Cheapest Boarding Schools in Europe
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Cheapest Boarding Schools in Europe

Over the past two decades, Townshend International
School has sent students to top universities around the world, like Harvard, Oxford, Heidelberg,
McGill, and Monash. And we’ve done so at a price that makes us one of the cheapest boarding schools in Europe. Hello, I’m Peter Allen. I’m on
the academic staff at Townshend International School. At Townshend, for decades we have shown that
an affordable education can be of the highest quality. Our proof is in our alumni – the
elite universities they attend, the top careers they pursue, and the difference they make
in the world. What you will learn today will give you new
hope, and affect the decisions you are making about boarding school for your child. And
at the end of the video, you’ll hear about a special opportunity we have just made available
right now. You see, the quality of education is not directly
related to the cost. Quality is related to three things: the teachers; the curriculum;
and the environment. First, let’s talk first about the teachers.
The academic staff at Townshend is outstanding, with 81% holding advanced degrees, including
PhD’s and doctorate degrees. They bring with them rich life experiences that inspire
students. The teachers are the core of the educational process, and we are fortunate
to have built such a talented and caring team at Townshend. The second factor that leads to educational
excellence is a rigorous curriculum. Like many of the best schools in Europe, and around
the world, we use the Cambridge International curriculum, developed by Cambridge University.
It’s an internationally recognized credential of the highest rigour, sought by universities
and employers world-wide. In addition to the quality of teachers, and
the quality of the curriculum, a third factor profoundly affects student achievement, and
that is the culture of the school. The environment at Townshend is one of kindness and mutual
support between teachers and students. Whether a particular student is a top performer, or
a struggling student, we deeply believe in the capacity of each individual to excel.
This stems from our underlying belief that every student is a noble being full of promise,
and of unlimited potential. We see it as our task to help these young people – your sons
and daughters – to discover their hidden talents, and unlock the gems within them;
to become confident, to strive for excellence, to do so with humility, and to enter excellent
universities, with the ultimate goal of being of service to others. Many people ask us how we manage to attract
top teachers, create a wonderful environment, and send our students to top universities,
while keeping our tuition at half the levels of most prestigious boarding schools in Europe? Well, first, at Townshend we’re a non-profit
school, so you don’t bear the extra cost of creating shareholder profits – which
is where much of your tuition can go at the expensive for-profit schools. Secondly, at Townshend, we have chosen to
avoid the extra campus luxuries that drive up your cost at many boarding schools. Instead,
our focus is on providing a beautiful campus, comfortable facilities, access to the extras,
and no compromise in opportunity. Our students and their families appreciate this. Third, we are located in a European country
where the cost of running a top-flight boarding school is much less than in countries like
the UK, Switzerland, and America. We’re a two-hour drive south of Prague in the heart
of Europe, next to Germany and Austria. The country, the Czech Republic, is ranked one
of the top 10 safest and most peaceful countries in the world. And it’s a special place to
study. Lastly, many boarding schools are expensive,
simply for prestige. At Townshend, our prestige comes from our graduates, not from a high
tuition. In many boarding schools families typically
pay €30,000 to €50,000, even up to €75,000 per year. At Townshend, our tuition for
boarding students is between €16,000 and €23,000. We believe this affordability
helps create our diverse and prosperous community. We attract students from all corners of the
globe, of different religions, nationalities and ethnicities … and of all economic backgrounds. To maintain our wonderful diversity we are
currently seeking a limited number of students And so now, to the special opportunity
available. Applicants enrolled before the deadline will receive up to €1000 towards
their round-trip airfare during the autumn holiday. We know it can be difficult to be
far from home, and this is our small gesture to help you during your first year at Townshend.
And, in addition, we will reduce your application fee by 50%. Follow the special link below, to receive
your application, and to get started on an amazing journey. You’ll have the opportunity
to ask more and learn more about Townshend. Do take advantage of the special discount
and the airfare. We look forward to hearing from you.


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