Booking a Music Tour : Tips on Performance Contract Riders
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Booking a Music Tour : Tips on Performance Contract Riders

Now, if you’ve been around the music business
for any length of time. You will quickly find out, not just about contracts, but about contract
writers. What are contract writers? Well, you know those things that they have in the
U.S. Congress, where they pass a bill, and then it says that they passed a rider that
goes along with it, that makes the government actually spend way too much money? Well this
is kind of like that. So, you sign a contract and say we’re going to play at such and such
a time, but then you have a rider that says hey we usually stay with people at their houses.
We don’t stay in hotels. So if you could find me a place where we could stay and just crash
on the floor, that’s great. And, if I personally have a few allergies. I have some allergies
to foods. So I tell people, hey I’m allergic to corn, yeast, eggs and sugar. So please
if you’re serving me foods, don’t include those things in my foods, or you’re not going
to get as good a performance. Some people go to the extent that they have things, like
I want my water specifically at sixty-five degrees in the back room before my show. If
you put tons of those things like that on your rider, pretty soon you are going to start
decreasing the amount of shows that you get. But you want to make sure that your rider
just has things that will help them get good information about the things that you need.
You absolutely need for your personal sake, and the things that you just really want.
If its technical issues. Now for technical issues, most people will require a stage plot.
That’s where you give them every little thing that is on the stage for you. And where your
lines come in and out. And all the sound requirements that you need for their technical staff in
order for them to be able to set up the show. You need to have a list of what kind of material
you usually use, that you are going to bring with you, and what they need to provide. People
love that stuff. If you have that stuff ready in advance, you’re going to go a long way
to making all the people that put on your show very happy.

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