Best Way to TRAVEL UBUD, BALI GUIDE | Tegalalang Rice Terrace & Tirta Empul Temple
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Best Way to TRAVEL UBUD, BALI GUIDE | Tegalalang Rice Terrace & Tirta Empul Temple

good morning guys from ubud we’re
currently in ubud and we’re going to try to explore this place the best way
possible now it’s about 6:45 a.m. so it’s super
early in the morning and it’s cloudy but we hope the Sun will say hi to us
sure I think it will be an amazing day today and the first thought that we’re
going to do is to get along okay yep to get along rice terrace yeah so we’re
gonna take you that so we just arrived at Tegalalang rice
terrace it looks so beautiful we have a the best weather unfortunately it’s
raining a bit and it was pretty cold on the scooter we have like 23 degrees or
something like that and yeah we’re here now and let’s
explore this they’re having some kind of attraction
here a heart made out of grass we’re gonna take a picture here right now and
the fee is 20 K which is about $1 50 cent but the owner is still asleep so we’re
taking a free shot as you might see behind us this turns into a tourist
attraction pretty quickly it’s a lot of people now the time is about 7:30 a.m.
so you definitely want to go here pretty early in the morning if you would like
to be having this place for yourself and you can see over there
a guy is doing the swing pretty cool look at this nature and listen to these
small Springs here a water it’s like small waterfalls so what we’ve seen it’s
like over there on the top there we have a swing we have some touristy things
here we have a swing here so it feels like this place is actually made for
tourists it’s so green I think the harvest season is when you’re picking
the rice around January and now it’s August it seems to be the greenest
period out you have to go here a small tip for your body traveler if you go
into this rice terrace take a la langue and you go here before 8 o’clock you
hack actually don’t have to pay an entrance fee which we give right oh the ice-cream stand is not open so
it’s a lot of stairs here so you would like to be in some kind of condition if
you’re going to explore this rice terrace feels like we’ve found a small little
jungle trekking path here actually let’s see where it leads here’s the thing I
don’t understand you have the most lush green beautiful nature here and then you
have all of this rubbish plastic all over the rice field seems like they’re
burning the trash here in the woods now we’re gonna take this small path off the
beaten path up and see if we can find like hidden private place where we can
take photos and film a little bit better maybe from above feels like we’re in the
jungle morning trapped cow dislike on that what I love about Bali is that
everybody seems to be like an entrepreneur here you can see you can
sit here and eat or have a drink you have the swings you have all these kind
of like attractions don’t get burnt I think we just found the perfect spot Wow
we have this whole like rice fields here for ourselves pretty much you didn’t see
anyone else and it’s us and that woman over there I think that this rice-fields is around
1,000 year old if you have to be pretty careful when you’re walking here we’re
walking on this small little path here among the rice fields trying to find a
perfect spot so after spending a couple of hours like
two two and a half hours here we are now ready to go and have a lunch but look at
this tree behind us this is actually an avocado tree I have never seen anything
like that before yeah their other colors are huge yeah
like big mango look at this view so nice
pretty fancy menu here just to pick anything from this and then you go to
the desk and a new order let’s begin so we just had a delicious meal here and
now it’s time to move on to the next box which is teacher and pool temple to
experience some Balinese culture so that right took about 15 minutes from
the Tegalalang rice terrace and just behind us we’re having this tea time
pool temple it’s pretty special right yeah because it’s some kind of
purification temple where people are going and taking a box that’s supposed
to purify them yeah with like holy spring water so we just got a reminder
that we have to have like sauron’s to cover the knees and I just remembered
that we have some songs in the scooter so let’s get it so they’re teaching us
how to do this nice thank you there’s an entrance fee and it’s like fifty
thousand indonesian rupiah per person which is about four dollars u.s. and
we’re ready to go in and explore this place so if you bring your own surround you
don’t need to stand in this line right so of course it’s some rules don’t go in
without the decent dress wear shirts long pants from men and women with long
hair ponytail tie up your hair to stay away during your period wear wet dress
if you’re going to swim or bathe or do the purification process and do not
climb on the holy buildings look all the people are so colorful with their songs
pretty cool there is the entrance it’s super tight so people are like squeezing
themselves through that small gate all-in-all the purification process goes
that you go through all these 13 different sprouts of spring water and
then you are done actually there are more over there so in total there are 21
sprouts of water and the purification process can look pretty different some
are drinking the water and some are just like cleaning themselves look how clean
the spring water is so apparently the water the spring water comes from the
mountains from small lakes up in the mountains and through the pressure comes
down to these different ponds where it then comes out through this different
sprouts so that people can go and purify themselves yeah they come like every 15
days for and to do this purification and this story behind it is that there were
gods that were poisoned by some water that they drank and then Hindu made this
like holy water so they could heal themself and now they do that as a
tradition well so that’s the story behind it it’s like a mace coming out from here with full of
like shops try tell you stuff okay guys so we’re actually back at our
resort now because of the weather it started to rain and also because we went
up like 5:45 a.m. so we’re super tired we had plans on going the ridge walk
which supposed to be awesome google it if you don’t know what it is it’s here
in ubud it’s a beautiful stroll just among like like beautiful nature
supposed to take like 45 minutes but we have actually changed rooms we actually
booked through we actually booked an awesome room which should have
both shower and a bathtub and also a private kitchen inside but the first two
days we didn’t get that there was some trouble with the booking but now we have
that so let me just take like five to ten seconds of your time to show you our
stay so here’s the entrance we can sit there and chill then two steps we have a
couch there TV awesome air conditioning big bed all our stuff
and that’s actually not a mirror let me show you so we have some closets here
and in here is the kitchen so this is the private kitchen actually this
kitchen looked like two meters wide or something like that on the picture I
don’t know how they do that here’s the big mirror always a big mirror and then
to the right here when it come into the bathroom you can see big showerhead we
like that big shower and then the best thing a bathtub awesome and it’s super
nice in here also and also the toilet okay so now we’re going to enjoy our
stay here thank you so much for watching if you like what we’re doing like this
video thumbs up and also subscribe to our channel for more travel videos see
you the next one guys bye okey it seems better than it might be but hey you can
shower here and I can shower here right what is going on that was random it was so peaceful like seconds ago quiet


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