Emirates historic flight – Guinness Record Breaker
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Emirates historic flight – Guinness Record Breaker

Todays episode is a historic one. Its really historic. So who got chance to be part of this is Greesha from Walky Talky. Greesha is all decked up in saree, lets check where she is going. Lets ask Greesha itself about it. Both myself and Greesha are staff of Emirates data group. Today Emirates is going to operate a historical flight. Whats the speciality about it Its a historic A380 flight. On this flight they are trying to accommodate as many number of nationalities. Because its a national day flight Plus UAE is celebrating this year as Year of Tolerance. Based on this occasion Emirates is celebrating. Very few selected staff got opportunity to go on this flight. And I am one of those lucky staff… Thats why I am in this Indian attire Because its a traditional flight as well. They are trying to accommodate as many nationalities on board This might also be a Guinness record flight, but we will have to wait and see. UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities Emirates is an employer to more than 160 nationalities There are even nationalities which I haven’t even heard of. So I am excited Also have some tension. So lets start the episode… Enjoy and shoot as much as possible… So the check in is over and I got the boarding pass. Here are my colleagues… Everyone is super excited Lets go to the gate now… So Emirates opened a special check in counter for this. It is in the First and Business class area… So lets go for the immigration And then to gate This flight will be flying over all 7 Emirates I got a window seat, so enjoying the flight through the clouds. So Emirates have achieved the Guinness world record now 145 nationalities on board a flight Everyone on this flight is given the certificate for participation. So we are now here for a group photography, see where the photographer is. So we also got autograph from the First Officer. So the journey is almost over, lets go to the arrival terminal Hope everyone enjoyed this historical flight experience. As much as I did. If you liked the video please do like subscribe & share.


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