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Fake Billie Eilish Tickets | Craiglist Scam | Animated Story Time | Toonstar

Did y’all hear the news? Billie Eilish was
in Milwaukee this month! Oh my God! But there was one problem. I’m on a tight
budget so I had to figure out a way to snag a cheap ticket. There are always
cheaper options online, so I went to Craigslist, and I found a ticket for $30.00.
A total steal! Listen, I know there are shady people on Craigslist, so I insisted
on meeting this dude out of nearby Starbs. It wasn’t amazing that this guy
was wearing a beanie and sunglasses, but I’m desperate. I need to see Billie. So when he handed me the envelope I made sure the ticket was
in there. Trenchcoat guy running away the second I handed him cash was a bad sign. Yeah upon closer inspection I discovered they were from a concert back in 2018. Nooooooo! But things took an unexpected turn when
I got in my elevator. The creepy man I thought scam me was not a man at all. Holy [email protected]#$! He was a kid that lived in my building! Don’t stare Carl, God! Sorry mom… And why are you wearing that beanie? It’s hot out! The kid’s mom kind of freaked me out so I
decided to let it slide. Kind of. So yeah I was scammed by a pre-teen boy. But I’m
glad he did because later that night… *psst* and they were totally real! I have no idea
how this little sucker got these tickets but this girl got to go see Billie Eilish! Woo!


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