Flight Attendant Interview Questions | Why we should hire you as our flight attendant?
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Flight Attendant Interview Questions | Why we should hire you as our flight attendant?

Naturally we will take flight attendant traveling going to abroad you know exploring places but Actually that is the perks of a flight attendant what the recruiters are looking for hey guys It’s Kay Krizz and welcome back to my channel This is an advice channel for all people who wants to be a flight attendant I also do videos about my personal life and Beauty and travel vlogs so if you are a new here make sure that you subscribe To get all the goodness on your feet alright, so today’s video. We are going to be Answering a flight attendants interview question that is most Likely going to be asked of you on your interview and the question is why should we hire you as a flight attendant If you want to know the answer to the question just keep on watching first Let’s talk about the question what does it really want from you, and how you can answer it? But this question is asking actually trying to gauge how well How well do you know the job? You are applying for? Okay, and how do you fit on it so this question requires a little bit of research on your part? What you need to research is what is a flight attendant? And what are the qualities that is needed to be a flight attendant? So all of these things as I have mentioned on my book ready for takeoff 8 proven steps To get your dream job as a flight attendant, so why do we should hire you as a cabin crew you have to? Show them by your answer that you know The cabin crew job, or you know the flight attendant job And you know the qualities that they are looking for and that’s the reason why they should hire you? Okay, so let’s go on to the sample answer to this question You should hire me as your flight attendant because I am confident that I am able to do the job that You require and more as somebody who has been working in the customer service field I know how to manage expectations and most especially exceed them through my excellent service and also I could tell you that I am a very hardworking person not just because I am here right now telling you this But you can see on my track record. I was a working student all throughout college so that means I was able to Manage my time very well doing my studies in the morning and after that I will be busting tables doing the Cashier jobs and as well as mopping floors on the nearby fast-food chain of our University and we also after doing the shift on the fast-food chain I have to study for an exam or to keep my grades up just to make sure that I maintain my scholarship status on the University so this is something that has been very well ingrained in my personality Every since childhood we have this strong work ethic in our family And I try to apply that in my life And I plan to keep on applying that throughout my career as a flight attendant And I will be the best team player that you will have on your team because I am somebody who? strives with working with a team and a lot of other people I Can tell you that I am NOT very good in a desk job in something that? Not to do something that is routine But put me in front of people and I excel that is my specialty And I really like when I have to work with my team mates to achieve a common goal This is where I get my fulfillment in life, and that’s why I think I am the best Fit for this position as a flight attendant. Thank you So that’s it guys make sure that you grab a copy of this I also answer different types of questions and a sample answer here on this on this book ok so Here we go it is on under the mental preparation Ok it’s the chapter 11 and chapter 12 where I talk about how to mentally prepare for your interview I answered around 9 questions in this book and Yeah, how how to tackle the questions, and how also a sample answer to it? Just like I did in this video so make sure that you check it out This will really help you on your interview, and yeah If you like this video make sure that you like it put the thumbs up on it Thumbs up on it ok and subscribe to this channel Click on the notification Bell over there beside the subscribe So that you will be notified if I have new videos like this coming up and share this video to your friends I’m sure that it will help them out as well and Yeah, that’s all for this video if you have any comments reaction violent reaction Whatsoever put it on the comments below I read them all up and also put an inspiration for me So what I should what question should I answer on my next video, so that’s all guys Thank you for watching, and I hope to fly with you soon Bye


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