Everybody’s talking about who?!  – West End Round Up Ep. 18
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Everybody’s talking about who?! – West End Round Up Ep. 18

Hi I’m, Jess hi I’m Milly from Official
London Theatre and this is your West End Round Up. Coming up this episode, we see a performance from Sara Bareilles and Gavin Creel as they join the cast of
Waitress. We talk to the cast of Jamie at their second birthday. But first, hot and
fresh new! What are you reading Milly? Smash Hits. But isn’t that like so 90’s? 90s is in Jess.
This week & Juliet collabed with Smash Hits to release a special edition of the
classic 90’s magazine. They came back baby one more time!
it still has everything you’d expect for the magazine, we’ve got word searches,
we’ve got quizzes, you can find out what boyband you should be in, we hear from Jessie J. Let us know if you got your
copy, we got ours! Guys get ready to roll out
the royal carpet as the queen of the diner is finally coming to the West End!
Sara Bareilles is making her West End debut in Waitress the musical alongside
Gavin Creel. She’ll be playing Jenna of course,
with Gavin playing Dr. Pomatter, how exciting! We have been waiting for this, I
know everyone online has been waiting for this for ages. She’s finally coming in
January and then after their run for six weeks Lucie’s gonna be coming back and so is David, so just a nice break for them A little holiday, and a nice little treat for us!
They’re gonna be joining the show from 27 January but to sweeten your
tastebuds now here’s a little clip We headed over on the evening
to the birthday show and they had a little cake on stage which was lovely
and afterwards we went to their little after-party and we had a chat to some of
the cast and we also played a little game. Did we? And you don’t even know it! Ah
that is the name of the game. Shall we take a watch? Seven Seven Seven Seven Five Five Five Green Pink Blue Blue Yellow It’s just red! March July March November Ah, Feb J.A.M.I.S Q.U.E.E.N M.A.R.G.A.R.E.T J.O.M.E.E.E.E Don’t know! Me, not me! Me! My mum Wednesday Eyeliner J.A.M.E.E.E.E.E Jamie How do you spell Jamie? L.A.Y.T.O.N and what’s everyone talking about? The West End Round Up! It was the first time that we actually saw the show and honestly I really really enjoyed it. I thought it was gonna be a bit cheesy but actually I
just thought it was really heartwarming and hilarious and yeah and fun. Very fun.
I really liked how it wasn’t very much a coming out story because he’s already
out and just the warmth that it gave everyone. You can of course catch the show at the Apollo Theatre and you can get your
tickets from officiallondontheatre.com it’s coming to a theatre near you as
it’s going on tour from February 2020 so I definitely recommend you get
your tickets because it is a work of art… and don’t you even know it! Sadly that is all we have time for today but for more exclusives, news and interviews
subscribe to Official London Theatre. And drop us a like? And drop us a like if you
enjoyed it! See you next time.

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