How to Make a TRAVEL VLOG: 10 Tips to Improve Your VACATION Travel Videos
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How to Make a TRAVEL VLOG: 10 Tips to Improve Your VACATION Travel Videos

– In today’s vlogging
tutorial, sponsored by Joby, I’ll be showing you ten tips
to improve your travel videos. This is for anyone of any technical level, of any recording device, so even if you’re just going to film on your phone, that’s perfectly fine,
in fact, I love that. If you’re goin’ on a trip
with family or friends or a loved one soon and you
wanna make a travel video, stick around because I’m
gonna show you how to make the filming fun and the
video itself fun to watch. Let’s get started. The first two tips is about important foundational tips when
creating your videos. Tip number one, this will
always be my tip number one for all vlogging tutorial and that’s start with whatcha got, okay? Whether it’s a GoPro, a small
digital camera, or your phone, you wanna start with what you have because the reality is if you
wait to get a big camera, like the big camera, like
DSLR, it’s too chunky, it’s too heavy, you’re
probably not going to carry it around and you’re
probably not going to use it. And that happened to me with my Canon 70D. Just could not carry it, it
was just way too much for me. What I use now for the majority of my vlogging is two things. So I use Sony RX5, tada! I’ve been using this for three years now, it’s gone through a lot, it’s
kinda broken, but. (laughs) It works, you know, it still
records, and it’s okay. What I use for the tripod
now is the Joby TelePod. What I like about this is it’s a selfie stick and it is a tripod. Oh my gosh, double functionality, what? It also comes with a Bluetooth remote so you can use it for your phone. I have just found this to
be the most functional, easy to carry around, it’s very compact. I also like to use my GorillaPod. If you guys don’t know
what the GorillaPod is, it is this one, it is,
yes, every single vlogger in the world use this because
it’s just so functional. So I actually added the
Joby Rig, basically it’s a extension so you can
add lights such as this, it comes with two arms, or
you can attach your phone on one arm if you’re
reading something off of it, can attach external recorder,
put your mic on here. So this is what I like to
use when I need more gear. It’s very compact, I can just stuff this in my carry on, in my handbag,
and then I’m good to go. Tip number two: have a
narrative or story in mind. When you’re on vacation and
when you’re just starting to make videos, you
want to film everything. Like the plane ride there,
the car ride to the hotel, the hotel front, the hotel buffet. (sped up talking) Squirrel! You basically want to film everything. What’s going to help you with that, and help you make the video
more interesting and engaging at the same time, is to have
some sort of theme to it. And I’ll give you guys an example. I recently went on a trip with my friends. I actually decided to put
some kind of story behind it because this was the first
time that I was gonna go dive and I have a fear of drowning. Oof, I’m so nervous, okay, here we go. (door closing) So my theme for this video was kind of to follow along the
story of me facing my fears. I went on another trip with my family, and I coulda just made it a family vlog, compilation of different shots, but because this trip, my parents and I have been talking about it for ages, I decided to kinda make the video, or the theme of the
video, about each of us checking off something on
our bucket list together. So my bucket list video
probably wouldn’t include all the shots of everything that I ate, even though I love food. When you kinda have a
story or a theme in mind for your videos that you’re creating, you’re going to be able
to filter out the shots you need and the shots you don’t need. And in general, the video
that you create in the end is going to be more interesting
and have a lot more context and something that pulls it all together. Filming: the next six tips
is about quick and easy techniques to make your travel videos fun. Tip three: add first person
shots aka get handsy. Turn on the car key,
open the door, eat food. When you add these first
person perspective shots, the viewer becomes you for a second and it brings them into the scene and it makes it more
engaging and fun to watch ’cause you’re adding a
lotta action into your shot, with just your hands, too! Tip number four: have a
pause before entering. So this is just a very nifty
trick that I like to do that energizes the video immediately and it just kinda
spruces up your entrance. Basically what you wanna do is set your tripod and
your camera on a table, you know, on a chair, whatever it is, and it’s already recording, and
then you get outta the shot. When the video starts, everybody sees, like for example, this room,
but there’s no one in it. And then, you come
walking in from the door, whatever it is, it’s just like
a pause before your entrance. It’s that little dramatic
pause that makes you go like, “What? What’s next? What’s happening?” I actually did this on my
trip with my friend but he was already napping so, I thought
that was hilarious that he was already napping so I actually
started the scene, or started the shot with him already
napping in the room, and it’s quiet and then, I come
walking in and I say hi. Welcome to our room! So you can also do this by just setting up the camera and
then ducking somewhere, like ducking below, and then popping up. Of course, because this is
a video for your friends and family, this tip is
very important, and that is tip number five, to include
your friends and family. But hold on, the tip is actually to direct your friends and family. So what usually happens
when you point your camera at your friends and family is that they’ll just kind of freeze up and
they won’t know what to say, they’ll just kinda smile
and be like, “Hi!”, right? That’s totally normal. But what you have to do as the person filming is you have to direct them, and you can do that by
asking them questions. What did we just do,
what was the activity, how do you feel, what are we
doing next, where are we going. When you direct them, they
become more comfortable ’cause now they have something to do and now they have something to answer to. Ha, family trip! Yeah. Maggie, what’s next? – Alright, we’re heading
out to Donga, let’s go. – Because this is a travel video that is supposed to include
everyone, you want to get as much out of them as possible. You can even cut out the moments when you’re asking these questions so it seems that your friends and family are giving the information to the camera. So yes, ask questions, get
conversations going with them, and you’re going to get
so much more good stuff to add in your video than just, “Hi!” Tip number six: change up angles. And this is kind of
similar to tip number three in that you can add first person shots and then change up the perspective. And this is actually how I film a lot of my angle switches in my travel vlog. And I’ll actually show you an example of what I did in my last trip. So I wanna get a shot of
me coming out of the door and onto the porch and then
looking out at the ocean. So what I do is first, I
set my TelePod and my camera already on the porch, I
walk back in the house, open the door, come out, and
then I head to my TelePod, I just do a twist, I just
turn it a little bit, and it gets a shot of me
looking out the porch. And so when I snip it all together, it looks something like this. (funky music) So doing these angle changes is so easy and it’s so fun to film. You’re gonna find yourself thinking, like, “Ooh, I could put the camera over there, “I could put the camera over
here, I can do the switch.” So it’s just something fun for you and also fun for the viewers. Tip number seven: add
directional transitions. Now I actually already created a tutorial on creative transitions you can do that is super fun and super quirky. This tip, though, I’m talking about very, very easy transitions and it’s just with the flick of the wrist. So check out this sequence. (funky music) All I did for this
sequence, when I’m filming, is first I start from the
bottom and then I film up. And then at the next scenery, I start from the ceiling and
then I film down to the floor. So it’s just a sweeping
up and down motion. That sequence you saw,
I actually filmed it with my phone on top of my GorillaPod. And I found this to be a lot more stable than if I held on to
the camera or the phone, it tends to be kinda shaky. You can do the same thing with left to right, right to left. Especially if there’s a pole or a wall or something that you can, you know, go behind and then come out of. Again, it’s just with the flick
of the wrist, okay, flick. Tip number eight: have fun with it. Have a lotta fun, put jokes
in, put funny moments. Honestly like, when I think
about trips that I’ve had, either it’s something meaningful, there’s meaningful moments,
something beautiful, or it’s the funny moments
between friends and family. And I love including those in my travel videos, they are just so much fun. In my family video with my parents, my mom kept using this
cheapy selfie stick, she really should be
using the TelePod, okay? And she just kept waving it everywhere. (speaking in Chinese) (laughing) (speaking in Chinese) Just so funny to me, so I
filmed a little compilation of her using her selfie
stick and it’s something that later down the line, we’re gonna watch it and we’re just all gonna laugh about it. So include those moments in your videos. Those moments are probably the
reason why a few years later, your friends or family
pull up this video again. The final two tips is on editing. Tip number nine: adding text. Now this tip seems simple, I know. When you guys think about text, people usually add text to their videos just to, you know, show
the name of the location, for example, Zhangjiajie or McDonalds. I don’t know why I used that
example, maybe I’m hungry. But basically, it’s just
to tell information, right? You can also use text to tell feelings. And let me just show
you, watch this sequence, this is me trying to get to the top of the mountain in China. (funky music) When you watch the sequence,
you’re just thinking, “Oh it’s just like a little travel “sequence with some B rolls,” right? Okay, now watch this sequence. (funky music) Alright, you guys see
the difference, right? When you add text, it can actually convey a lot of emotion and feelings and it can completely
change a set of shots. Just a few words can really change the emotion for the viewers because you’re basically telling them, “This is how I feel in the moment.” And then that way, it also tells them how they should feel while watching it. Tip number ten: add voiceovers. Now voiceovers can kind of
seem like a cheesy thing ’cause you can think about Animal Planet and the narration, and you’re just like, “Here we see TJ in the wild.” (laughs) Narrations can add a lot
of context to the video and really add more of
a story to the video right when someone’s watching it. And I’m going to show you the fastest way to record a voiceover ever. So all you do, you grab
a jacket or blanket, a thick blanket would be even better, put it over your head, and you will cover yourself like a ghost, okay? You grab your phone and
you kinda just put it slightly above your mouth like this and then you turn on the
voice memo app and you record. And voila, that’s it, you AirDrop the file to your computer and that’s about it. I actually film all the
voiceovers for most of my videos and my vlogs that way,
it’s just very, very fast and the quality sounds fantastic because you have something covering you and it sounds like you’re in a studio box. This is the summer of 2018
and these are my parents. We’re going on a special trip together to somewhere on all of our
bucket lists, somewhere we’ve talked about going
for a very, very long time. So yes, those were ten tips to
level up your travel videos. I hope you guys picked bits
and pieces from this video and began implementing them on your next trip and your next vacation. The creativity you’ve put
into this entire process is so stimulating, you’re
gonna see that creativity help you in all aspects of your life. So create away, my beautiful people. Thank you so much for
watching this tutorial, be sure to give it a big thumbs up, comment below with something you learned, and thanks again to Joby for sponsoring this video and helping us create. I’ll see you guys next time, bye! (funky music) Do you wanna create your own
travel video or you’ve been thinking about starting
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