FAQs + Bamboo Boarding in Lobo Batangas
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FAQs + Bamboo Boarding in Lobo Batangas

Hey! What’s up everyone? Today’s a new vlog. and it is January wait… January 3 today and We are here at Olo-olo in Batangas. and It’s just another road trip. I just thought
maybe I could vlog some of our adventures and yeah also this is my
first time to go here so excited to see What this place is all about. So yeah, let’s start! And now we’re here at Mangrove Olo-olo forest That’s our ride! Raft. Ready? Mama! Be careful! It’s so hot! It’s not! I didn’t put any sun block. Where’s my phone? It is so hot! We’re vlogging while doing Instagram story! It’s really hot. One Two You can do it! Three! Okay. So. Since this is my first video (2019) for this year I just thought that Maybe, I should introduce myself to you properly So We’re gonna do it – We’re gonna do it here. I am Yumi Victoriano and I am 25 years old. I am from a small province. Small town here in the Philippines. I’m from Batangas. I am A cosplayer and an amateur photographer. Photographer wannabe? I don’t know! I was born on August 20, 1993 and I speak English, Filipino and a little Japanese. But anyway Here are also some Frequently asked questions about me. so First one is Am I half Japanese? I’m not half Japanese. I am pure Filipino. My mother and my father are both Filipino. How many siblings do I have? Well, I don’t have any siblings. I am an only child, so. Where I grew up? I grew up here in Batangas and well Part of my childhood was spent in Saudi Arabia. So I have some memories of Saudi Arabia when I was I think 9 years old? to 11 years old? If I’m not mistaken. Do I have a boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend. and I’m happy and satisfied what I am right now And then next. When do you plan of getting married? I am not thinking of getting married as of now because I am happy single. okay so the next part of the of this introductory thing the questions I got from my Instagram followers and the first one is What’s my plan for the future me? To be successful Create my own path and learn a lot of things. The second one is What do I like (or look for) in a guy? Gentleman, kind, nice, smart, loving, sweet, funny and loyal? Faithful? I don’t know! Just the perfect guy which is kinda hard to find. Third one is How’s my lovelife? I’ve answered that before. I don’t have a lovelife. I don’t have a boyfriend. And I’m happy, very happy right now. Well I hope you guys enjoyed that part and Now you know some infos about me. and I hope you’ll stay with me Subscribe to my channel and we’ll get to talk a lot. in the future I think that’s it and I’m gonna end today’s vlog I just wanted to be private for now and enjoy the moment with my family and friends. So I’m going to see you guys on the next video. Bye!


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