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Looking for a cheap domestic or international flight at 50% off? Stay tuned… This is BobbieD and I’m coming to you from Talamban Cebu Philippines, I’m having an awesome day in the Philippines For those of you that are here for the first time I want to suggest you click on the subscribe button and the Bell notification icon so you can continue receiving fresh new Philippine videos, motivational videos, worldwide videos also, Hey, today I want to talk about Getting cheap flights 24/7 50% off in the Philippines cheap flights 24/7, 50% off all day long in the Philippines, Yahhhhhh Now when we talk about Philippines you understand, this a country where everybody wants to go Yeah, Philippines is very very popular It’s a tourist uh.. Country where people are always flocking to and the reason why One of the main reason why is because of the filipinas? yeah… They’re gorgeous. They’re beautiful the sexy, they’re hot and they’re smart too hehehe So Today i’m gonna show you guys how you can get at least 50% up to 50% off on your next flight to the Philippines yeah on your next flight to wherever you wanna go in the United States Wherever you wanna go all over the world. I’m telling you guys. This is gonna save you some money So I want you to do me a favor put your brewski down Yeah, put that beer down and put your volume turn your volume up Get away from any distractions, cause you’re gonna need this information. It’s gonna help you my friends It’s going to help you I tell you and it I want you to look at the entire video, cause at the end of this video I’m gonna provide you several tips to help you save money As you travel to and about Philippines USA wherever you wanna go this world I’m gonna help you save you some money today, alright you ready? Here we go Alright guys, he’s what I’m talking about Yeah this is where you’re going to get your best deals as far as international flights as well as domestic flights these Are the best people that I have found as far as low prices flying to and from the Philippines USA even all over the world internationally as well as domestically Fly away to Europe. You’ve got a special for 267 round trip to Europe They’ve got specials to Africa. They’ve got specials to Asia anywhere in the world over 200 airlines they’re associated with they’re rated 5 out of 5 stars from Trustpilot, which is an company that rates agencies for flights they’re rated by the Better Business Bureau A plus and That’s an awesome rating guys because most companies don’t get that rating out of 4 out of 5 stars They’re rated 4 and a half from the Better Business Bureau. I tell you guys this customer service is superb They help you from beginning to the end Now to book a flight is very very easy. You just call the number and speak to an agent they tell you what they have available for you and You can make just as they’ll make suggestions for you of regarding your trip My last trip to Atlanta to the United States of America. I had an agent work for me from the beginning to the end they called me during my trip before my trip during my trip and After my trip to make sure everything was all right And guys, I’m telling you doubt my last trip to the States was the best trip ever No, I HAD a 3-hour layover, and it was awesome guys I chose the airline that I wanted to and you can choose whatever Airline you want because they have over 200 airlines that they associated with I chose Korean airline That’s who I normally fly with there my airline of choice and I was able to do so at a very very reduced rate I paid a little bit over $800 for a roundtrip ticket to the United States that is unheard of guys Unheard of but ASAP tickets did it for me I’m telling you guys check these people out. It’s gonna be worth your while Now here are five tips on how to find cheap flights Number one start searching as early as possible Airlines generally release tickets 11 months in advance Once you know your destination start searchING you can continue to check at least once per week Flight prices are live and fluctuate constantly due to supply and demand. So have a price in mind and jump on it doggone it Tip number two. When should you buy airline tickets? Now the optimal time to buy on average is 7 weeks in advance for domestic flights others have suggested the sweet spot of 3 to 7 weeks in advance the worst time was within 14 days of flying or too far in advance More than five months For international flights. The sweet spot is 11 to 12 weeks prior to the part number 3 What is the best day to fly? It’s best to fly out on a Tuesday Wednesday or Saturday These are the typical off-peak days with airlines carrying fewER business travelers Usually meaning lower fares and the surplus of seats Fridays and Sundays are them usually the most expensive days to fly Number 4 have flexible flight dates the best tactic for how to find cheap flights to anywhere is to be flexible with your Travel dates give yourself the best chance of searching a couple of days or even weeks either side of your preferred departure date If you’re locked into exact dates, it’ll be more difficult and challenging for you to get the best deal Last but not least number 5 consider a longer lay overs flights with longer layover is usually have lower price tags Look for flights where you can plan for longer stopovers on the same ticket Question for the day what’s one of your best tips for getting cheap flights leave your comments for me in the comment section of this video and as always remember to Like share and subscribe this is BobbieD saying take care God bless and Peace! a Towering presence run like the wind be a king or a queen Life in the Philippines (music playing)…


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