EASYJET SWITZERLAND Flight Experience, Bournemouth – Geneva (Airbus A319)
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EASYJET SWITZERLAND Flight Experience, Bournemouth – Geneva (Airbus A319)


  • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas

    Welcome to another Sunday! I did say I’d have a channel update video for you this week…I’m still editing it thanks to some last minute family commitments! But there’s some EXCITING news coming 😆…

    Hope you enjoy this week’s instalment and don’t forget to leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE!

  • Walter Clements

    In July I will be flying to Barcelona with Ryanair. I will be using the Nintendo Switch on that flight and I am excited to have a game console on a plane

  • apl175

    I like the talking bits with you at the airport terminal or train station – but I really really like the captions when you're actually en route. I think I'd be equally self-conscious about disturbing others if I were narrate from my seat.

  • Peter Yeong

    Paul, 747's do go into Bournemouth ocationally. Not often. Last (i seem to remember) was a Malaysian charter 2- 3 years ago for a foorball semi. I would to sponsor you but my Paypal no work in the UK

  • Chris Whizz

    Love to hear your observations – there are so many so-called trip reports which are just the camera rolling randomly. You bring the trip to life for us.

  • Nega Matt

    Awesome trip report man! Always look forward to your reports every sunday. Glad you did bournemouth its a great little airport!

  • SCOTT 28

    Hi Paul another great trip report, cheers. Did you know there's going to be another new regional airport opening this summer? Well as of June 4th flights will be taking off from Carlisle Lake District Airport. Destinations will include Belfast City, Southend and Dublin.

  • LondonJohn69

    My sister lives 10 miles from BOH and loves going on holiday fro here, My nephew has special needs and the quieter experience is so much better. Great video

  • John Robson

    Good seeing Bournemouth airport from the other side – been doing my pilot training from the opposite end of the airfield!

  • TheRaroman

    Great video as usual! Hope you will be one of the first to do a review of the new Loganair service from Southend to Carlisle or vice versa. Looking forward to that one, if you do it!

  • Jay

    EZY (ie not EZS) also operate the BOH-GVA seasonal route. We can be rostered W-patterns, eg LTN-GVA-BOH-GVA-LTN. Thanks for flying easyJet! 😊

  • Marylou Farnsworth

    Was that Guiness Regular or Decaf? (tee hee hee) I like the way you are doing your vlogs. The specs for the trains are really interesting.

  • Max Jeggo

    Really good little travel report. Thanks for info on easyjet enteryainment. That wasnt available last time i flew with them looking forward to using it on my next flight

  • Dustin Burgess

    i like seeing you in the videos more it adds personality to the videos and sets your content apart from others doing the same style of travel video

  • DominionsMinions

    Well I would like to see you chat more with staff on airplane , specially longer flights , as it helps getting to know what the service is like , in my opinion. 🙂

  • 2393sam

    I think it's prety cool when you speak in the airport, explaining the mood inside, the different characteristics, why you choose this particular airline, what do you expect when you choose a company etc.

  • NorwegianAirSpotter Moawin

    hey paul i really really enjoy your videos and the little treat with your videos is the brief talk please keep on do so you rock. btw still waiting on a tripreport to norway(:

  • Peter Derrick

    Excellent video as usual, nice to see Bournemouth Airport. Living on the Isle of Wight we try to use Southampton and Bournemouth as much as possible. Gatwick has proved difficult in the past as it involves long taxi rides or battling with Southern Rail and overnight hotels.


  • lesgreu

    Talking? Yes please! I personally prefer talking over subtitles. I sometimes find it hard to focus both on subtitles and "video content".
    Nice channel, keep up your interessting videos!
    Cheers from Germany!

  • BBoyJD10

    Loved it, i currently work at WHSmiths at Bournemouth Airport so you may of seen me (work saturdays and sundays) 🙂

  • Elsa Cain

    I’m a very nervous flyer and I’m going on holiday on Thursday so will obviously be flying. These videos are helping me relax a bit about flying. Thanks !

  • Jane Ferreira

    Yes Paul please talk more love your channel , what kind of cam do you use ? Beautiful videos ! Don't stop we all enjoy very much. Thank you for all you do! 😄

  • Timothy Hill

    I like you talking into the camera .. I'm from Canada, near Vancouver (Victoria British Columbia Canada) .. would like to see you fly to Canada!!

  • Zac

    You asked if you should talk on the plane or train (in enclosed spaces) when recording; it’s good to see how services really are, whereas if you make it obvious that you’re recording and reporting on social media on how the services you’re receiving are, you may get treated more favourably over the average customer – which of course will not be an accurate reflection of the services.

    … plus, if I were a passenger sat next to someone Vlogging, I’d find it very rude and annoying.

  • Chris Billington

    Hi Paul. Another good one from you, and yes I am watching them out of sequence. Sorry about that! I like that the older ones don't have the recorded vid speeding up on take off roll and at other parts of the report. The report flows along better I think. I'm OK to sit back and watch at normal speeds!

  • Juanita Mullen

    When you have time, talk. Especially, about the lounges. Do they have disposable razors for guys to shave? How about flip flops sandals for the shower?🚿

  • Cathy Parsons

    Hi Paul, I’ve recently discovered your brilliant channel and admit to being a bit of an air travel addict myself; I just wish I could afford to do it more. How do you get into flying different airlines and reviewing them?
    In answer to your question at the beginning of the video, I think I prefer less music on the videos when the planes are taxiing, as I like to hear the noise of the aircraft. I would like to hear you speaking more, but I do agree with your comment of that being awkward in a confined space!!
    Looking forward to watching more of your travels,
    Cathy Parsons, Bristol.

  • Francis Flood

    Paul, what do you do when you get to your destination? Does it involve your work, do you tour the area, etc? I thought you tied these trips in with your work. Or are these trips your work?? Do you ever get tired of travel? What do you do on your "days off" and you're not flying? Thanks!

  • Michael Magill

    Love  your channel and  you speak enough and if its necessary you will  speak more  but what you say now  is  enough   great job!!

  • Steve Hale

    Paul the ethidads were there to be painted and had been sold there were in total 12 that passed through Boh. The omani hercules is a regular as is the omani royal family they have interests at Boh and the vip a/c is a regular
    Regards steve

  • Joseph McCooey

    More info on cheap flight , how points work , which are the best. As for more talking , just put text on the screen, less music. It would nice if possible to know what your doing after the flight or train journey , ie staying in a hotel , or connecting to another flight or train

  • Steven Espach

    I like that you don't talk Paul. It's as if we're sitting in the seat instead of you. But when you determine there is a need to mention something, It's appropriate.

  • Chris Butler

    Don't change what you're doing now Paul. It would be very irritating to the other passengers if you were to give a running commentary throughout the journey.

  • Francis Flood

    Yes, I thoroughly enjoy your comments and when you don't have them I feel at a loss. So PLEASE, more comments!!!!

  • David Hill

    would definitely like to see some insight to why your flying Pau and how you can afford itl, keep up with the great vids.

  • rugbydazz

    I hang on your every word so for me it's imperative that you communicate your thoughts in the videos, the one I just saw where you took the disastrous United Newark to LA flight was great because you did voice over.

  • JennsLittleHomestead

    I definitely prefer watching videos with a voiceover so that I can do something else (like cook dinner) while listening to the video.

  • Eric J

    What's your favorite little podunk airport? I've always been a fan of Kalispell, Montana, USA. It's tiny and adorable. Bournemouth seems like a surprisingly substantial airport for 3 commercial flights a day.

  • Craig Lee

    I like your "running commentary". Whether it is better to do that live or add your spoken notes in post-video editing, who knows.

  • Torgeir Brandsnes

    You have great voice, and you speak slow and calm. I am glad that you are not fake like so many other who think they are on national radio or TV. A guy I will you should take a look at is Chief Makoi. He is the calm type like you. You are not an avgeek. The aircraft by the rwy, they all have a date with death I am sorry to say. BOH and some other places in the UK recycle aircraft. Make a vlog about that? I want you buy food onboard. Scoot I will never fly, and that is because of your vlog. I heard Swiss had banned all filming on their flights. I don`t know why. Safe travels!

  • Mr Melon

    Prefer talking even if voice over rather than reading captions. Very helpful if multitasking with YouTube playing

  • Arnold Kirumira

    You can talk through the train station but not in the train (just in case there's a quiet zone by the train) and not by the plane aswell.

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