“Experience Toronto like a local” by Cameron Phillips – EF Guest Vlog
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“Experience Toronto like a local” by Cameron Phillips – EF Guest Vlog

Hello EF students!
My name is Cameron Phillips and I’m so excited to be giving you an in depth
guide of my favourite things to do in Toronto. Welcome to the EF Guest Vlog.
I’m your host today and I’m going to show you how to
experience Toronto like a local. I’ve been living in Toronto for a couple of years now
and there are so many incredible neighbourhoods, fun things to do, great restaurants to eat at
and incredible places to explore. I’m going to share a few of them with you today. What’s great about the EF school in Toronto is
that it’s located so centrally in King West, just west of downtown, which is actually one of
the neighbourhoods we’re going to explore today. Starting out at the EF campus,
going just down the street, is one of my favourite coffee shops
of all time: Jimmy’s Coffee. It offers an incredible variety
of coffee, pastries, and a great atmosphere to get some work done,
to hang out and catch up with some friends, or just go for a nice afternoon walk or coffee.
I love going to Jimmy’s. It’s right down the street from where
there is so much is happening. Let me tell you about it. King Street West is home to an incredible array of
restaurants, shops and great people watching. Right down the street from Jimmy’s Coffee is a great bakery that’s kind of tucked under
ground and away from sight, but it’s so amazing. It’s called Forno Cultura, which means
“oven culture” in Italian and they have incredible breads and sandwiches
and is another great place to hang out. While you’re on King Street,
walk a little bit further down and you’re going to be in one of my
favourite places ever: Trillium Park. One of the greatest things about Toronto
is its position on Lake Ontario, which provides this great, natural resource, a beautiful view,
and makes you feel connected to this great body of water. One of the best ways to
experience that is through a park. Trillium Park, which is just a little bit south of King West,
is the answer to all your park needs. It’s a small park, but it gets
you right out on the lake with its stunning view of downtown Toronto,
or the airplanes landing at the city airport. You’ll see people hanging out, having picnics,
riding their bikes, or running. I spend most evenings in this park,
watching the sunset or going for a run, and you might even see me there if you
watch this video and get inspired from it. It is an incredible place to hang out,
especially to wind down your day, get a view of the city,
see the boats, watch the planes. It’s just a really great place and one of my favourite places
in the King West neighbourhood. When you’re down at Trillium Park, there’s
a path that runs all the way along the lake. If you take that path and head towards downtown,
you’re going to run into the second neighbourhood that I’m going to cover in today’s video:
the Harbourfront and Downtown. Downtown Toronto is exactly that: what everyone
thinks of when they think of the big city. There’s a variety of restaurants and shops,
a big mall, and everything you need is in Toronto. It’s a pretty general place to think of, if you think
of downtown Toronto as somewhere to hang out, so I’m going to tell you about the
places where I hang out and what I think you shouldn’t miss
if you head to downtown Toronto. Start at the Harbourfront. There is a little beach and a few little grassy hills
that make incredible places to hang out and picnic, especially in the summertime,
and to people watch. You’re right below the CN Tower, so you feel very connected to the city and
the lake, and it’s a great place to hang out. It’s kind of like Trillium Park,
but a little bit more central. While you’re down there, there’s the Lavazza
Espression Café, which is an Italian espresso chain. They have a great little popup shop where you can have
espresso shots, lattes and espresso-based beverages. There are a few restaurants as well right on the water
where you can sit and watch the boats, have lunch or dinner or even breakfast,
and take in the beautiful site that is downtown Toronto. One of the greatest things about Toronto
is the public transportation system. It makes it incredibly easy to get all over the
city with just a Presto card, which is your ticket. You probably know about it if
you’re already living in Toronto, but if you don’t, let me pull out mine.
This is a Presto Card. You just tap this on all the public transportation
and you’re into the system. It’s 3 dollars a ride and it’s perfect because when
you’re at the Harbourfront, you just tap on, go two stops on the streetcar, and you’re
right in the heart of downtown Toronto and heading to my favourite
coffee shop, Dineen Coffee. I’ve mentioned coffee shops in every neighbourhood so far,
but if you’re downtown, you’ve got to go to Dineen. The espresso is phenomenal. It’s exceptional.
It’s right across the street from Sud Forno, which is a casual take on the Terroni restaurant
group’s Italian lunch and casual fair. If you want to go and get pastries,
salads, pastas, and pizza, and a very casual environment for some very
great takeout Italian food, you can’t miss Sud Forno. The location right downtown, right across from Dineen,
makes it so perfect, easy, and accessible – you’ll love it. When you’re there, you’re just a few
blocks away from the Eaton Centre, which is Toronto’s largest mall, right downtown.
You can find everything you need there. It’s also right next to Yonge Dundas Square,
which is the “Times Square of Toronto”, featuring that kind of big city,
big billboard vibe. You know, you really feel connected
in the middle of the city there. You’re also right next to Nathan Phillips Square,
which is home to Toronto City Hall and the classic Toronto sign in front of the pond,
which becomes a skating rink in the winter. All those things – the Eaton Centre mall,
Yonge Dundas Square, and Nathan Phillips Square – are all within a 10 minute walk of each other,
right within that central downtown area. You’ll find lots of things to do, especially once you’re fueled up
on Dineen espresso and Sud Forno for lunch. Also from there, you can hop
back on that street car. Take the street car straight down Queen Street
and you’re in the neighbourhood of Queen West, which is one of Toronto’s most
sought after neighbourhoods. It was even recognized globally as a
hip neighbourhood amongst all the world cities. There are a lot of great things
to do in Queen West. Queen West has a lot more of the boutique shops,
unique stores, clothing stores, so many restaurants and coffee shops.
There’s so much to do and so much to explore. You could spend days walking down
Queen Street and never see it all. Queen West is also great because it’s
at the base of Trinity Bellwoods Park, which is a massive park that runs right
through the centre of the neighbourhood. In the summertime you’ll find all kinds
of people having picnics, hanging out, playing volleyball, playing games –
all in the park. And in the winter, it is a beautiful place to go
for a nice stroll in the snow and nature. It is absolutely stunning. While you’re in Queen West, I’m going to mention
a restaurant I love, which is called Terroni and is the mother company and actual
restaurant version of Sud Forno. Terroni has amazing Italian food.
Think great pasta, beautiful pizza. It’s fresh and simple; you’ll love it.
It has super high quality and a casual, friendly atmosphere.
I love Terroni. I go there all the time. The original one is located in Queen West
and you’ll definitely love it when you go there. I couldn’t bring up a neighbourhood
without mentioning a coffee shop, so I’ll mention Sam James Coffee Bar,
which has great coffee. It’s right across from the park, so you can get your coffee
and go right into the park to enjoy it on a bench, go for a stroll, or just enjoy your
day in the park with your coffee. There are so many things to do in Toronto, but that was my brief but comprehensive list
of my three favourite neighbourhoods in the city. I encourage you to get out and explore
and make the most of the city, especially in the summer and fall
when it’s warm and everybody is out, but also in the winter because you
can still do all these activities then. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to
subscribe to the EF channel where you can find all kinds of travel guides to other cities all
around the world, as well as everything EF. Links to my own channel and my own content
and channel is in the description of this video, so if you want to join my world,
you can find that there. With that being said, happy travels around
Toronto and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye!


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