How to save money when booking a hotel room – Top Tip

hello my name is Mark Simpson and I’m
the founder of boost hospitality for short and I want to show you how you
can save money when booking a hotel room in the UK if like me you are fed up of
paying high rates for hotel rooms you are not watching this video I’m going to
show you some very simple steps on how you can save up to 10 to 20 percent off
a hotel room stay in the UK ok let’s begin I’m on as you can see
and I’m gonna use an example of one of our clients random date anytime hit the
search button up or come the grainery as you can see opening it up and as you can
see the grainery is here scroll down and the most important thing is to make a
note of the price that you see right there so double room shower as you can
see that’s the rate I’m going for make a note that I’ll write it down if you have
to scroll up and this is the next important bit copy I’ll make a note of
the accomodation name so as you can see they’ve highlighted the granary farm
stay in Scarborough open up another tab in your browser do a very quick google
search and here’s what you’re gonna do you’re gonna look for of the contact
telephone number so as you can see there Google search has brought this up for me
double check this to make sure it’s the right one and as you can see it’s right
there telephone number and this is what you’re
gonna do this is the employment you’re gonna pick up the phone and you were
gonna call that hotel now this is very important it only works for independent
hotel owners so don’t try calling the Hilton Marriott your Travel Lodge is
your Holiday Inns this won’t work this is for independent hotels guesthouses
holiday cottages when they pick up the phone be transparent be honest straight
from the start say that you found a number
and on or any online travel agent I use as an example as
it is the most popular one in the UK say that you have found it for this price
and you want to know what your best offline rate is this is why you needed
to write down the price earlier so you can just cross check just to make sure
that the price that the hotel owner is giving you on the phone is the best rate
now if nine out of ten times it will work out that the rate that the hotel
owner will give you is going to be cheaper than what is online that one a
tight end time though it may just be but the case where price is
cheaper than what the hotel alone has given you he should give you the best
rate by calling if he doesn’t then more fool him because he’s gonna have to pay
an extra bit of commission to for that booking on the side
now let me give you a little bit of background of this when you sign up any
property in the UK when they sign up to an online travel agent
Expedia it’s free for every booking that comes in that property has to pay
between twelve and twenty percent commission to about online travel agent
now that takes a large chunk of their profits so what a lot of them do is they
put that commission rate on to their online rates so this is where you start
to get the save and hopefully this is starting to make sense so by calling up
instead of having to pay about twelve to twenty percent commission that they are
putting onto their online rates they will give it back to you of their
customer so don’t be lazy don’t just click on and go for the
motions and click to stay pick up the phone give them a call talk to the
person and you will save money when booking your hotel I hope you enjoyed
this video I plan to do many more hit the like button or the subscribe button
and I will see you thank you very much

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