• The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Will technology turn us into humanoids?
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    The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Will technology turn us into humanoids?

    We are wondering what is happening to the world everything is changing The very idea of human being some sort of natural concept is really gonna change our bodies will be so high-tech we won’t be able to really distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial. Inside our own heads is the most complex arrangement of matter in the known universe. You might ask yourself can we get to be superhumans? The original Industrial Revolution was driven by the discovery that you could use steam engines to do all kinds of interesting things but that was followed by additional revolutions for electricity and computers and communications technology, we’re now in…

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    Good Morning! All right? In today’s video I will teach all about letter pronunciation R Stay here with me! The letter R always gives trouble when pronounce, because depending on the position, She changes the sound. Exactly and I will start with the position of the letter R in the beginning of the word. Then we have: rat, river, street, clothes. How to make then this sound? First, we need to realize that it is a sound that comes from the throat, is a sound coming from behind, RRRR! There are people who spit, so, in the morning, who wake up and do: RRRR! So that’s where you need it.…

  • ✈ Saudia | On-board | A330-300 | in-Flight Experience
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    ✈ Saudia | On-board | A330-300 | in-Flight Experience

    Welcome on board to A330 Flight SV 756 Today you will be seeing the new In-Flight In-Flight entertainment system… Updated version of Saudia from JEDDAH to HYDERABAD its a long journey Estimated flight duration 6:45 Perfumes (sky sale) Mont BLANC Legend Finally PURCHASED ….. NICE WATCH COLLECTION (SKY SALE) LATEST AND GREATEST MOVIES OVERALL NICE SERVICE FROM SAUDIA HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY MY VIDEO DON’T FORGET TO HIT THE LIKE BUTTON SUBSCRIBE & SHARE!!

  • DreamQii PlexiDrone X8 | Plexi Drone 360 Camera Flight
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    DreamQii PlexiDrone X8 | Plexi Drone 360 Camera Flight

    PlexiDrone X8 DreamQii 360-degree camera footage Plexi – Drone sitting in grass Getting ready to fly! PlexiDrone taking off for flight Unqiue Landing Gear retraction PlexiDrone is carrying a Bublcam here But Plexi can also support countless other 360 degree cams With a 360cam you can go beyond a bird’s eye view 😉 Time to move forward. …and let’s slow down a bit. PlexiDrone X8: The 360° Camera Drone …but of course, PlexiDrone can also carry a wide assortment of other cameras including: GoPro Sony Action Cam Sony RX100 …and many more!

  • Tahiti Surf Trip
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    Tahiti Surf Trip

    When you go on a surf trip all your stuff fit in 1 bag all you need is a surf board 1 board-short flip-flop hat phone Pull-in underwear sun glasses camera GoPro surf wax drone and of course the Passeporr surf was always part of my life i caught my 1st waves 15 years ago in south of France Hossegor and i was lucky to do a lot of surf trips for the last 10 years i surfed in Hawaii costa rica nicaragua mexico martinique hong kong bali each wave is unique so it’s amazing to surf good travel very happy to be here i’m gonna rest a little and…

  • Man Utd attempting to sign £35million player this month
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    Man Utd attempting to sign £35million player this month

    Manchester United needed to reinforce their midfield department in the summer transfer window but Solskjaer failed to do so. Remember that we lost Fellaini in the winter transfer window of last year and Herrera was allowed to leave for free in the summer. Furthermore, our star midfielders McTominay and Pogba are out injured. So, the Old Trafford club should improve their midfield department as soon as possible and as per latest reports, the Red Devils are linked with Atletico Madrid’s Marcos Llorente. According to Manchester Everning News, Man Utd are attempting to complete a loan move for the Spanish international, who joined the Rojiblancos in the summer for a fee…