Climate change makes flight times longer
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Climate change makes flight times longer

when we think of global warming we
usually thinking of the fact that it’s getting warmer at ground level but in
fact the temperatures are changing higher up in the atmosphere too
including where planes fly at 35,000 feet the atmospheric winds and
temperatures up there are very strongly tied together and therefore the winds
are changing in response to the temperature changes our new study finds
that the jet stream winds along the flight route between London and New York
are getting stronger because of climate change for example the getting 15
percent stronger in winter and this increase in the jet stream winds is
going to have impact on people’s flights we found that transatlantic aircraft
will be in the air for an extra 2,000 hours each year because of these changes
to the jet stream wind patterns and this is going to add about 22 million dollars
to airline fuel costs and of course it’s also going to increase their co2
emissions so passengers will have a significantly increased chance of
delayed arrivals in North America we just looked at transatlantic flights but
if other flight routes around the world that are affected by the jet stream are also
impacted by these effects then this could just be the tip of the iceberg

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  • Jaff Fox

    I'm highly skeptical. While in theory what your saying is plausible (assuming the weakening theory that humans are even causing global warming applies) it does not allow for such a large difference in flight times.
    Traditionally jets flew at a constant of around 560mph but in recent years the planned flight speed is often 25% slower. Increasingly pilots are being told to fly slower to save fuel and allow for schedule padding to negotiate increasing airport congestion. This explanation isn't really even up for dispute. Its fact.

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