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Drugstore Makeup Is Coming For Our NECKS! | Jackie Aina

(slow horror music) (lighter clicking) – Hi, hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s your girl Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie,
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ So I got dinner plans tonight. Every so often I do like
to kind of casually stroll by the drug store aisles and
just see what’s new in beauty. How much of my lace is going
to be exposed this week Target? And I really feel like there’s been a lot of new stuff that’s been coming out that I have either loved or have been intrigued and want to try. So I’m going to be giving you guys a full face look on today’s video, and also I have to go out tonight, and no I’m not late don’t try to play me. For once I’m actually moderately on time, but we’re not going to
talk about that too much. I took a little poll on my Instagram and you guys gave me so
many good suggestions of things you’re loving
and things you’re trying, so I went out and bought all
of it. I spent a lot of money. Speaking of money no one’s really asked. Well a couple people have
asked about Florence Beauty. Are you guys interested? Florence by Mills let me know. I bought a bunch of
stuff if you don’t care, I’ll just take it right back. That’s all it’s very simple you know, less work for me anyway. Everything in today’s look
is going to be affordable from the drug store or drug
store adjacent, everything. – [Woman] Yup, yup, yup,
yup, yup. (audience yelling) – Except for the primer because I forgot to pick one up I’m really sorry, please don’t hate me. – It was all a lie, guys it was all a lie she lied.
(woman yelling) – Please don’t hate me,
I’ll let you unsubscribe this one time no please don’t I’m kidding. Now that I mention it if
you haven’t already joined the Jackie Aina family, what are you waiting for? Let’s be real this isn’t your first video, so if you keep watching,
why not become a subscriber? It helps my channel and
it helps your brows, blend some of that blush
a little better too. So My girl Too Much Mouth suggested trying out the Milani Setting Powder. This once is called the
Translucent Medium to Deep. I’m using the medium to deep shade because you guys know
I love to set my primer with powder before I do foundation. Sponges, sponges, I need my sponges. (racing car) I’m back I’m gonna take a
little bit of that powder, dip it like into the lid because really this gives me a cheat so that I can see what the powder looks like on my skin. Oh I forgot I wanted to set my face first with a little bit of the Wet
n Wild Megaglo Face Mist. (choir singing) That was just for a quick
refresher for the skin. Ooh it smells so good, is this lavender? I always take translucent powder and I apply it with a damp
sponge on top of my primer and the reason that I like doing that is it helps cut down some
of the shine in the skin. It also helps the makeup
to last a lot longer. The most common follow-up
question I get after that is doesn’t it make your foundation cakey? And the answer is of course not, if it did I wouldn’t be doing this. It’s translucent powder so
it’s virtually pretty light. And this powder is actually not bad. It’s blending right into my skin tone, it’s not overly red
most drug store powders are really, really red. Wow this is a really good powder, now that I can see what it
looks like on my bare skin, I don’t have to worry about putting this on top of my liquid foundation and then messing up the whole rotation. So this is actually a good cheat when you’re using a
powder for the first time and you don’t wanna mess
up your whole entire beat. God forbid if you’re
late to work that day, and you’re trying something new ha. I’m not coming in today, I got
the flu, I’m legally blind. Okay so for foundation I’ve had
this foundation for a while, never got around to trying it and then people in the poll
that I took on Instagram reminded me that I should probably use it. It’s the Superstay Stick
Foundation from Maybelline. I actually have three of
them that I picked out as ballpark colors but I can literally use all three of them. I’m gonna take the shade 356 Cocoa and I’m gonna use that
in the center of my face. It’s actually a pretty decent match. Uh-oh uh-oh, what’s happening here? What is going on? Think I applied too much powder in some spots because girl. Pat do you see this little
dry, that’s not my skin. Okay my hands are ashy but my face isn’t. We stay prayed up and hydrated thank you. Now the second color that I have is 360, 360 is a little bit darker. I’m gonna put that around the perimeter of my mouth to warm up the complexion. It’s also a little bit
more warm and more red, so we can pop that around the
perimeter to kind of warm up, spice up the perimeter of your face. Your face should not be all one color, no one’s face is all one color. So you can have the perfect
match but guess what? You’re still going to have to
highlight and contour anyway. Sometimes when you’re using a
new product for the first time you have to be really
careful not to do too much. I’m gonna tread very lightly and I have been really
scared to try this product, because I feel like I keep hearing very jarring mixed reviews. It is the Morphe Continuous Set. That smells like “Dexter’s Lab”. (spray) (spray) Okay this setting spray
(coughs) why am I doing this? (laughs) this is how you know I’m
committed to the look because this stuff stinks and I’m still using it
and I don’t even care. Okay let me, let me take
my job serious for once. (slow horror music) It is quite strong so (cough). Okay I’m being really dramatic, or am I? So the reason why I wanted
to set my face first, I always do that before
I mix in my foundation because again we get it to last longer. The thing about makeup unfortunately, I wish it wasn’t this way, you really can’t rely on like one product to do the job or carry all the load. Like getting your makeup to
last all day or all night is really kind of like the responsibility of a bunch of different
products being used together. Now as for the spray, it
was not what I was expecting as far as that smell goes. It definitely threw me for a loophole. Oh this match is so beautiful wow! Oh my God, look at my
freaking butt I mean skin. This looks so good. You guys what happened
to stick foundations? I feel like someone
should make a documentary called “The Rise and Fall
of Stick Foundations” because I feel like they made a comeback and people were like doing it and then like it never really stuck and then they kind of
like disappeared again. Like why can’t we let
stick foundations be great? This looks good though like this looks, my skin looks and feels phenomenal. I’m really happy we went with that other shade around my forehead because then we don’t
really have to contour. I mean we still can but
this looks good as is. This is blending out so nice, why is it the day that I commit to like a full drugstore look I
don’t use my freaking go to, my favorite brush from NYX. This is actually my
favorite foundation brush for all foundations in general but the reason why I went with this was because that stick
definitely wasn’t as glidey as a lot of other stick foundations are. It was a little on the matte side, so I needed something that
was a little bit more firm. So I grabbed the Sigma brush, but please believe baby if
this was liquid foundation I would’ve gone with this one. This is my favorite brush of all time. You guys I was cleaning out my, some of my makeup storage
area stations yesterday and do you guys remember how much I used to love that
e.l.f. foundation brush? like back, back, back, actually that wasn’t even that long ago. That was such a good brush, but then honestly like I just discovered the
NYX one and I was blind but now I see like it was
just a match made in heaven. Like I have not separated from that brush since discovering it. That was incredibly easy to blend out and like honestly this final face, come on, come on! Shade matched, face
slayed, foundation blended, hairline undetectable,
lace laid, kids vaccinated. This next one I’m a little worried about because these colors
the L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealers came up in conversation quite a few times. Highly raved about, shout
out to my girl Nabela she actually recommended these. But the colors at least from what they look like inside the packaging are giving me a little gray tease, like I don’t know you guys. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Not great just neutral false alarm. Just for good measure I did grab some of my ColourPop (bang) I did… I did grab a couple of my
ColourPop No Filter Concealers so we can kind of like use as back up and I’m kind of a fan of
layering concealers anyway. Colors I have from L’Oréal are shade 425 Chestnut which
I think would be more way too dark to highlight
but like not quite dark enough to contour so pass on that. The next shade up is 420 Cocoa and ooh that’s a really pretty shade. That would be a nice corrector shade. This is 415 the other one that
I showed you guys earlier. A little bit closer to a highlight but I would like to see a little bit more gold in there for me personally. I’m going to start off
with L’Oreal Cocoa 420, and I’m actually just
gonna use that under my eye to correct first and then I’ll go over with ColourPop once I blend this out. I could already tell this
coverage is going to be bomb and I’m actually glad I let
it dry down for a little bit because it’s literally not budging at all. Do you see how perfect that corrected? That applicator is bomb by the way. It kind of gives me a little
bit of Shape Tape vibes, not with the texture and consistency but like the applicator
and the size of it. It was just literally like (tongue clicks) hugs the under eye
perfectly and flawlessly, like it allows you to put the concealer exactly where it needs to be. I’m gonna take a little bit of Honey 415. In order for this to
be called honey L’Oréal here’s a tip add a little more gold. I’m not gonna get too carried away because I really don’t
like the way that it looks when I put on too much concealer. So that is a little bit
of Honey from L’Oréal 415, and then with a brush right on top of it, I’m gonna add Dark 46 from ColourPop because that L’Oréal
shade is really too light. Why did I do that actually?
I don’t know why I did that. Let’s just pray to the gods that the concealer underneath will kind of mix in and
tone it down a little bit because this is really,
really light for me. I’m also going to highlight my forehead and as you can see I did
the bridge of my nose. Now the ColourPop concealer
does dry quite fast so I’ma just go right in, I’m
not going to wait too long to let it set and start to blend that out. Ooh I forgot my contour what am I doing? Okay so 370 from Maybelline’s Super Stay. (moans) (squish sounds) We need to decrease the
size of the forehead edge. Uh this blends out so good, even better with this rounded brush. This is the Sigma F79 just so you know, and I’m gonna blend that contour all the way down into my highlight. Okay so the shade is not that bad, I just wish there was
a little bit more warm, you know I may need to grab
another powder and finesse this because I’m not gonna be out here in these streets looking gray, and I think a yellow powder would really help warm this up a bit. But so far everything looks bomb. Don’t y’all love how
I’m gassing myself up? Like I’m not the one doing it. Also I’m going to add a little
bit of cocoa around my mouth because I really like that color. I could use a little more
coverage in this area. This concealer smells funny. Ah well, this concealer. Oh these two mixed together look so good! I mean I knew the L’Oréal one was pretty but mixing those two together, I really mighta just did something. Bru ta, ta, ta. This is definitely showing me that the concealers that I normally use take way longer to dry down and these feel like they’re drying matte
but they don’t feel like they’re dry matte does that make sense? Like my skin still feels
pretty good and pretty hot. What, what blend that out please. So I have two powders to choose from one is the COVERGIRL Clean
Professional Loose Powder, also recommended by Too Much Mouth, I just so happen to randomly see that name when I was scrolling
through the suggestion and I liked most of what she likes, so I went out and bought it, and then we already introduced
ourselves to the Milani. So I’m just gonna compare the colors, I don’t think I need to go
too yellow with the powder, this ended up blending out quite nicely as far as the shade goes. But if a concealer is like too neutral I’ll take the yellow powder and use that and kind of warm up the skin a little bit more and balance out. Okay so this powder is very beige, the COVERGIRL one is very, very beige. I think I want something
a little more warm. So I’m gonna stick with the Translucent Banana from
Milani which is this one, and in fact I may even mix the two, medium dark and banana together. Even though I love and
have used and abused the Maybelline Fit Me
Setting Powders for years, I really wanted to try new stuff because I have faith in the drug store. There was a time when
them translucent powders, like I would go to the drug store for everything but translucent powders but I feel like they’re
finally, finally stepping it up. Whoa, whoa, okay I will say this packaging Milani it’s terrible, like the powder gets
everywhere, everywhere. So I’m going to take my damp sponge and dip it into the brown powder first and then I’m going to dip
it into my yellow power and dab that off and then
I’m going to set under eye. Ooh ooh, this feels nice and velvety. I’m kind of glad I previewed it with the brown powder first, oh my God that is so
pretty, that is flawless. Or as you good chaps like to
say across the pond flawless. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I’m adding minimal product
and it looks amazing. Now I’m going to set the rest of my face. This is going pleasantly amazing. Started with the foundation, now we’re just like on a good luck streak. Everything is working out perfectly. I mean first impression in general can be nerve wracking because you don’t know how
the product is going to react. Then when you’re black and then you’re buying
stuff from the drug store, that’s a whole different set of struggle. Yes even though it’s 2019 we’re still having those conversations. Don’t act surprised. My favorite thing is when someone
recommends a product to me and they’re like, “Jackie
can you review this?” and I go look at the shades and I’m like, “Um did you forget that I’m black?” because they don’t got nothing for me. But it’s cool because
we’re throwing our coins to the brands that are stepping it up, giving us options and shout out to them because it’s made
shopping at the drug store a lot more bearable now whereas
10 years ago it was scary. It was like Russian
Roulette you never knew what you were gonna end up
with. Now using banana by itself I’m gonna set the center of my forehead, as well as my chin and
then hit right under eye one more time before
moving on to our eyes. Get into it in 4K you can’t even see my
little under eye dents. I feel like I’ve tried
powders from Milani before I’m almost positive I tried
another translucent powder, like I don’t know when
this product came out I’ve never seen it before. But this was bomb I don’t
remember it being this good. If it was Shaneen from Too
Much Mouth who recommended this I’m pretty sure it was her, but thank you girl this
is what I talking about. Get enough eyeshadows,
blush and lipsticks. Give me translucent powders. I been talking about his Lip Bar Bronzer for a long periololically time now. It’s not a stranger to my channel. I love this brand it’s
a black owned brand. The products are bomb but the bronzers are what really got my attention. The shade that I’m gonna be using is Just Got Paid they
actually gave these to me when I met the team at Essence, it’s not just a bronzer you guys. It’s actually a bronzer/blush duo so there’s a blush underneath and then you flip thing
and the bronzer’s on top. While we’re on the subject of Tesla’s, I think we should take some banana powder and do some reverse contouring because I feel like it’s so
soft and so finely milled, like it would just look good and I was right, like I always am. More life and less cardiac arrest, I told y’all I was going
out I’m not playing tonight. Can y’all believe there are heathens who didn’t tell us about these
damn Maybelline Brow Pencils? I wanna speak to you and your landlord and your manager and you superintendent and your high school principal. I don’t care if we’re not in high school that’s beside the point. No but I’m so serious the Brow Ultra Slim
Pencils from Maybelline, don’t know when these came out don’t care, all I know is I have completely put down every other brow pencil that I’ve used and replaced them with
theses, they’re that good. I have thrown them in not because this is a drugstore video but because I genuinely actually love and have been using these products. The colors that I’m gonna be using are deep brown and there’s
another one called black brown. So I use the black brown first to define and shape the brow and then I (drops brow pencil) and then I use deep brown to
fill in and add some dimension. Now I’m taking a little bit of my bronzer and a really tight defining shader brush and I just hit the head of
the brow to soften that up, make it look not as blocky. Still using powder, this time
we’re highlighting our nose. We use a lot of powders on my channel in case you haven’t noticed. Honestly most of the magic in my looks really is with translucent powder I mean, I powder after I prime, I powder on top of foundation, I powder, powder, powder, powder, powder. It’s a lot but so worth it though. Now we do want to lay a
little something down here because we’re gonna use
shadows and we don’t know how those shadows are
gonna flip out and react and we want to have something here to catch all that fallout. I’m going to take my L’Oréal concealer and just (tongue click) clean up that lid. This’ll be the first time using this as a concealer and eye primer today. For the eyes I went out
and got this palette from Morphe it looked really cute on the ulta website. (car honks) It’s called– (car honks) it’s called Just A Crush, isn’t it pretty? I know somebody in the
comments gonna be like, “I’m sick of this heffer wearing pink.” Too damn bad okay. Beggars can’t be choosers Some of us have undertones, I know what looks good on my skin and I don’t deviate very far from it. This is like the second
time I’m using something in a video tutorial
that’s not my own palette. (squeak)
How dare I? No but doesn’t this look so cute? It’s just gonna be the perfect blend of like hot fire colors, subtle purples and plums and I am wearing purple tonight so. By the way yes I am a Morphe affiliate, you can use discount code
edges to save 10% off, to save some coints yes coints
has a t at the end of it for everybody that was
questioning my last video title. Coints with a t s coints uncultured swine. So the first thing that I’m gonna take from this beautiful palette is this one in this corner here the bottom right corner. It’s a deep plum purple
and I’m going to stamp that onto my eyelid whoa, that’s some color. Now lets just hope that when
it comes to blend it out she still looks just as cute. Let me tell you something I’m probably the most truthful Morphe
affiliate you know, sometimes lets be very, very clear, I’m hear for the girls, I’m hear for the discount palette prices but sometimes the shadows don’t blend the way that I wish they really could. It can be really hard to work with. So anyways I’m just defining my eyes, can you guys let me know in the comments do you guys know people who do those looks where they lay down the dark color first but then they cover their whole lid and then they put concealer on top of it? That kind of confuses me, I mean sometimes I’ve done
it just to say I’ve done it, but like why cover the whole lid if you’re just gonna like
put concealer over it anyway? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Do you guys find that more helpful as far as application goes? Let me know the thought process because I’m genuinely curious. I also took the color that
was directly on top of it which is this kind of more plumier purple and I’m putting that right on top. Hopefully that doesn’t
come back to bite me in the you know what girl, because sometimes when
you layer these mattes I’m telling you sometimes not always, purples are really tricky to make. So purple sometimes is a color that you have to spend a
little bit more money on. Before we actually blend this out, I’m gonna take this fire
hot pink here in the middle, dead smack in the middle of the palette and I’m going to load up my brush with that shade and start blending around where we applied
our dark plum purple. So it’s not doing too bad yet. You know what it actually
blends out a lot nicer if I swipe it onto my crease area and then I’ll blend it out later. So I’m basically doing like
literally painting my eyelid. Then I took this blending
eye brush from NYX because it’s pretty dense
but it’s also tapered which is nice and it
really kind of lets you get in there and blend this
out without making a mess. Meanwhile there’s fallout
all over my cheek. Disregard that’s beside the point. Then I’m gonna take a clean one and go around the pink
and blend it out even more so that it looks even more airbrushed. Okay now we’re going to do the unthinkable and put concealer back on
my eyelid and cut the crease as you youngins like to call it. Then we’re going to place our dark purple right back in that outer corner again. How rude of me I just realized I should’ve brought y’all in closer. I’m so sweetie, I am so sorry. I’m going to take this really pretty like I keep looking at this color, I kept looking at it earlier when I first dug into this palette. This color right here,
right above the fuchsia isn’t that so pretty? I’m gonna take this
super sonic funky fresh, ooh I definitely should’ve
switched brushes. I’m gonna take this gorgeous oh yeah much better and that’s so pretty. This is like a pinky bronze, it helps to keep your eyes open when you’re doing your eyes sometimes because then you can really see like, where the shadows are gonna be placed once you are like looking at
somebody dead in the eyes, they don’t need to be that
dame close to you anyway but that’s beside the point. So take that beautiful pinky bronze color, blend her from inner lid
to like halfway you know, right where the outer
corner and that pink meet. Now this I love. I’m gonna take the Miriam
Makiage x Pixi collab that she did a couple,
I know it’s a while now I know I’m super late, but I love their liquid eyeshadows, they’re so pretty and they’re
always like so glittery. This is a little more green
than what I would’ve liked. I was either going to do that or like straight up
gold the one from Milani and it is in the shade bronze metal. This is a doozy I mean
they’re both really pretty, but just in the name of supporting Mary M I’m gonna use hers because
this one looks so pretty. Oh my God I’m debating
do I wanna just go on, ooh (squeak) oh my God
it’s so freaking gorgeous. I’m so glad we went with this one because this one’s almost
kind of transparent. It changes the eye just enough, that’s freaking stunning! So these are actually
not sold individually, it comes with a lip color.
I’m not going to use the lip but I just wanted to show you that it’s not just the eye shadow. this is in the shade Mirage, I kind of wanted the eyes to look wet and this doing it baby. You can go in with that shadow again and just kind of like
load it on that brush and just pat it over so that not only does it blend out but it
just kind of seamlessly melts into the shadow as well and then I’m gonna do the same on eye two. I’m really gonna take advantage of the shape of this applicator and cut that crease get it
nice and sharp around the eyes. When you’re filming
it’s really hard to tell which eye is which when
you’re looking at the monitor. So in order for me to
know which eye is which I have to like move my brow no one asked but I just thought I would volunteer that
information, okay moving on. If you want the glittery
part to look more intense don’t pat it over with shadow, skip this step altogether. This is giving me very Cirque du Soleil, really Vegas and really pretty, dare I even say a little Mardi Gras? I’m ready to party I know we
only had dinner plans tonight but this got me ready to
really turn the hell up. – I said now we really drinking, strawberries and jam – Just detailing in the crease again, making sure that everything
is fine tuned and perfected. Eyeshadow’s a process you guys so sometimes you do have to like reapply colors, reintroduced colors. Speaking of which we’re going to take the softer plum shade just
in between the two colors and pop that in so that
it looks like a gradient from that plum to darker purple. I think creatively I haven’t really done a look like this in a long time. You guys I’m a little proud of myself The next color that I’m gonna take also from the palette I think we should go with this color here, this one is kind of
giving me lavender vibes. I’m going to take that shade there and just pop that right
in the inner tear duct which is my signature so
I know you saw it coming. For lashes I’m going to
take this Lash Couture set from Kiss Lashes, shout
out to Aysha Harun. I wasn’t even planning on using these until I saw these on her today, and she was like, “This is
my favorite pair of lashes” and she showed me a picture and they looked so bomb on her and I was just like, “Oh
yes, oh yes, oh yes!” Now the only thing is this collection is supposed to be kind of like a your skin but better
but like for your lashes kind of vibe so I’m hoping that the lash doesn’t get lost in the overall
fabulousness of the look but we won’t know until we try it right? We’re not quite done
with the eyes just yet but I’m gonna put the glue on now while we finish up the rest of it. Let me stop talking and finish though so I’m going to take a liner, this is an Infallible Pro liner second to the Urban Decay
24/7 Glide-On Pencils, the Infallible liners from
L’Oréal are my favorite they just do it for me. I don’t know if this is the
same version of the liners that I always use from them or if they like repackaged
and rebranded them. I couldn’t find the old
school Infallible ones that I used to use but they’re bomb. The shade that I’m using is gold and it’s in the color bronze and I’m just popping miss bronze into my waterline to brighten up the eye. Even though you really
can’t see nothing on camera here can you see it? Okay thank you yeah this one’s actually kind of dark, I probably should have
gone with a more vivid brighter gold but it’s cool. We already laid it honey. I’m going to dust off the
excess powder under eyes and I’m going to throw
on lashes bottoms up. Oh that is a good lash while that dries down I’m gonna do a little bit of detailing
along my bottom lash line, we haven’t put nothing down here yet but we’re not gonna go too crazy. I’m gonna take a little bit of this shimmery purple down here, you guys know how much I love purple along my bottom lash line
it just looks so good. Going right under and I’m
doing this differently. Okay normally I have to do this and then you can’t even
see what I’m doing, trying to improve my wicked ways. Give me some credit okay,
that is really pretty. That is such a gorgeous color
and then from right below it we’re gonna take that plum color and just soften that color
out really smoke it out. For blush I’m gonna go ahead and use that one that
comes underneath my bronzer in the Just Got Paid, oh
it’s called Shopping Spree. Very fitting Dennis is
out of town this week so guess what I’m doing
to keep myself occupied. – [Girls Together] Shopping (cheering) – Shopping – Because this is like
a really pretty bronzey like just fresh glowed bronzers is like the perfect name for this bronzer because they really do add this gorgeous glow to the skin let me set my face first. (slow horror music) God I actually really do want this makeup to last tonight though because I’m going out. Oh this is a trick that Sonya and Fiza on Instagram taught me. Take your buffing brush
and translucent powder and after you’ve done your whole face, buff your whole entire
face with that powder and it actually is a really nice step like it just blends everything together. Makes everything look nice and smooth. I wanted a pink lip so
I’m going to take Dazed from ColourPop and line my lips. Do you remember back in the day when like ColourPop had like 50 different Lippie Stix colors? Like literally they had like 50. Then I’m going to take
this lipstick from Milani it’s in the shade I am Bold. I really wanted to do pink because I just haven’t really done any stand out lip colors in a while. Oh it looks red on
camera, that’s wonderful. Then I’m going to finish off this look with some of my favorite glosses, they happen to be from
NYX they’re Butter Glosses if you’re sleeping on NYX Butter Glosses what you doing? WYD, What would Jesus do? They’re so good and so creamy and they smell amazing too. That is our final drugstore full beat. So this is a closeup of the final look. This was the first time in a longtime a full face of first impressions has gone this good and it’s a
testament to like I told you, the drugstore girls
are not playing anymore at all and I’m so here for it. Some of my standout products, I can’t really say anything
about the setting spray, it’s really too soon to tell. But aside from that my favorites were definitely everything complexion. Everything complexion
this L’Oréal concealer, amazing 5 starts definitely
will be incorporating this in future looks and future tutorials. This stick foundation
was so easy to apply, the coverage was full, it is a beautiful, flawless finish and I’ll
definitely be using this again. I love the way the eyes turned out, I mean there’s literally not a single thing that I didn’t like. Sounds like a success story if you ask me. Thank you again for hanging
out on today’s video but don’t be shy now because I got more, there’s way more where that came from. So go ahead and let the
playlist begin starting now. I’m still here, that means
you haven’t clicked yet. What the hell are you
waiting for? Hurry up.


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