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  • Ken&Billie's Adventures

    Hope your surgery goes well. Love your channel. I have Crohn's disease myself and had my second surgery in April. I'm feeling great now.
    Hope all is well and get better.

  • Jetting Julia

    I’m home and have been resting the past few days and am feeling much better! Thanks everyone so much for watching ☺️

  • Steve Ethelston

    Typical pet, completely ignores you, until there's food involved. We have Maine Coon cats and they are as bad. Hope you recover OK, does your company offer sick pay?

  • TMIDiva

    I'm a nurse and get flattened at least once a year. It's unlikely they'll want to do surgery while a virus is wrecking havoc. Really. Call and check in with the surgeon ASAP. Reason: it could lead to some pretty serious consequences that would incapacitate you for a month (pneumonia is a big one). Rest and hydration are the big two. Take Tylenol, low sodium tomato soup (high C), get some movies and veg out. You're a healthy young woman and it's going to speed by.

  • Luanne21

    Get well soon. Prayers for your surgery. I find I get well quicker when I rest, and do little. Loved fear factor, except eating the bugs. Yuk. Thanks for my Luna fix. Much love

  • Don Green

    I'm a total baby when I'm sick, so friendly hugs for while your sick and recovering. I've read your John Green book and hope you find the ending as thought provoking as I did.

  • Darlene Jackson

    Hope your surgery went well, as well as our sickness gets better!!! Love your Luna, she is so sweet!!! Are y'all ready for Christmas? It is coming fast!!!

  • Calvin Robinson

    The horse dragging is interesting. I did it on a dare and I used to have 2 albino rats who I let crawl all over me so the tub of rats definitely wouldn't bother me. I'm sending you positive vibes on the outcome of your GI procedure.

  • Cosmo Leon

    I’m glad you’re feeling a little better now. It’s never nice having any GI procedures done but I’m wishing you all good vibes and good health! I’m jealous of the chick-fil-a… They’re slowly coming to Canada but not close to me :(. Always go there though when we make shopping trips to Erie PA! Keep resting and speedy recovery!

  • John Symons

    Glad that you are feeling better! It's quite annoying to be sick during the holiday season. Why don't you curl up with a good book, Luna and Eric and just relax. Hope you like my prescription! LOL! Take care and hopefully you'll be back to your normal self soon.

  • Buchanan Football Zuniga

    Sorry if I jinxed it. I had ask about getting sick. Hope and pray that your stomach is well and everything goes well. Starbucks has the cold buster. Off the menu item.

  • scott a

    i hope you continue to recoup and the surgery follow -ups go ok 🙂 OMG Luna smothering you with kisses! I bet she felt guilty about ignoring you earlier 🙂
    No tub full of rats for me , thank you lol.

  • Michael Sylvester

    Hi Julia,
    You are a strong will person,
    Anyways I absolutely hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks for sharing this great video.

  • Moriah M

    Hope you are feeling better! I wish I had time to read something other than college text books lol 😂 I have a ton of books waiting for a re-read over the summer. A couple of my favorite authors are Kim Harrison and Vicki Pettersson (Vegas author and super sweet lady that I’ve met on several occasions) They both have a really good series of books that get you involved with the characters.

  • Seattle Scofflaws

    Sorry to hear you got sick. It sounds like you are feeling better now. When I am sick, I just like to sleep, nap, take Advil if needed or dimetapp or NyQuil. Theraflu helps too. I love soup in the fall/winter. Knock on wood I don’t get sick often. Wishing you the best.

  • Zgirl 13

    The horse dragging and the tub of rats are a big NO! Hope you are feeling better!! The one book that has stayed with me for years and years is Thinner by Stephen King.

  • bandura5150

    Someone looked stoned after all that lovely pharmacy grade sedation. Lol. Seriously though. I hope all is well and the results of biopsy are negative.

  • Cindy Bare

    When I’m sick it’s either a stomach flu or my allergies and sinus cause my head to be stuffed up and I may be ache all over so I just want to sleep. I try read and watch tv or something but I can’t for long until I’ve had a lot of sleep. It’s probably been a couple years since I’ve felt like either of those. I do get migraines or tension headaches which feel like migraines except without upset stomach. Over the counter medicine or peppermint essential oils get ride of those quickly so I don’t have them as bad as a lot of people.

  • Cindy Bare

    I’m glad your feeling better and I hope everything did end up well with your procedure. Thanks for blogging even though you didn’t feel well. I would not read those books you do. I like light hearted mysteries.

  • Ruchita G

    Sorry you were sick and hope you are feeling better now! For suspense/thriller books I really like the authors' Riley Sager and Ruth Ware.

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