High Ticket Selling: How to Persuade People To Pay You more
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High Ticket Selling: How to Persuade People To Pay You more

If you want to get paid [more] for what you do. I’ve got great news [for] you You can make your customers value your product or service more just by changing the way you ask for the sale I’m Derek Halpern the founder of Social Triggers the place where entrepreneurs and executives turn to learn how to get ahead in business and life And today, I’ll show you how you can persuade people to pay you more for what you do Let’s jump right in I recently read about some research conducted by Heidi Grant [Halverson] Associate director of the Motivation Science center at the Columbia University business school her research reveals that there are two types of motivational focus promotion focus and prevention focus and communicating with these people based on their dominant motivational focus can drastically impact how much they are willing to pay you for your products and services Let me explain promotion focus people tend to view their goals as opportunities to advance they think about games Prevention focus people tend to view their goals as opportunities to stay safe and keep things running smoothly They think about avoiding losses well in the experiment Undergraduate students filled out a questionnaire which determines their dominant motivational focus in exchange for [$5] After the questionnaire they are presented with a choice between two parting gifts a Columbia mug or a disposable bic pen Now if I minimize pull me back up they are asked to make that choice in one of two ways think about what you would gain by choosing the mug and what you would gain [by] choosing the pen or Think about what you would lose by not choosing the mug and what you would lose by not Choosing the pen now pretty much everyone chooses the mug and after they do they are then asked What do you think is the price of the mug? It turns out when someone is asked to make a choice in a way that fits with his Motivational focus he thinks the mug is worth up to 50% more When promotion focused people were asked to make the choice between the mug and the pen based on what they would gain They valued the get eight dollars and seventy eight cents When they were asked to make the choice based on what they would lose they valued the mug at an average of 6.30 two cents now on the flip side when Prevention focused people were asked to make the choice between the mug and the pen based on what they would gain they valued the mug in an average of five dollars When they were asked to make the choice based on what they would lose They valued the mug at an average of eight dollars and seven cents the impact of this research is huge And you’re probably wondering how you can apply it to your life and business well Remember that even though we’re talking about this in terms of selling products and services it also applies to persuading people to do anything So if you know your husband is more promotion focused when you present a new idea to him Focused on what he can gain and on the flip side if you know your boss at work is more prevention Focused when you present a new idea to him focus on what he can avoid losing and if you’re like me And you communicate with and sell to a lot of people at once via a sales page blog post Webinars and the like you need to appeal to both types of motivational focuses so if you’re writing copy for a sales page of your new info product be sure to detail what your potential customers can gain and What your potential customers can avoid losing by investing in your product do that and you’ll get more sales sales that you rightfully deserve if you’re new here And you like this video and [you] want to learn more about persuasion marketing in business subscribe to my channel by clicking? This button or you can simply hop on my newsletter by [clicking] this button Then here’s what I want you to do next first was this a new insight for you. Leave a comment Letting me know how you plan on using this idea of promotion focus and prevention focus in your next sales pitch Then I want you to send heidi Grant Halverson a tweet. Just tell her just heard about you from Derek Halpern at Social Triggers I’ll include a link to her Twitter handle below this video got to give credit where credit is due See you on the next social triggers video. I feel [we’re] [going] to make with a pen right now for some reason hate pens


  • Matthew Schulze

    This is great! I'm going to use it on losing appointments when potential Sellers have a problem with a reasonable value of their home and want to start listing their property too high to "test the market"

  • danielsondanielson

    Very interesting, Derek. It would also be invaluable to know some easy method that would enable us to instantly assess the orientation of each our particular prospect…

  • Home Repair Tutor

    Great video Derek, this totally makes me think differently about how to present info to customer and my wife!!! Thanks for the awesome info. BTW, the annotation link for your newsletter only pops up for a few seconds (like 2).

  • Camilo Almarza

    Great video! very concrete. Can you tell us ways to identify if the person is promotion oriented or prevention oriented? Thanks for all!

  • Burst SEO

    I was thinking the same thing. Especially if I am on a first time sales call with a new lead. What are some good identifiers that us sales people can pick up on very early on?

  • Shelly Moreau

    Hey Derek, great insight and concept…. it is new to me, and goes well with bringing the value aspect of what we do (i.e. quality copywriting improves marketing efforts) to clients, and letting them know what they can either gain or be saved from in using our services. I'm going to incorporate some of this thinking/philosophy into my website copy to enhance its impact on readers. Thanks Derek for the great video – as always.

  • Pete Springer

    Fantastic advice. Thanks Derek! Watched it twice and took notes. Next step, start implementing it in my sales copy and pitches. I appreciate all your awesome tips.

  • Ivan Petrovic

    Nice tip man! What happens when you are not sure what type of person is person that you are trying to persuade or that person is maybe mix type?

  • Jane Frankland TV

    Great video Derek & thankfully I naturally do this. Have you found any trends related to gender? I'd expect women to be more preventative focused. Having said that I'm definitely more promotion focused!

  • mayoushki

    Derek, you're brilliant and hilarious, i'd date you! promotion: your mother will love me and i already laugh at all your jokes. prevention: i live in Toronto. hahah!
    but seriously, thanks for sharing your insights, they are succinct, helpful and always good for a laugh!

  • Jennifer Roberson

    I told my husband about this research study last night after watching it yesterday. He looked at me and said "That's where most of the conflict in our marriage comes from. You're the risk avoider, I'm the opportunity seeker and we're trying to sell our solutions to each other using the wrong language." MINDBLOWING!!!!!nWasn't expecting a marriage breakthrough from a business video.

  • Jake Jorgovan

    Great video Derek. This is definitely a new insight for me. While I have heard about these approaches before, hearing it laid out in terms of actual research helps make it much more clear in my mind. Thanks for putting together such a great Youtube channel!

  • gallerycontinental

    Just discovered your incredibly useful and practical psychological advice videos and been making notes to tweak and boost my photography sales! A million thanks from London UK – as they say, small change, big difference!!

  • Timothy De Vita

    Interesting.  I view this as sort of the punishment and reward aspect of sales.  I've used this before and think that if I use it more often then it will help.  Thank you!

  • Shantel Devone

    Very insightful, still not exactly certain how to implement your techniques fully to promote and sell my music and services. So I shall inch along. But I am confident that I'm off to a better start. Definitely lol

  • 7elano

    This is just the second video from you that I've watched, and you got me to subscribe. Cool explanations, short, useful, just go ahead 🙂

  • ALKIMme By Kim Sevy

    While you have always had great content I am so happy to see your brand elevated. I love the new website, your upgraded look and all the shifts you have made 🙂 NICE work !!!!

  • Phil V

    Derek love ya tons but hate your room tone echo when wearing headphones. Please, consider investing in a directional microphone or great quality lapel clip on about 8-12" from your pie hold. Again.. love ya, learned lot and keep learning. Also, may I suggest soft box led lighting from the front. Do that and you will be well on your way to ultra sales training stud of Youtube. Heheh. PS you always make me laugh out loud with your outtakes. Keep doing that. It also makes you more likeable and takes those edges of seriousness off your passionate personality/delivery.

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