Booking a Music Tour : Contacting Performance Venues

Now if you’ve found a venue that suits you
and you say, man I definitely want to play here. Next thing you need to find is the right
person at that venue that can help you get a show. Your friend who you met at one of
your shows somewhere else has said, I live in this city and I know this cool club is
not necessarily the right person. Now they could be, they could be the person who is
saying, man I want to take your press kit in there, I know the manager, the owner whatever,
and I want to show them all your stuff and take care of it for you, awesome. If you can
get that great. Because then you’ve got somebody else promoting you. You’ve got your very own
agent in that city. But if you don’t have that, you are going to need to find the person
who is in charge, who they can say with one word, they’re in or they’re out. Once
you find that person, you are going to need to contact them. So it maybe that when you
look on the website, that information is going to be right there. They’re going to say for
booking contact so and so. Contact them and contact them the way that they ask you to
contact them. If they say they only book on Tuesdays and Thursdays, don’t try to contact
them on Wednesdays. They hate that. Because that makes them believe that you have no clue
what you are doing. And you probably don’t. So make sure that you follow the order in
which they do it. If they don’t say on their website, there is a real good way to find
out the right person. You just call up the general line that reaches or you email, usually
it’s better to call. You call the general line that reaches that club, that university,
that whatever organization and you ask the person who answers the phone. You say, hi
I like to talk to the booking person in charge of setting up shows. And they’ll tell you
to either that person is available or they’ll tell you, you need to call here such and such
a place. Don’t waste your time trying to make friends with that person because they’re not
going to help you at all. And they’re not going to care, the booking person is never
going to find out that you are really nice to Ms. Sally when she answered the phone and
told you that you could do such and such. All they care about is setting up the show.
Find the right person.

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