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FIRST TIME IN INDIA! – Chennai/Goa Travel Film 2019 | TaneshhVlogs

That’s all for the room. So what we’re going to look at is.. Neegal Kaette Paadal (TV Show Name), you ask da If you look here She is cleaning and applying Kolam also known as “matter” (movie reference) If we take a video of that, it’s a “matter video” Amma! Damn hot! What is the name of this area? What is your name sir? Velan Huh? Velan. Annachi! Annachi! You can go that way, Annachi! Ji, you go, ji! You go, ji! You go ji! It’s scary da! Let me talk la dei! Since your face cannot make it when trying to purchase the sim card it would not be activated. Don’t tell them da! Dei! Dei! Lift da! Let’s not destroy it! Do eat the Briyani, friend! Mutton Rib Bone Soup We’re gonna get down in the streets! When a man gets down in the streets, he can find whatever food he wants (movie reference) Why is it THALApakatti and not THALAPATHIkatti? You’re asking to be murdered right now. It’d be nice to watch a good movie.. Where we going now? This side or that side? Heard the movie was amazing? Why you tempting me to say something rude? Ji, how was the movie ji? As we’re surrounded by Sivakarthikeyan fans right now I’m going to shut my mouth go back home to Malaysia and insult this movie. That is my vow! Can we go brother? Yes we can go. LET’S GOOOO! Shall I sit infront? You know the movie where Vikram and Laila have Kulfi? What is it called? Dhil! Eh no… Ah yes, Dhil! How is it? Shall I eat and tell how it is? Lick it! Mathu: You suck nicely. Mathu again: You suck nicely. *Comedy dialogue from a Tamil movie* Yep. How would we miss it? Vedavalli Street.. Look for 9A! Here! This is 9A! 9A is it? This is Vadivelu sir’s house! “He’ll be here. He’ll leave. He’ll see” I have reached Moksha! Vanakkam sir! Where is Vivek’s house over here? Vivek sir’s house. It’s at Batma Nagar. No, we heard his office or something is here? It’s over here. That road is it? No look, it’s right here! This one ah? He’s not here now, he went to Madurai. He’s also at Madurai is it? He’s the one who’s gone to Madurai Hahaha no we went to actor Vadivelu’s office He’s also gone to Madurai apparently Could be. Which one? This place is his is it? Yes. First floor, right side. The one that says number 54? First floor, which side? Right side. He only left to Madurai day before yesterday. Oh ok ok. I know the driver Ohh! I know because the driver told me. Right right. Once you turn right there, turn to your first left then again left his house is at the dead end. Shoot macha! Ayy! Just one shot! Today we are at Mahabalipuram What’s special here you ask? The sand is special! Beside the sand, the water is special. When you combine the two, they call it a “beach” apparently. But usually a b*tch to me is my next door neighbour. Because they always piss me the f*ck off! Oh sorry this is TV right? They make me angry, my lord. (movie reference) Okay let’s go over there! This is what we call, Goat! That’s a horse la you idiot! I mean, cow! *singing a Tamil song* You’re a good boy la? If you say “umm”, then it’s on! If you come to Malaysia let us know, we’ll show you around! Of course, of course! Okay, see you! What are we going to eat here, ji? See, in Hotel Virudhunagar They said everything here is superb! Especially, the crab curry! take that and put it on a chapathi and eat it like “chabakku chabakku chabakku”! *singing a song from the Tamil movie, “Goa”* Bloody fools! I didn’t mean the girl, I meant the swimming pool. Oh swimming pool ah? I thought you meant the girl. *singing that song from “Goa” again* Come baby… *singing another tamil song* Dei why got paper here all? My phone is missing da! Oh it’s here! What you trying you say? What you trying to say? You’re saying you won’t show what I do? What did I do wrong? Tell me! Okay what you doing? No no nothing, ji! Just enjoying.. the goa girls.. Wait. What did you say? No no no no no! Remove it in the edits! We’ll deal with it in post-production! We sleep, we eat. We eat, we sleep. We rest because we’re tired from resting. (Movie reference) Let me just sleep like this That’s like home too, no? “To those who live in my heart..” (Actor Vijay’s popular speech It’s not coming da.. Idiot! Idiot! Even that Vijay movie has been released for a week now! Are you saying Viswasam (Actor Ajith’s movie) is terrible? Yes da! You’re saying Vivegam (Another movie from Ajith) is terrible?! You wanna get whacked is it? Dei we’re in Chennai! Oh shit! We’re in Chennai right? I’ve lost count da! You look handsome da, babyma! The combo has a bit of idli.. I’ve never even bought saree for my own mother. Look who I buying for now.. all this is fate! I’m coming da! Let me show them a real Tamilan! I’m a Tamilan da!! (Tamil song) Tamilan, is going to rule.. Eh the bag is falling! He is packing, Tamilan Everything inside one bag! There wont be any baggage No need for it as everything is inside my tshirt! “Ramraj presents, Kutties Chutties!” (Popular TV ad) OK bro, I’ll take this. Is that the best price? Yes. Ok. What’s special about this is.. *singing a Tamil song* (obviously, lol) Enjoy da, it’s out last evening in Chennai da! Oh ya right? a bit emotional right? Slightly. With things song somemore.. Enough da! My stomach is satisfied. I wore extra tshirts inside da! They found out!


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