• ipressedabutton

    i'm not a hater, i don't have any issue with kobe, but on the other hand, i'm no celebrity fanboy either. aretha got the middle finger, prince got the middle finger, and david koch got it too.. i dont discriminate..
    if kobe uplifted my life in any way measurable, i would be the first one to say, but he didnt. he acted like a pig like the rest of the overpaid celebrities. kobe is all about kobe.. i cant reward that.. my care policy is i care about them as much as they care about me, which in kobe's case is LESS THAN ZERO.
    i'm not going to spend my time worshiping and adoring someone that doesn't even know i exist.. that's self-destructive.

  • Javi Lund Gomez

    These pro athletes get paid more than $20M a year to basically go work out every day. Must be nice. They don't go to school, they never discovered a cure for a disease; if anything they create more work for local police and courtrooms after they've been charged with rape or robbery or assault. This is why so many local community colleges have gotten rid of basketball and football programs. These guys do nothing but cause trouble wherever they go. Sports used to be about teamwork and having some awareness that you are a role model for young athletes whether you like it or not. These pro sports guys are in some kind of arrested development where they never seem to grow past 14.

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