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– I haven’t had breakfast so… – I didn’t have time (Talking about who would have handled it better not getting tickets) – He can live with it more than I do (my brother) – I feel sorry for him – I would have handled it better than you – For sure – Believe it or not, I think I’d manage pretty well – Until all the fancams appear (When you manage to get past the line) – Where the f*ck are we going to sit? – Take best available *Checking off the ‘I’m not a robot’ box* – That your macbook out of all got in?! – YOU DO NOT HAVE A… – No, no, no, no – No no, it’s loading
– Are you sure?
– Yeah – It’s just saying that if you’re a robot you won’t get in
– Oh lol – Chill – Oh my god – Why is it taking so long?!
– I don’t know! – Did we get in?
– No *Debating whether or not to cross the best available seat box* – I don’t know
– Should I cancel? – Should I do it? – Okay do it – Are you sure?!
– I DON’T KNOW *choosing seats manually instead* – No it’s here -Seated, seated, seated, it’s 150 – No it’s 130
– 110 – Ring, ring, ring, what, two, two, two! – 102? No they’re empty! 102, should we take them?
– Yeah – Why is it waiting so long? – I dont know – WE ARE NOT A ROBOT COME ON – It’s loading, it’s loading! – It loaded, it loaded! – oh my god x100 – In case this one doesn’t get through, we’ll use this one – I’m stressing bro, i’m stressing – Why is it so slow?! – Can’t believe something went wrong with my mac, what a b*tch
– It’s so damn typical – They can’t let me go out of time, what the f*ck? – Ahhh, i’m not getting any matches – C’mon continue, continue, why doesn’t it work?! – Really, really, really?
– WHAT’S GOING ON? – What should I do? – wait – Continue? – We don’t need that cancellation sh*t – Did you push it? You have to push it again!
– I have, it’s loading
– Okay, okay, okay, okay – Four minutes left?! – To complete my order and its…. – It’s bullshitting me right now, it’s so bullshitting I swear to god – I keep getting “thrown out” – I think the site is back on – They can’t – DON’T DO THIS TO ME NETHERLANDS – Holy sh*t – I will hate you forever – Never coming for vacation – I’m clicking right after our tickets get released again – This is bad for my heart – It’s okay, just continue – Log in, log in – Log in, log in, I’m logging in! – Holy sh*t x2 – c’mon! – E-ticket? – Choose e-ticket – Do we make it? – Chill i’ve got 3 minutes
– Okay, okay, okay *Writing in her bank account information* – Don’t stress me Hanhan!
– I have to write my card number – I’M AT THE LAST CHECK OUT – I’m paying now – Did I write the correct code? – You should have – C’MON – It was four tickets right? – Yeah it was, yeah it was -WE’RE GOING TO SEE BTS – I hope you wrote the correct e-mail now, holy sh*t – Is it four? YES IT’S FOUR TICKETS – Hey it’s only four thousand kroners – Shall we see where we’re sitting? – I can’t believe it – Okay wait
– Which seats do we have? – 209 was the one available
– Oh rip – It’s here *Almost at the back* – It’s okay – Bro, we’re sitting pretty far back – But that’s okay – That’s okay, we got tickets


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