Best things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal
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Best things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal

Ed: Hey guys welcome back to our channel
this is Sally and I’m Ed. Sally: Hey guys and we have spent the last few days here in
Kathmandu so in today’s video we wanted to share with you guys the top six
things we think you absolutely cannot miss whilst you are here! [Music] Sally: The first thing on our list of top six
things to do here in Katmandu is to visit Swayambhunath AKA the Monkey Temple.
It’s one of the oldest religious sites in Nepal and it’s set atop an amazing
hill which overlooks the entirety of Kathmandu Valley. [Music] Sally: Getting there is super easy. It’s a forty
minute walk from Thamal or a 15 minute drive. You could get a taxi which would
cost you around three hundred and fifty rupees but if you are feeling
adventurous the best way to get there is by bus. This will only cost you twenty
rupees and it’s seriously an experience in itself. [bus noise, people speaking in Nepali on the bus] Sally: If you do get the bus you will get
dropped at the back of the complex outside the three Buddha’s statue. Which
is pretty cool because this is something that most people actually miss out on
seeing and from there it’s about a 15 minute walk up to the main stupa. If you
are coming from the front entrance however just the warned that it is a
really steep 365 stair climb to the top. If you are afraid of monkeys this is not
the temple for you [laugh]. There is an absolutely terrifying amount of monkeys here at this temple [laugh] And they keep making loud noises and fighting and I’m not sure they’re friendly monkeys this is like the Batu Caves all over again. [Monkeys making noise] [Sound of footsteps] Ed: The second on our list of six things to do here Kathmandu is to visit Thamel. Thamel is the central tourist district here in Kathmandu and it’s probably where you’re
going to end up after you leave the airport. Thamel is busy, it’s vibrant, it’s
crazy, there are bars cafes restaurants. It’s the perfect place to go if you need to
book your trekking holiday find a tour agent, pick up any trekking gear. You pick
up anything you need…
Sally: Do I need this??? Ed: It really is just the hub for tourists here
in Kathmandu. [laugh] Sally:Good, very good.
[terrible music played on violin] [Music] Sally: Number three on our list of things you
absolutely cannot miss while you’re here in Kathmandu, is to just go out and try the
local street food.
Thank you.. Sally: I know the eating Street food can seem a little bit
daunting especially if you’re in a country for the very first time
but our advice is to look for the places that are really busy. People don’t eat in
places that make them sick. So if a restaurant is busy, especially with local
peoplem then you know you’re pretty okay to eat there. The next place we’re
going to be taking you guys to is a little bit of a hidden street food gem.
And this place was recommended to us by out amazing Airbnb host Raju.
What makes this place special is if you didn’t know it was here you probably wouldn’t know
that this place existed. I don’t know if you can tell right now but we’re pretty
much just sitting in someone’s backyard. We’re about to eat one of the best
things we have had since we’ve been here in Nepal. It is this amazing potato
pancake or aloo. If you can imagine mashed potato that has been turned into
a patty, crumbed and deep-fried filled with spices and
jalapenos then that is pretty much what you get. Mmmm It’s so good. And the craziest part is guys…
these are only ten rupees each that’s like five cents. That was SO yummy… [Music] Ed: the fourth on our list is to visit the
Boudhanath Stupa. This is the largest Buddhist shrine here in Nepal and is the
holiest outside of Tibet. It’s incredibly rich in Buddhist symbolism and is the
center of Tibetan culture here in Kathmandu. [music] Ed: To get to the town of Boudha which is on the outskirts of Kathmandu, there are loads of busses. It’s about 30 rupees on
the bus but if you want to jump in the taxi it’s gonna set you back about 400
rupees. [bus noises] Ed: to get into the complex that will set
you back about 400 rupeesm, which is pretty reasonable given how incredibly rich in
Buddhist history this places it. There are loads of rooftop terraces as
well. Make sure you do go up. From the rooftop you have an amazing view of the entire complex. You can see stupa, all the shrines surrounding it and you can see
the Himalayas in the background which is absolutely stunning. [Music] Sally: Fifith on our list of
things to do here in Kathmandu is to visit the historical city of Patan. Located 5 kilometres from Thamel it will cost you around three hundred and fifty
rupees in a taxi to get here or about thirty rupees by bus. [music] Sally: Entry inside the durbar square will set you back a thousand rupees but you’d easily spend half a day wandering
through the temples and the museum so it really is worth it. [Footsteps][music] [Music] Ed: Just bear in mind
when you do come to Patan there is quite a lot of restoration work going on.
It was quite badly damaged during a 2015 earthquake. But you can actually see the people fixing it it’s really incredible to see. [Construction noise] Ed: Number six on our list and by far
the best thing we’ve done here in Kathmandu. Is to learn to cook Momo’s.
Sally: this morning we’re off to learn how to make our favourite Nepali cuisine Momo’s. Ed: We booked through a company called Backstreet Academy
Sally: and the best part is we’re gonna be learning how to make these moments inside of an actual
Nepalese family home. Which I’m so excited for. Ed: it was nineteen US dollars each, but
half of that goes straight to the family in cash so you kind of know they’re
getting a reasonably good deal.
Sally: and your names were… Purna and Dill. These are our amazing guides.
Dill: Purna means ‘complete’ and Dill means ‘heart’. [Music] Sally: Oh no! this is really hard. I have not
done so well… [laughs] [Music] Ed: of course I’m gonna say it’s delicious
because I made it, but it’s delicious. We made an entire video dedicated to
learning to cook Momo’s so it’s just up here now check it out it’s well worth
a watch. Subscribe if you haven’t because we love that. Ed: Guys thank you so
much for watching we really hope you found this video helpful
Sally: and if you have
any questions please do comment down below we’d be happy to answer any
questions you guys do have! If you haven’t already done so please make sure you subscribe down below we’re gonna give you five seconds on the clock…5, 4, 3, 2, 1..
Ed: We really hope you subscribe, like the video… [Loud Motorcycle noises] Sally: … and there’s another bike coming.. Why are we doing this on the street? We’re never going to get a quiet moment…ahhhhh. Ed: this is just too noisy we’ll see you
guys in the next video!


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