• swainize

    translating the lyrics in this one must've been really hard. sticking to the original without having too long or weird sounding sentences is almost impossible in this song's german version.
    so yeah, although the lyrics are pretty different than in the original, i like how they did this. pinkie's pitch of voice could be better, but that's really the only thing i can complain about here.
    well done!

  • SonAndZon

    if anyone wonders, the lyrics roughly translate out to this…
    As a friend Twilight always stands by me, by me
    she's wonderful, a hymn i sing to her, just her,
    we celebrate a party to honor her, we do, we do,
    and thus she'll give her ticket to the gala to meeee!

    of course everything rhymes in german. the sentence structure is a little different, that's why it probably sounds weird for others (especially the "we do, we do" part shows the differences in the grammar).

  • Seldom Needy

    @Wheeljack2k You're adding the transcript in the comments so people can find it via google or youtube searches?

    This my first time hearing the German VAs/Synchronsprecher and I'm pretty impressed. I guess since it's partly intended for kids they sorta have to dub it and can't do straight subtitles.

    I don't know why everyone thinks their voices are so deep. This is just sorta how you talk German. I find it to be a hard to maintain a real high pitch while doing it I think it's just natural.

  • Wheeljack2k

    @needthistool Naw… I've added the transcript to the description since a lot of guys do this, just in case people have subtitles turned off and look for them elsewhere.
    To make my vids easy to find, I'm guessing search terms and add them to the tags.

  • Seldom Needy

    @Wheeljack2k Sometimes it's good to go with both "belt and suspenders." I've found source youtube clips via the text in the description where people have randomly stuck audio clips from them into other videos. This happens a lot when people "remix" content, and fake dubbing from famous or obscure movies to things like ponies, etc.

  • Knucells

    I really appreciate it when uploader's put in the subtitles.

    I'm trying to relearn german (did it at school a few years ago, trying to get back into it now!) and this has been the most entertaining way to do it 😛

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