Festival Tickets – Foil Arms and Hog
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Festival Tickets – Foil Arms and Hog

Hey guys, did you get tickets to R unstival? No, they sold out too fast Well, guess who’s got 2 spare, face value? No way! Oh, thanks! Thank you so much!
That’s amazing So, we get the bus down together or..? Oh, no, we’re not going What? We’re gonna sell them online Excuse me! Yeah, you can make up to like 500 percent That’s not a very nice thing to do Well, everyone is doing it What you mean everyone’s doing it? You don’t think people actually buy festival tickets to go to a festival People are willing to pay that amount of money? Absolutely, it’s simple economics We did a course Look, we plot a graph of time to the festival over desperation And bisect that by the peer pressure of your friends You know, who already have tickets and then you multiply that by the universal chance of precipitation Plus or minus the amount of scumbags already going You drop a line down from that you can get the extortion to make you charge for the tickets Seems quite complex It really all boils down to one simple rule A, B, C A always, B buy, C camping Always Buy Camping It’s my broker Broker? I cannot believe you are actually going to go to the festival. You are not serious! What?
What’s wrong? Fat Swan, they pulled out of Runstapalooza No, no, this is not happening What’s going on? We have like 10 grand tied up in Runstapalooza tickets What? You need to sell
You need to sell them all and just accept all offers That’s too late, the word’s already out.
They’re worthless I gotta call my wife Oh my God, it’s all gone I think I lost the house I can’t take it anymore Tom, what’re you doing Tom? It’s too late for me, it was everything i had We can just go to the festival and enjoy ourselves Don’t be ridiculous


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