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Hey guys welcome back to another flight
review. In this video I’m flying from Dubai to Toronto onboard the Emirates
A380.. so this video is continuing on from my last review which was from Lahore
to Dubai, so after about a 16 hour layover at Dubai International
Airport, I went on to board my approximately 14 hour long flight to
Toronto, Canada. Boarding was pretty slow considering how many people they had to
stuff onto the A380, and also since they had security checks at the gate. I was sitting in seat 78A. I’d say the seat was pretty narrow and the legroom isn’t good enough
for a 14-hour flight but honestly it could have been worse About 40 minutes into the flight the
first meal service began. I went with the omelet since it wasn’t really in the
mood for having the other option that was available. The food wasn’t amazing
but considering how tired I was, it was pretty filling. As I always say about
Emirates’ headphones, they’re not great but they get the job done. The ICE
in-flight entertainment system had a very limited selection of movies and TV
shows so I brought my own content instead of watching what they had
available… so yeah that, was pretty disappointing. yo One thing I have to add though, is that
Emirates probably has the best inflight map systems out of all the other airlines that I have tried before. About five hours into the
flight, the second meal service began with a small but filling pizza. Since I barely got any sleep back in Dubai, I tried taking a rather short nap which
turned out to last around five hours. The third and last meal was a cross between
breakfast and lunch, since it was still pretty early in the morning but we
already had breakfast earlier so I’ll just call it lunch for the sake of this.
Anyways, there was a grilled chicken fillet, along with a pasta salad and
chocolate mousse. This was definitely the best meal of the entire flight and
probably the best meal that I’ve ever had on Emirates’ economy class. The amenity kit was pretty basic, but it
packed the usual economy amenities such as eyeshades, earplugs, a pair of
socks, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. This plane was around three years old at the time of the recording, so it was in pretty good condition. After what seemed like an eternity of a flight, we began our descent into Toronto Pearson
International Airport. Okay, so this was my experience flying
the Emirates a380 from Dubai to Toronto. The flight was good enough for me to say
it was worth it, but it still could have been much better: the meal quality was
definitely better than on some of the other routes that I’ve flown on with
Emirates so I won’t complain about that, but the in-flight entertainment, seat
comfort and service were all lacking. There were also some uncontrollable
factors that affected the overall experience, such as loud passengers and a lot of crying young children seated around me. while we were disembarking the
aircraft was a mess with water leaking onto the carpet and waste scattered
around the floor, but I guess it’s probably pretty normal for a fully
packed 14 hour long fight on the A380. Anyways, it was a pretty good flight and
one of the better flights that I’ve been on that connect in Canada and Middle
East. This was actually my first time back in Canada after around four years, and Toronto is actually the city that I was born so it was pretty nice to relive
some od my past memories, and also see what’s changed around the country. So this is the end of my review, if you
enjoyed this video and want to see more like this soon then please leave a like and comment down below, and subscribe to see similar reviews in the near future!


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