Suits: 10 Thousand
    Shoes: 2 Thousand

    Pen:5 cent
    Dan, i know this thing dont worry you, at least you're rich and dont need a simple pen to prove it.
    But, from the deepest darkness from your heart, dont you think this Monblanc special series Will let you as complete as James Bond?

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  • Make Today Great

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  • Money Mindset

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  • furkan haider

    So you buy house because of emotions
    Well I buy house to have a decent roof on my head and to be safe.
    Fucking crazy you buy a car and a suit because of emotions I buy a car because I need to travel from one place to another on my own terms and I buy a suit because I can't show up during presentation in vest and shorts man they will kick me out

  • jorge contreras

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  • Reginald D.

    At the end of the day, we buy in order to feel the emotions we associate with what we're buying (especially if those emotions will allow them to escape the stressful problems they are currently experiencing). Thanks for the insight, Sifu.

  • Sukma Nada Desmanto

    I sell to you my pen cost $1000 because …
    This is the same pen used by Soekarno (the 1st Indonesian president) to write down the Proclamation of Independence's script.

  • Hector J. Calero

    Wow… This comment section is full of sellers… But so few closers… Dan is really nice by giving us free stuff to be better at getting wealthy and this people are more like "I know the reference" than learning.
    When me… I have to practice like crazy to learn enough from the free content to get money for the course.

  • udeepta kashyap

    Sales is not science, emotions do play a role in the decision-making however you can't generalize saying that people don't buy logic. Apparently, people do appreciate a logical approach towards pitching your product. Without logic one can't be honorable salesman. Peace.

  • Tragerz

    Dan, i will present a dialogue ok

    Dan: sell me this pen
    Me:hey dan can u write ur names and phone number on a piece paper, hey but I want it clear not ugly letter
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    Me: here is it a pen

  • Tonya Ukanah

    You. What’s so good about this pen ? Me” here take this pen . And tell me what so good about the pen . You . Hmm it’s light, can I engrave this ?
    Me it’s your pen you can do whatever you want…. You I need 2…. I always make the client touch hold the item it give the sense of ownership and 9 outta ten times when I ask them about the product they answer the reasons they need it and boom sold it’s worked for me for 10 years

  • naomi safe

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  • Monado6

    Emotions sell. But you got to appeal to the person. Are they conceited? Sell to their vanity. Are they lacking confidence? Tell them how it will help them. Are they cheap? Tell them how much it will save.

  • Interior Decor Designs

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  • Andres Griborio

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    Also me: '' mom can you pick me up"

  • Nicole Casas

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  • Dara Khan

    All the stories you mentioned in your beautiful speech, we heard in 1980 and with same examples "Harry Rosen Suits" / Sell me the Pen / Best buy guy selling TV etc. Can't you come up with your own examples.

  • Viczzz News

    Am not a business man now but within 6 i am going to run a textile shop business
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  • Eric

    Assuming you gave the pen to me prior to selling it (back).

    You cannot buy this pen from me now Dan, but my assistent can squeeze you in the waitinglist.

    the waitinglist will be around 2 years, in these 2 years i am going to change history and sign multi-billion dollar contracts with it. i will accidentally sit on the pen, drop it. forget it somewhere and drive back for it.
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    A scruffy looking guy just locked the door and walked away.
    i asked the scruffy guy when the office would be open again and he replied tommorow i guess, i dont work here.
    But the poor guy looked as if he just lost his "help me with food" sign so i asked him if i could help him with a meal and he agreed.

    I took him to a small diner and while eating i talked about my plan to alter the world for the best.
    After a while i told him how i got a certain special pen and regretfully forgot it at that office, the guy was grinning and pulled the pen out of his pocket and asked,
    you mean this Mont Blanc John F. Kennedy special edition pen ?

    scrambling to get my words i could only utter "yes, but how ?"

    The man Answered, i dont work at the office but i am the 100% stockholder of that firm you left it at. i hate doing executive work so i am nothing more than the owner, so i litterallly don't work there.
    But you know Eric, i am giving you this pen back after we signed a deal with it.

    i want you to promise me, and sign for it on this very napkin, never be anything else then yourself.
    we signed the napkin, he asked me for my adress wich i gave.

    after a few months i got a sweet and sour package.
    The guy had died, but left everything he owned to me to aid me in my quest.

    * some time later*

    Dan, you are on the waiting list for the pen, I have a Great story attached to this pen now, and even a signed napkin to preserve the pen in.
    this will be a relic for the whole of humanity, this pen signed the deals that changed the world for the better.
    But unfortunatly, your #15 on the list, i cannot sell this to you. so i am giving it back and sell the napkin to #1 instead.
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    Best regards,

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  • Azamat

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  • 1.D's Chanel

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