Diferencia entre TRIP, TRAVEL & JOURNEY en inglés
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Diferencia entre TRIP, TRAVEL & JOURNEY en inglés

Trip, travel, journey What’s the difference? Mmm… Let’s find out Hello Hey mom How are you doing? Is that my son? Yeah… It’s me But.. my Phillip you sound different I changed my accent You didn’t call me Well, hey mom I’ve been like traveling I’ve been seeing the world I’ve been really busy on my trip I’ve been on a like spiritual journey Ohh yeah! all your trips and journeys and traveling all over the place and What about your mother? I’ve been sending you like whatsapp’s like I don’t do whatsapp’s man! Well anyway How are you doing with your trips? Really good, you know I’m grow my hair I’ve been doing yoga and … What? You been doing what? Yoga Come back home or I will go and pick you up What- what I’m your mother so I tell you what to do Ok.. mm What’s the difference? Well it’s very easy Isabel Is it Yes Trip is a noun Un viaje Travel is a verb Viajar Entonces nunca se dice: How was your travel? Que tal tu viaje? Se dice: How was your trip? Esto es un error super comun para los hispano hablantes Ah! I see “Trip” y “travel” Creo que me queda bastante claro Pero que me dices de Journey Nos confundimos muy a menudo It’s confusing Porque cual es la diferencia entre “trip” y “journey” Journey is just moving from point A to point B Es como un trayecto Ok Entonces no incluye el tiempo pasado en el destino Ok So… If I ask you… How was your journey? I will imagine do driving in the car from Barcelona to Madrid That was your journey But if I ask you How was your trip to Madrid? Eso es todo We’re thinking about the whole experience in Madrid Exactly Entonces vamos a praticar un poco Ok Vale Como dirias en ingles ¿Que tal tu viaje? I know that How was you trip? Y como dirias Isabel en ingles Fue un viaje de trece horas pero merecia la pena Mm… Ok Bueno como estas hablando del trayecto diria It was a thirteen- hour journey but it was worth it Eso es It was a thirteen- hour journey Eso es dificil para hispanohablantes Journey Let’s see you It was a thirteen hour journey journey journey It was a thirteen- hour journey but it was worth it Y como dirias La semana que viene tengo que viajar a Japon Ok En este caso estas utilizando el verbo Entonces diria Next week, I have to travel to Japan That’s it Ok Y una mas La vida es un viaje espiritual Ohh! Beautiful This is a tricky one But I think I’ve heard before I think you use life is a spiritual journey Journey Life is a spiritual journey Usamos “journey” para.. Viaje simbolico Para cosas mas simbolicas Puede ser en “spiritual journey” “Voyage” En ingles casi no se usa Pero Solo en situacion de exploracion Por ejemplo Voyage into space O puedes Voyage across the ocean And a typical example is about the Titanic El Titanic se hundio en su primer viaje Como lo dirias Isabel The Titanic sank on its first voyage Yes On its first voyage Voyage Yeah On its first voyage The Titanic sank Sink Sank Sunk The Titanic sank on its first voyage It’s maiden voyage Hey! everyone. Thanks for watching this video Don’t forget to give us a like And subscribe if you haven’t already And for more english come on visit us On “Amigos Ingleses.com” Los esperamos Gracias See you soon!!


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