How to do London: The Basics – London Travel Guide
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How to do London: The Basics – London Travel Guide

So here you are in the capital and wide-eyed with giddy anticipation your pockets are bulging with essential items your head swimming with ideas of where to
go and what to do I’m the generous type so I have a few hints and tips to help you get the best out of London first the legendary Oyster Card this is your key to travel in London and
will save you time and money Can’t be bad get hold of a visitor Oyster Card before you arrive, or pick up a card as soon as you get here Then it’s as simple as touching in and out at the start and end of your journey, easy the Londoner in their natural habitat is a
curious beast but don’t be alarmed When travelling on the Tube the Londoner prefers that you stand on the right side so that you can pass by easily We’re naturally pretty reserved which can give the impression we don’t want to talk to anyone But you’re not from London so you can ignore
these rules We are in fact very friendly so you are bound to get the attention and help from a native we love a good queue us Londoners so wherever you are don’t be surprised
if you run into them Try to enjoy them, we do You can avoid those queues and save a bit of money by booking in advance Our politeness is unrelenting which does at times get a bit time consuming Remember to get online and see what free special events are on whilst you are here Don’t be alarmed if you hear this noise in a
public house it merely indicates your last chance to
order a cheeky pint London’s a great place to try an amazing
range of craft beers when you’re out and about in our glorius capital It’s useful to know pronunciations for popular places Here are a few to start with, our great river is the Thames Greenwich, Leicester Square Borough One of the best ways to really discover the city is to get out there and explore it yourself Try the Transport for London website to find out how to get around easily Plus some great cycling and walking routes that will show you a side of London that you will never uncover by Tube just remember cars drive on the left in
the UK there are so many parks and open spaces in London, you could easily take some time out even in the heart of the city Discover your own London


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