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[Music] [Music] [Music] it’s like 5:30 a.m. still dark outside but I’m at the airport headed to Boston for my Fall Break I’m just joking I’m at the airport with Chris and Chelsea because we’re going to Boston together our flight is boarding now Chris as usual it’s just running late look at him I made them act for me short fly it over the Boston it’s like a few hours I slept the entire flight I have a secret skill and talent where I can get on any flight and instantly pass out and sleep the entire way you know my like 14-hour flight to Korea yeah on the way back from Korea I slept the entire way I didn’t get out of my seat once yeah I don’t even eat the food or or drinks I just like sleep the whole time it’s actually crazy and I used to say that like airport or like airplane sleep isn’t real sleep but I take it back now I think it’s definitely real sleep I feel great [Music] all right so we made it to Boston we’re eating breakfast here at it’s called the friendly toast but I stepped out for just a second this is so interesting I put an ND filter on my camera lens and I can see my reflection so it’s like I’m talking to myself because I can actually just see myself talking okay anyways we’re here in Boston for the next like three or four days it’s my fault break and I’m hanging out with Chris and Chelsea who are my friends from Vanderbilt and I also have some friends here who go to Harvard so I’m gonna be filming a lot of videos I’m excited about it I’m walking the wrong direction so let me turn around but Boston is looking really nice I thought it would be colder but well the leaves with these leaves beautiful the weather is pretty nice so I’m excited I’ve come to Boston before but it’s been a while so I’m excited for this trip [Music] [Music] those two are headed to their Airbnb I’m headed to meet some friends hi and I’m gonna hop in super right now I can get the door open hello yeah so those two are headed to their Airbnb and I’m headed to Harvard just because that’s what I’m saying I’m staying with a friend for the next few days yeah we’re gonna head over now all right we’re at Harvard now and I’m meeting up with my friend Caleb you guys know Caleb I filmed my daily life at Harvard video with him which hit like 2 million views absolutely insane hey what’s up hey yeah no worries yeah [Music] all right Caleb and I spent the past few hours doing some work and now Sun has gone down almost at least and we’re gonna grab dinner food here is really good food at Harvard is so good I’m excited for this [Music] I just got done with dinner here at Harvard and I’m gonna catch an uber over to downtown Boston I’ve got to go to the Apple store I got to pick up one more iPhone if you guys watched yesterday’s vlog then you know I already picked one up but I gotta pick up one more just for this video that I’m filming I’m really excited about it and still can’t share what it’s about but you guys will see very soon Chris and Chelsea from earlier in the vlog are still in downtown Boston so I might have a chance to meet back up with them hopefully I will but uh we’ll see all right I’m walking to the Apple Store right now but guys I’m stressing out right now is this huge video shoot tomorrow and again I can’t really talk about it but it’s a huge video probably the biggest video ever made I’m spending money to produce this video I hired someone to help me shoot so I hired a videographer I’m just investing like money time energy and it’s stressing me out because I want it to do well wish me luck guys guys I’m so sad I just went into the Apple store and they told me they’re out of phones and my shoot is tomorrow morning I’m gonna come back to the store tomorrow morning but oh my gosh I’m stressed I’m just hoping I can get one tomorrow morning if they don’t have any more phones and talk tomorrow morning I don’t know what I’m gonna do anyways I’m glad I did at least like wasted uber downtown I’m gonna meet up with my friends Chris and Chelsea they are telling me to go to this desert place I’m headed there right now dude I went to the Apple store and they ran out of phones are you serious yeah so I have to go back tomorrow morning oh my god thank you [Music] all right so we got done eating breakfast Oh God done eating dessert and now we’re probably gonna head home but Chelsea and Chris helped me a lot with my video for tomorrow I was stressing out about it as you guys know but they helped me prep so I’m feeling better about that got some exciting videos coming your way so stay tuned subscribe if you haven’t already check out the Instagram for those sleep Peaks and I’ll see you soon [Music]


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