Cheap German Train Tickets at the Czech Railways
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Cheap German Train Tickets at the Czech Railways

Hi, I’m Georg from and today I will show you how to buy cheap train tickets for the German Railways. And the whole trick is to buy them at the
Czech railways. Yeah, sounds funny but that’s how it works. So let’s assume we want to go from Berlin
to Munich. Then we will buy a ticket from the
last Czech border station, it’s called Děčín, via Berlin to Munich. That’s the plan. And we will buy it as said at the Czech Railways. Their website is and once the site is loaded, we should maybe switch the language from Czech to English as we probably speak better English. And from here, we will choose the E-shop,
so the place where they actually sell the tickets. Good, and here we go. We go from Děčín to Munich
via Berlin. We will go at the end of this month. And for the time, we pick some really early
time because actually the first part of the journey we won’t take, so just to find a first train of the day. We are all set, now “Search” and here we go. So we see, we have a ticket for 466 crowns,
I’ll just show you how much is in Euro, from Děčín via Berlin to Munich, and we of course
won’t take this first train because we are in Berlin, not in Děčín. But that doesn’t matter. We can just use this ticket only for the second
part of the trip which will start at 12:05 from Berlin main station, arriving at 4:00
in Munich. What’s also interesting: The ticket you will
get will be an online ticket, it’s a simple PDF, you can print out. And it’s a saver ticket, so usually they are
tied to a certain train connection. Now in this case, these saver fares from the
Czech Railways are tied only to this first train, so this first train that is actually
crossing the border. This means that for the second connection,
the second part from Berlin to Munich, you can take also other trains, a train that departs
later, say another ICE going at 1:00 or 2:00. So this is a really convenient ticket because
it gives us a lot of freedom, even much more freedom than a saver fare from the German
Railways. Now if you would buy it here, you just click
here and buy, you then can pay with Visa/MasterCard, as said you receive a PDF with your name and
then in the train you should have a document (passport or ID) showing your identity. Now, 466 crowns: how much is that actually
in Euro? You can easily check this with Google, they
have built-in currency converter, just type in “CZK in EUR” and we see it’s in 18 Euro
for a 4-hour fast train trip in Germany – great isn’t it? Yeah, why does this work actually? Well, it’s easy, these are saver fares and
like with Ryanair and other offers, they just have a little amount of tickets that are so
cheap and then, once they are sold out the price rises. And interestingly, apparently, Czech people
don’t travel so much to Germany, at least not from Děčín via Berlin to Munich, so
because of this, a lot of these cheap fares are still available. And and we just make use of this. We can also be creative: Now, this is one
option, from Děčín to Berlin. You can also go the other way around from
Munich to via Berlin to Děčín. Or you can take another bordering town, so
for instance if you live in Nuremberg, then the next Czech station would be Cheb which
would be the one that you should start off or end your journey at. I will include a list of all these convenient
Czech border stations in the description, so check this out. And now I wish you all happy travelling, happy cheap travelling with the German and Czech Railways. And if you liked the video simply click on
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