BlizzCon Virtual Ticket – Level Up: Casual Cosplay
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BlizzCon Virtual Ticket – Level Up: Casual Cosplay

My name is Lorraine Torres. I’m a Compatibility Analyst with Blizzard Entertainment. So cosplay bounding, is basically like casual cosplays or closet cosplay. It’s gathering what you have available, or maybe very simple kind of accessories and putting them together to get the essence of a character without actually having to build out
entire costumes. I basically research the character, make sure it’s something that I really enjoy and like. And then I look into my closet and find out what kind of works to create this character. Maybe kind of a certain shirt or maybe a little makeup, a wig. It’s just something very simple
that can just easily be accessed. So these accessories I made using Worbla, it’s a thermoplastic. And then I just painted it using the same kind of paint you would use on a model car. It just so happens
that I have a motorcycle and this is my riding jacket. I didn’t want to destroy
this very nice leather jacket, so what I did was I used magnets to attach this patch on the side. In the case of Pharah, I would include the little eye mark
that she has, and maybe some other little trinkets
to kind of make sure that maybe a passerby or someone who really knows the game
would know what I was. I’m definitely going to be Biker Pharah
for this BlizzCon. I’ll be also keeping an eye out
for other cosplay bounders, so be sure to say hi.


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