Group Study Room Bookings
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Group Study Room Bookings

This Library video will demonstrate how to book a group study room From the Library homepage
click on Services,
Then Group Study Room Bookings Read through the conditions and then click on
I agree and wish to make a booking Then choose your campus Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance During STUDY HALL, make sure you book at the right time say 2pm in the afternoon,
and not 2am in the morning so click on the room and time that you would like to book, You will then need to sign in with your Western ID You can make a booking from 15mins to a maximum of 2 hours per day Then click on save To check your bookings, click on current room bookings Then run report If you choose an entry and click on booked, you can edit the entry
and also export it as a calender file. Thank you for watching this video
For more information, please contact the Library.

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