Flight From Shadow (WHEEL OF TIME fan film)
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Flight From Shadow (WHEEL OF TIME fan film)


  • Rebel Riot

    Okay, I'm pretty sure Rand never has electricity coursing through him before the lightning strike, and while I say you shouldn't stick to the book word for word, THAT detail would be far too obvious that he can channel.

  • Emma

    This was really good! 100x better than that disgraceful pilot! Sure, there were a few faults (Mat doesn't get his hat until the middle of book 4 ish, and what's with Liandrin's – if thats her – creepy accent at the start?) But I really enjoyed it, thought it was well done, and I loved that sneaky 'Loial' at the end. 🙂

  • Zayne Webb

    Oodles better than the pilot. I loved the way channeling was depicted. Only 2 continuity comments: if that was Liandrin getting nuked by the Fade, who will get the Golden Girls to Falme when they get to TGH? And, the first time you read TEotW, you don't know Rand is able to channel at this point in the story, and I think the story works better that way. Still, this is so well done it's hard to believe it's a fan film. Love the humor around 11:00 with the dice standing on end and Mat and Rand's launch into their performance. Oh, yeah—that's a penny whistle Rand is playing; I think Thom's flute is described as a well-made, gold-chased transverse flute. Picky, picky…

  • upload2010

    not bad at all. The costumes are really really good. Only…I always thought Matt would be a bit taller but the actors did very well.

  • tecdessus

    Legend of the Seeker and LotR rolled into one… good for a fan made video but no, just no.Despite it`s reasons, and the intro, I thought the Red Eagle `Pilot´ was promising. I prefer underacting  over overacting and the mood of the sequence fitted the passage in the books very well, it was also more true to the books than this.

  • Trent Kinsey

    The majority of this is really good, but MAN that Black Ajah actress was awful. I think part of the problem was that it looked like she was lip-synching to pre-recorded dialogue (maybe b/c it was so windy on location?). Either way, really bad.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the rest though!

  • Comfort Inn & Suites Panama City, Fl

    I liked this somewhat, but having read the series of books, I was expecting Mat to be way hotter (you know like when you finally say the French Girl in the Harry Potter series, the actress was just not hot enough?). Rand was okay, and the actor was fine until he channeled then his facial expressions were not right. He was trying to portray something–but it was not A) wonder, at what was happening to him; B) Shocked Amazement when he first grasped what he was doing, and finally C) there was no horror or even dread when he realized he had touched the One True Source. Remember, in the books Rand at first thought that simply by touching it he–like all those others he had heard about–would go instantly insane. The supporting cast was fine, but I think the guy who took the hammer to his head would have been better as Mat.

  • Evil Monkey

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, but Mat shouldn't have been wearing that hat. He never got it until he went to the waste in a future book from when this appears to be set. Oh, and Rand should have been a lot taller.

  • Robert Northrop

    Before I make my observations, I want to preface by stating this is a really good fan production. I enjoyed it. I find that the actors who play Mat and Rand do a really decent job.

    Here are some critiques: No one in Four Kings should be taller than Rand, yet Strom is and Mat looks like he's around the same height. When Mat and Rand arrive, it's supposed to already be threatening to storm. Gode should be dressed in better fineries and be more "fleshy". I think that the actor who plays Jak, would have been better cast as Hake. The Dancing Cart man was not filthy enough. Mat should already be affected by the dagger that he had taken from Shadar Logoth.

  • Chiaroscuro Amore

    This is a great video! Thanks to the fans who made this possible!!!
    I'm just re-reading these books again 🙂
    Love the guy with the dice, good touch re ta'veren

    I know this is an older video, but it would be awesome to see more videos made if it was ever possible!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Noc Fenix

    Pretty good for a fan film. My biggest issue is the discrepancies with the book. If you're going to do a fan film on a segment of the book, especially a ways into it, then at the very least assume your audience is familiar enough with the series to understand what is going on. Adding in unnecessary elements that never actually occurred in the book just makes me cringe. This would have been better if they'd just stuck with the full plot points from this chapter: they arrive to a very busy town and every inn but one has good music and is crowded, so they end up at that inn to perform. Missed a few extra events that occurred after it started, like eating their meal, checking the name on the carriage; Rand has no idea about "summoning" the lightning, it just happens and both he and Matt truly seem to believe in the book that the lightning was random. I'm also fairly certain in the book that the Hake had no idea who Gode was. But, I'm just being an anal fan-boy at this point. For what it is, this is a decent video.

  • Dieter Mueller

    Even if I hadnt watched the "official" pilot before, this is so fucking amazing…

    Really the only thing I disapproved of was the execution of a male channeler (and especially with a hammer??) (and your lack of budget with Rand and Mats weapons) But I understand why you would do that when filming

    Still, absoulutly amazing and breathtaking!! You guys and girls are absolutly amazing!

  • Сотонин Деда

    …that guy have perfect face for Rand, never mind the cowboy way of talking that can be overcome by practice for the roll…

  • ChronoSerum

    The best film interpretation of wheel of time I've seen. (aside from some overacting). Most of the other ones were pretty shitty. It should have somewhat of a LoTR crossed with Star Wars vibe.

  • Joshua Cothran

    Eh. It was better than the crap one but not by a whole lot. Good for a fan film but fairly inconsistent with the book


    So Much Better than red eagles stomach churning attempt to keep the rights….matts hat should've been a bit broader of brim & slightly floppier i think,also was that dagger matt had the one given to him in Shadar Logoth by Mordeith,if so where was the ruby red jewel in the pommel….was pleasantly surprised how decent the Mydraal looked for such a low budget fan film.i wish it had run the full 27 min length of the video tho..well done over all

  • Aleatha Vogel

    At least they pronounced Aes Sedai correctly…And nothing against the actress here but I think in her attempt to sound menacing and all-powerful she forgot to deliver the words in a natural manner. It sounds like she is reading directly from a script. However, I suppose she was as with all the wind they had to have ADR-ed this scene.

  • Spencer McGall

    I really enjoyed this. I wish they stuck to the story a little more like Rand not knowing about his powers and Matt being sick then blinded by the lightning and still this was amazingly done.

    Final negative critique, Matt didn't get his hat until he entered the waste. 🙂

    Please do another one. Even it it bends the story a little.

  • Richard Knack

    I just got done reading the book this was taken from. For a fan movie it was quite well done, though the Black Ajah Aes Sedai at the beginning was rather off. Hope Sony follows through and does at LEAST this well in the TV series ("Winter Dragon", by Red Eagle, sucked badly…)

  • Jason McAdams

    Ok I really wanted to like this, and while the production value was decent, the acting was pretty rough, and the inconsistencies were pointless and terrible.

    But my biggest question is, why this scene? What a random scene to do a fan film of.

  • Diego Brando 「ТӤЄ шӨЯLD」

    My god, if only the real thing contained this much talent and effort. Even the cast, of FANS, is of characters with spot on appearances and excellent vocal imitations.

  • Sarah Florian

    Everything was really good, Rand and Matt were great. I am not sure about Rand's hair length and the effects for the one power, but I thought the directing was good and acting wasn't too bad. The camera work of them getting in the door was really good.

  • liza rein

    obviously there are a Lot of mistakes if you've actually read this chapter and know at least a little of what is going on at this point in the story. that being said, i think it is really cool and i would love to see more. for a fan film, this was excellent!

  • TheEnder515

    Yeah infinitely better than that… thing that aired on TV. Wasn't the innkeeper at Four Kings skinny, though? Otherwise, good character portrayal and all around very loyal.

  • Sea

    I always wondered what the hell Rand thought he was doing trying to bend metal bars back with his hands XD Like does he think he has superhuman strength all of a sudden? Bless the innocence of these youngsters.

  • Ted Finger

    Excellent work for a low budget fan made film! It really gives the look and feel of the WOT world. I don’t mind the scene at Shayol Ghul, although I thought the Aes Sedai was overacting. Aes Sedai are known for having a calm yet authoritative demeanor and maintaining their composure. As a fan of the series I noticed other inaccuracies which I might have handled differently. However, I understand there are budget constraints and that the video needs to appeal to the WOT fan base, while also being able to draw in a general public audience. I would think this would be a major challenge for a one-chapter stand-alone episode. I can see a lot of effort went into this production, and it was not wasted.

  • Dan

    Just finished it… God damn. That was so good! Can't believe this is a fan film! This should be in the show when it releases!

  • flyingpardin

    I'm so amazed at this production and almost as amazed by the entitlement in the comments… You guys created something epic and I have so much respect!

  • David Cardoso

    I always pictured Thom's flute as a transverse flute. Is there a description in one of the books that confirms. Good interpretation.

  • iquanyin

    not bad, but i don’t know about simple fan made. it has producers, directors, second directors, a screenwriter, key grip, more grills, a gaffer, wardrobe supervisor , assistants, staff, and tailors; actors, a musical score, makeup artists, prosthetics crew, colorists, visuals effects team, digital compositing team, transport crew, production assistants, actors, audio crew, etc. hardly a typical fan. i get that i it’s a labor of love rather than for money tho, and it’s the best thing so far on screen for wot. by far. the myyrdral was super well done!

  • JanosTerroz

    Wow. I just restarted the Eye of The World after reading it 20 something years ago. This popped in my YouTube feed and I was expecting a joke. This was really good. I'm impressed with the production level and dedication by this group.

  • Andy Field Voice Actor

    Really nice work. I had to stop reading the comments. Everyone is a critic, it seems. You took liberties that you needed to for the art that YOU created, and this was really, really good. My favorite criticism: Rand's height. Really, toxic fandom? You expected a 6.5-foot redheaded actor to appear from nowhere for a zero-budget fan film? This was fantastic casting, and a super job all around.

  • Aethelia4

    I'm just disturbed by one small detail. After Rand and Mat with his hat already enter, a dog is seen. Later, it's implied that everyone was killed. Was the dog killed too? Tell me the dog wasn't killed.

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