Guide to using the Unaddressed Mail booking system: Creating a standard booking
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Guide to using the Unaddressed Mail booking system: Creating a standard booking

[Narrator] In this video we’ll show you
how to create and complete a new booking, including
generating a quote and printing out essential lodgement
documents and labels. Simply enter your username
and password and click on Login.
This will take you directly to the ‘Booking Search’ page. If you
need help at any time just click on the ‘Need help?’ link on the
top right hand corner. Now you can start booking,
by clicking on the ‘New’ button. This will take you to the
‘General Details’ page. Start by entering in your Publication
Name and article Type. Next enter your article
dimensions – width and length. When entering in the thickness
and weight, be sure to enter in the amount per one hundred
articles. Choose whether you are using
a mailing agent and which lodgement office you will be
lodging your articles at. Here you can select whether
you want to target private, business or even both
customer types. You must also select what to do IF there is
any surplus or shortage of articles. The standard selection
is ‘As per general terms and conditions’. Refer to the
Unaddressed Mail Terms and Conditions for more detail
about these options. Then press ‘Next’.
So when and where would you like to send your advertising?
First select which state you would like this booking to
go to. Then you can select your nominated delivery date.
Remember that the nominated delivery date should begin on a
Monday, except where there is a public holiday. Once you have
chosen when you want delivery to occur, the date that you will
need to lodge your articles will automatically populate here.
You can choose exactly where your advertising is delivered. In
boundary type, you can select to target a locality, postcode or
complete state. Based on your boundary type
start typing in your postcode or locality. The matching options
will appear. Select & click on ‘Add’.
The delivery options highlighted by the red box are
automatically selected. You may deselect any of these by
first clicking on the check box labeled ‘Default address types
Selection’. Then uncheck the box with the point count under
the delivery option you wish to exclude from your booking.
Another selection is your 80/20 decision. For more information
on this rule go to the ‘Delivery rounds’ and the 80/20 Rule
video. You can continue to add
additional postcodes or localities. You can also delete
postcodes or localities by clicking on the ‘delete’ link.
You can see your total delivery point count by clicking
‘calculate’. Click on ‘Next’ to move onto
the last steps. Your system generated booking number
can be found here. If you have a contract in place, your
relevant contract number should automatically appear
here or you can select it from the dropdown. Let’s review your
booking details by generating a quote. If you are not ready to
submit your booking you can click on Finish and this will
save your booking for you to finalise later.
Or you can complete your booking by clicking ‘Submit’.
You can now choose to have documentation sent to your
registered email address. Your booking has now been
submitted. You can also download your
documents by clicking on the ‘Docs & Labels’ button.
If you haven’t already sent documents
to your email, you can download or print required documents on
this page. Click on the document you need
in either PDF or CSV format and then choose whether you want
to preview & print, download or email. Click go.
You are now ready to print or save your documents and
labels. You can view this page
and download or print your documents as many times as
needed. Click on the ‘Previous’ button which will take you back
to the ‘Submit Booking’ page. Then press ‘Finish’ to return to
the booking search page.

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