Exploring More of Hunza Valley and FOOD! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 08
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Exploring More of Hunza Valley and FOOD! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 08

What do you think of Hunza so far?
(I think it is very, very beautiful) (And it’s really warm, which I really like)
It’s a unique place though, isn’t it? Because they got 99% literacy rate here,
so everyone’s super intelligent, super friendly on top of that. (And you can see, just
by looking around that, this place is so clean) Oh my goodness (so there’s no garbage anywhere) So they obviously take a lot of pride and joy about their home, so it’s really quite impressive to see and another just unique spot here in Pakistan. Okay, Mr Saladin here is my
cousin, first cousin (No way!) (He’s so cute!) (Like that, I love that!) Okay, I’ve been instructed to turn this bad boy around because the doors are very lowered and it’s very common that people hit their heads particularly people with caps on because they can’t
see how low the roofs are or sorry the tops of the doors are, so that’s why I’m
looking cool like this. Atta why are the doors so low? There are three logical reasons, the first
reason was strategic because we used to have raids from the neighbouring Nagar Valley and also some Kazakh people, they are also used to raid Hunza and plundered the treasures of Hunza. So to protect against these two invaders, they built their force right on the edges of the cliff, so one side was
easily defended and they kept the entrances deliberately very small and
low so if enemy entered, lowering their heads there were guards, soldiers with their sharp swords standing behind the door chopping the heads of the enemy. The second reason was,
winter is very long right here in Hunza So to allow minimum amount of the cold wind into their living places, living rooms they deliberately keep the doors very small. The third reason was for respect You know? Even an arrogant person coming to the Fort, has to bow down So these are the three logical reasons. (I need to wear my hat backwards like this) oh yeah because otherwise you’ll have a hump on the head. What are those Atta? Are those our tickets? Okay, here we go! Baltit Fort. Legend! Okay, lots of history for a very
very interesting place where the royalty of the area used to reside. Not to mention the, epic view they had. Right, the Fort is done now it’s time for lunch.
What do you think? That was pretty insane (Yeah, that was cool, that was really cool). (I like the Tibetan influence, its a really beautiful) it’s such a cool culture isn’t it? (Yeah, it is). “Siya bhai”, “Siya bhai” (Hey bhai). How was that? Did you enjoy that?
(Yeah, a little history lesson, generally I’m not big on history) (But this history is just so rich and so deep
and part of so many different cultures which I love, like it was
it was very fascinating to see). Yeah exactly. Alright, let’s go to lunch. Okay, we’ve arrived at the cafe. Check this. We’re gonna grab some of the famous Hunza Walnut cake, as well as a full selection of coffee are you excited?
(I’m very excited, I just want to see how it tastes like) I know there’s been so much hype for it so cue the slow motion B-Roll
of the Hazelnut Cake. I put too much in my mouth! (That’s what she said). That is absolutely… That is delectable So good. If you are ever around
this is a must. Definitely, definitely grab yourself a slice. Because it’s really, really good, Let me show you how his first bite was This is the cake, he was like Excellent! It’s like walnuts and honey encased in like a
crispy cookie, like a butter cookie Hmm, the outside, started like melting in my mouth and then you get the melted butter cookie with the crunch of the walnut. Wow that delicious. After enjoying some more chai and cake we then set back on the road. Our first stop was back at Daruwah Hotel to pick up our luggage before we
set off to Attabad Lake. But our trip to Hunza isn’t complete without
experiencing the famous Hunza hospitality, throughout history has been
tradition for the rulers of Hunza to receive their guests and honor them by
presenting them with these caps Although a simple and humble gift the exchange of
these caps was very significant It symbolised an honoured connection a
brotherhood and by exchanging these caps you then became brothers and sisters.
It was yet again another display of the unparalleled hospitality that this
country and its people have to offer It is another experience we will always


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