Booking Cyprus – Oinou Strata (Eng subs)

Good afternoon, second episode of “Booking Cyprus” i’m Chris and in this video series, i basically recommend accommodations apartments, hotels or houses for a few days and have fun take your photos, take your videos and let everyone else know including your friends and family. Let’s go! this time we are at Oinou Strata which is located in Vouni one of the most beautiful and traditional villages in Cyprus with the old taverns, the old streets and the old cats.. and it’s worth the visit located 35 km north from the center of Limassol you will need about 40 mins by car it’s an easy drive so you can go to Limassol at night and have dinner or maybe a drink and go back no problem. The room we chose is one of the 3 available and it’s called Shiraz it’s the most expensive and luxurious it’s worth the money for me it’s got a nice double bed with a canopy a nice leaving are with old school furniture design a nice Jacuzzi in the bathroom which is illuminated with LED lights, really flashy and worth the money a quick side note, Oinou Strata is “adults only” which means that children are not allowed so if you have kids, it’s a good idea to leave them with the grandparents so you can enjoy a nice weekend getaway with your spouse/partner also during your stay you will get free breakfast which is excellent anything from cold cuts, cheeses, jams, honey, fresh juices and so on i really enjoyed that fresh bread, coffee, espresso if you have any requirements with food, such as vegan or vegetarian options you can let the management know a few days prior to your arrival so the proper arrangements can be made Oinou Strata is also a wine bar which means there is a cellar with selected wines for you connoisseurs out there..i don’t really know anything on wine but for you guys, there is a vast selection of wines to enjoy and drink till you can’t get up from the table… in our room, there were 2 stoves in case you want to cook i wouldn’t recommend that i would recommend going to one of the village’s traditional taverns which are nice with very logical prices so you can enjoy the village food and generally to enjoy something that you don’t enjoy in the city as much everyone cooks at home, i think to do it here, takes away from the experience of the village but that’s my opinion and you can choose not to agree with it now that we covered the room and facilities let’s mention what you can do outside the accommodation and what you can do for a few days in the surrounding areas we chose to visit the village “Alassa” which has a dam that features a sunken church in it! and you can only see the bell tower above the surface it’s a unique sight to behold, at least for me it’s a great photo opportunity if you have a telephoto lens or a drone and it’s worth it just for the experience if you’re a fan of nature and specifically waterfalls be sure to visit the waterfalls of “Millomeris” beautiful place with photographic opportunities especially for couples and wedding photographers long exposures also any type of photo is worth it truly a gorgeous looking place if you want to drive a bit more, you can go to the village of “Foinikas” it’s been abandoned for many years it’s also situated on a dam it’s a post apocalyptic ghost town don’t make our mistake and drive there just park near the river and walk the remaining 2 km we drove there in a Toyota IST 1.3 lt and there were times i thought i would never leave that place and die of starvation cause we almost got stuck the car struggled a lot the car is a beast and it handled it and truth is i love it to bits in closing i would like to say that Oinou Strata and Vouni are worth the trip for sure i would do it again i am not paid by them to say this i’m just telling you, it’s worth it 100% we had fun so i definitely recommend it and you can find the link from below to book your dates thanks a lot, i was Chris, see you in the next one!

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