Boarder Taemin’s Dongdaemoon date with Dahae [Guesthouse Daughters / 2017.04.04]
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Boarder Taemin’s Dongdaemoon date with Dahae [Guesthouse Daughters / 2017.04.04]

Since we’re here, let’s pretend to be stars. What do you think? Usually, celebrities wear a hat like this. To hide their faces. But I want to look pretty, so I usually make my face more visible. What do you think? You look very pretty. Here. This isn’t going to work. (Coordinator Dahey can see reality quickly) Since we’re here, let’s take a picture together. Alri… (Awkward) Wait. (Awkward moment of taking a selfie) This way? Come here. This doesn’t look like Dongdaemun. (Dahey is the only one visible) (Moving backwards) Come here. We have to take a picture together. Why are you avoiding being close to me? Let’s take a picture together. The timer is set for three seconds. (Do we look close?) (His hands are still together) Alright. I’ll accept it. I’ll accept it. You can leave your hands that way. When is your interview? In May? May? Then it’s spring, so we don’t need sweaters. Let’s go with a nice shirt and a jacket. To look sharp. Let’s go here. (Let’s see) (Awkward) I want something less ordinary. We can’t go with gray. (She chooses a navy interview jacket to look young) This tie doesn’t suit you. You must be confident to pass the interview. It’s cute, right? You look better than Kim Soohyun. See? You two look alike. The look is coming together. Let me get your size for the shirt. Good luck, Taemin. – Taemin. / – Yes? Are you doing okay? Yes. Do you need me to come in there with you? (Where do you think you’re trying to enter?) You’re not lonely in there, are you? I’m fine. (A few minutes later) Oh! (Tall and handsome) (Looking handsome) This is it, Taemin. I don’t know how to tie this. I’m doing this for the first time. I can’t believe I’m tying a tie for someone. Did I do this right? Yes. (Embarrassed / Awkward) There. Look at you! (Suave) You’re dashing. You look so handsome. So clean-looking. (Satisfied) You look great. (From a common guesthouse boy to a new employee!) (Siyeon and Yerim are here to buy a dressing table) Look at this store. Let’s take a look. (They look at furniture stores) (She doesn’t seem to like anything there) Not this. (I have to buy her a pretty one) There’s one over there, too. Over there? – Shall we go? / – Yes, let’s go. – Hello. / – Hello. This is a dressing table, but it’s too big, right? Yes, I think so. Then… (Prudent) What about this? Is it too high? – Isn’t this a perfect height? / – Is it? How much is this? That? $120. – $120? / – Yes. Do you have more low dressing tables? Something low and small like that? That’s the only one. (It’s not too bad) $120? Can you give us a discount? That’s not up to me. Really? Ma’am. Can you give us a discount, please? (Cute) I’ll give it to you for $100. Really? Awesome. Is it okay? Do you like it? – I like it. / – Let’s take it. We’ll take it. Do we have to take it with us? You can take it in your car. We don’t have a car. Where do you live? We can deliver. Really? Should we get it delivered? Yes, that’d be better. Thank you. (Siyeon & Yerim are done buying the special gift) I’m so tired. Oh my. You’re tired? What is this? (Who knew painting would be this hard?) Pretend that we’re doing art in Italy. – Doing what? / – Art. Art? (She turns painting into art) I’m expressing my feelings. Don’t do it if you’re too tired. That’s not right. (Misookangelo of Hongje-dong) This is tough! It is really tough. This isn’t easy. (Losing the psychological battle) That’s why people drink rice wine while they work. Is there rice wine? Let’s go buy some. Minseok. Yes? Go buy two bottles of rice wine. Shouldn’t we have some rice wine? We can’t do this sober. – Rice wine? / – You worked quite fast. Was her name Andrea? – Where is she? / – Where did she go? Maybe she’s pretending she doesn’t understand us. She wants to learn Korean? We’ll teach her. Narae, call her. She feels too awkward to come out. Andrea. Andrea. Come over here. I’ll teach you Korean. Come here. In Korean, paint as quickly as you can. Come. (Using her labor using Korean as bait) – You alright? / – Yes. Do you know how you express working this hard in Korean? – Working like a dog. / – Working like a dog. When auntie comes, tell her you worked like a dog. I worked like a dog today. You get to learn Korean while you work. How nice. What were you planning to do today? – Today? / – Yes. I was going to meet my boyfriend. – You were? / – Yes. Oh no. You couldn’t go on a date because of us? He’s at home alone. – Really? / – Yes. I’m sorry. What does your boyfriend do? Dad’s… Company? – Company. / – Company? Yes. They work together. – Wow! The son of a business tycoon? / – Yes. They make chairs, tables… Furniture, bags, everything. (Like them?) – They make them? / – Yes. – Wow. A son of a business tycoon? / – Yes. Who’s the son of a business tycoon? Her boyfriend. Tell him to bring some expensive liquor. Let’s not drink rice wine. Her boyfriend works at his dad’s company. Really? – It’s a furniture manufacturing company. / – In Korea? – In Hong Kong. / – Oh, Hong Kong. Hong Kong? I brought rice wine. You did? Good job. Go cut up some kimchi for us. We can’t drink on an empty stomach. We need food. That’s hilarious. It’s better than painting. He brought rice wine. I brought out kimchi. Good job. (Now that he brought kimchi, too) Let’s drink a bit. Yes. (Let’s rest a bit…) I feel like I’m going to poop. I’m going to poop. I’m so tired. (Teacher Narae’s ridiculous Korean) You’re already drinking rice wine? We must have some at this point. You didn’t mix it? – Yes. No. / – Come on. (The wall is turning sky blue) Narae, you’re sweating? (Kimchi as a snack) – Yes. / – Not bad. It’s so good. We’re supposed to share a pair of chopsticks. Andrea, what did I say we’re doing? Working like a dog. Yes, we’re working like a dog. This is good. (She’ll never forget that phrase) Andrea, you’re doing it in a foreign style. You’re doing such a good job. Narae, we just need to paint the bottom part now. Just the bottom. It looks beautiful. Isn’t it? The color is nice, right? The color came out so nicely. Andrea and Minseok are very good. (Deeply moved) Isn’t it satisfying? The house looks brighter now. It’s so much brighter. I’m so proud. Auntie! Auntie! It’d be nice if we could paint another layer. – Come and take a look. / – You did a great job. – What do you think? / – That was quick. We did a good job, right? Yes. I love the color I really like the color. You seemed to like sky blue. Misook chose the color. (I picked the color) Oh my. You worked so hard. It’s a tough job. It takes more than a day for my husband. You did it quite fast. (Tacky wall…) (With the help of the guesthouse family) (It has transformed into a bright, blue wall) (Cracked faucet area is now smooth, too) Where is the butcher’s shop? (Shopping for groceries) I saw it earlier. (It’s dinner time) – Where’s the butcher’s shop? / – I saw it before. It’s up the hill. A butcher’s shop, right? Further up? Everybody here is nice. We must soak it to remove blood, right? Yes, you do. (Thorough in buying ingredients) – Please give us some bay leaves, too. / – Okay. Spinach. Give us a bag of spinach, please. And seaweed. Which one do you need? Something to make seaweed soup with. – I have a small one and a big one. / – Small one. Wouldn’t this do? This should be enough. Tuna. Okay. Narae. Let’s buy this, too. You’re so old-fashioned. Please give us two. How much is the total? Misook’s snacks. Sweet potato crackers. Old person. (She’s distracted as a young kid) What is it? (What caught their attention?) What is this? It’s sugar candy. How do we do this? (Dalgona machine!) Where can we get change? Can you give us change, please? We press this once and it’ll come out. This is how it’s done these days. This is amazing. (They get sugar and baking soda in a dipper) This is a small briquette. (And place it over a mini briquette) (Dancing) (These young kids are dancing as they wait) We used to do this on the way to school. – Do you know? / – Of course! Like in the shape of a heart. Or a star. (Bringing back memories) – Have you done this before? / – You go like this… Not yet. Wait until it melts. This is too simple. What’s “Double king?” Do you know? You get lots of sugar. I should’ve done that. (Misook is excited to meet young kids) You’re eating a sugar candy, too? It’s starting to melt. (Sugar has started to melt) (They pour it over the mold) (And insert the wooden stick) Just place it on top? Oh. (Slightly press down and that’s it!) Aha! Kids these days will think this is how dalgona is made. I know. This is amazing. I’m really amazed by this. Me too. (Misook is nostalgic to be at a market) I think it’s done now. It looks good. It looks good. Amazing! Oh! (Angry dalgona) There’s a rabbit, too. Isn’t this prettier? – It came out nicely, right? / – Isn’t it pretty? (That looks really good) Let’s take it. We have to eat it like this. Who are you? Me? A person! (An elementary answer) How did you know? (Eyes wide open) – This is really good. / – Is it? You’re supposed to eat it like this. (Mmm) It’s so good. Are you a celebrity? A celebrity? No. A comedian. Just the village idiot. This is good. What do you think? It’s really good. It’s sweet and nice. It tastes the same as when we were young. It’s nice to breathe in some fresh air. I was too hungry and since we were inside for too long, I was getting dizzy. I need to charge myself with some food. Hello. (They see skewered chicken) This looks good. (Appetizing food) – This is skewered chicken? / – Yes. What are you going to have? This one. I’ll take this. – Enjoy. / – You too. Here we go. (Time to eat) Is it good? It’s really good. (So good) – Thank you. / – Good-bye. (They’re now off to the last stage) (Hair is the final step to styling) Hello. (Dahey taking charge the whole time) (Proposing a style for Taemin) Don’t part your hair too much. Just lightly. Parting your hair looks too tacky. Nowadays, it is the trend to part your hair ambiguously. I’d like that, too. (Today’s trend) Watch how it’s done and try it at home. You can’t come get your hair done all the time. Open your eyes wide and see how he does your hair. Keep an eye on how it’s done, okay? (Yes, ma’am) Please teach him as you do it. (Hairstyling begins) (His hairstyle is starting look good) (Paying attention) You look more handsome just with a haircut. What were you thinking just now? What I should talk to you about. (How cute) (He’s still shy)


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