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What’s up, guys? We’re Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers And this is the first video in a two-part series about how to book cheap flights. In part two, we’re sharing specific hacks. But in this first video, we’re going to show you some booking sites, which compare flights from dozens of different airlines all around the world. When it comes to booking airfares, there are plenty of start-ups that will help you find the best flight. But, there’s a lot, and sometimes it can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So these are our favorite booking sites: each one has different tools, which will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. So get ready to bookmark the following pages: Bookmarking! Start your search with, which taps into hundreds of sources to help you find the cheapest flight. Its simple design helps you compare or adjust dates and destinations. So if you’re flexible, you can save a lot of money. Their explore function is a blessing for free spirits. You just put in your budget and browse the world map to see how much bang you can get for your buck. You’ll be surprised by the results. You’ll be surprised about how good you feel at Men’s Warehouse. You’ll look good. I guarantee it. You’ll be surprised by the results. OK. Okay, sorry. Number 2: Google Flights. It’s Google, so it is fast. But the results are not always the cheapest. Its speed does make it really useful in the beginning when you’re changing dates and destinations. It’s great for comparison: a second opinion. It also has an explorer map, which is Google maps overlaid with airfare, but our favorite feature is Discover Destinations, which allows you to choose your interest and budget and find out where you can go on that budget. For now, Google flights is a great research tool, not necessarily one for booking, but in the future with Google as the boss, I’m sure it’s going to improve. Number 3: Momondo. Momondo is a solid site both well designed and functional. It presents your options with a bar graph that shows fares across time, as well as three options for sorting the results: the cheapest; the quickest; and the best overall. It also has the new Trip Finder function, which allows you to put in what you’re looking for and your budget. For example, nightlife in South America for 1000 bucks. You can then click further filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. Hola, chica. Que tal? Vamos! Alex singing in Spanish Number 4: SkyScanner. Whenever we travel in Europe, our go-to search engine is Skyscanner because it pulls together budget fares, like Ryan Air and Easy Jet that a lot of other sites don’t include. Skyscanner also has an explore feature, which allows you to browse cheap flights from your point of departure. Unfortunately, it’s not in a map form anymore: it’s only as a list, and I personally find this a little bit less useful. One downside of Skyscanner it that it’s really strong in Europe, but not so much in other destinations, although it is expanding into North America and Asia. Another crucial tip is to put your browser into Incognito Mode when searching for flights. Bookings sites often track when you come back to the same fare, and they’ll up the price because they know you want it. It’s shady, but you can beat the system with a single click. Number 6; HipMunk Apart from having a “totes adorbs” [totally adorable] chipmunk for a mascot, it sorts your search results into sending order of agony which is calculated from price, trip times, and layovers. It then lays out results by departure and arrival time, which can be really helpful if you’re not too flexible on time. But, the filters don’t work as well as on other sites, so in sum, it’s better for people who prioritize saving time over saving money. Last up, we have Airfare Watch Dog. This one is a lot different than the rest because it has actual people,,,, living humans, searching for cheap flights, not just algorithms To make the most of it, you’ve really got to sign up for their email notification so that when one of these real humans actually finds a cheap flight, they’ll send you a notification giving you a chance to pounce on that discount before anyone else does. That means it’s not great if you have to buy something specific right away. But it’s perfect for coupon clippers who are willing to plan their entire trip around a discount. Remember, guys. It’s always a good idea to double check between multiple websites, and keep an eye out for hidden fees and baggage charges before you make that purchase. If you have any tips od your own, make sure you put them in the comment box. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to check out part two of this video, which has specific hacks on getting cheap flights. Click that here to see it, or click the video over there to see some of our most recents adventures. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Or maybe an airplane. Touche` Peace Oh he! Vamos! Baila! Queiro amarte asi!


  • Amy Kwallek

    I have found Trip Advisor to be just as good as Kayak. Plus you can sign up for alerts where a fare drops to a destination of your choice. It's best if you know where are going.

  • Geoff Puzzi

    This is outdated, Kayak now lists the discount airlines. Also no mention of two great travel hacks, Google ITA Matrix and changing the currency.

  • Cynthia Arancibia

    Super util este video y la segunda parte tambien! gracias por los tips…Y me encanta cuando Alex habla y canta en español jajaja Saludos desde Chile! 🙂

  • Matt Gallagher

    I think Google flights is cheapest method to get flights because you're booking directly with the airline, maybe I'm being biased though because it's all I've ever used.

  • maru mo

    Hello, guys! Great video! I saw it when you uploaded it, but just now I actually need it.
    Momondo's site works only from my phone, but not from my computer (Btw I'm from Argentina, maybe location matters here) Do you know if that could be the issue? I just wanna know if I can rely on it or if it's better to cross it out of the list.
    Thank you!!

  • Eyezer Music

    Thanks for giving the icognitio mode information! I use that function quite a lot but never knew it could be useful for flight bookings. 😀

  • Richard's World Traveler

    I travel a lot, and I think you guys did a good job on the recommendations.
    You could also use Orbitz with an Orbitz credit card. If you book the flight on Orbitz with an Orbitz credit card you get 6% of the fare toward a future Orbitz hotel booking. So, $1,000 dollars of airfare would get you $60 towards a future hotels.

    They don't always have the best airfares, but they are usually about the same as other websites. Also if you book a hotel on Orbitz, and pay with their credit card, while using a mobile device you get 10% back toward future hotel stays. You just have to wait 1 billing cycle.

  • Stefanie Goossens

    Great info – thanks! I'm currently booking my first flight to Europe from Australia and am trying to get good cheaper flights. The websites are good but i've found bad reviews on most for people who actually book with them. I've seen some comments mentioning that they are good just to compare flight prices and then go to the actual airline website. I found this a problem though as the flights I found have more than one airline and when the flight is split up on the different airline websites it's dramatically more expensive.. (especially with SWISS)… does anyone have any advice? I want to feel guaranteed with what I book.. Thanks!

  • Patricia Ochoa

    perhaps this is covered under going under ingocnito mode but if you check from a mobile device and mobile prices vary too.

  • J Jenna Garcia

    U guys literally just helped me book a flight on momondo thanks gracias vaga brothers muy amable muah

  • Nancy David

    Very useful information you have shared. Very nice. Here is the some advantages of book flight tickets in online visit

  • Victor Bosselaar

    Google Flights and Skyscanner are my go-to sites to start my airfare research, then I search the OTAs or directly book with airline. Metasearch is the best to give an overview of the market. Even more applicable when booking accommodations. While Kayak is metasearch for hotels, startup company, AllTheRooms, gives travelers all available rooms in a given destination; super powerful research tool. Worth checking out:

  • shysterrtube

    incognito mode does not hide your searches from websites you visit. Google Chrome even states that when you go into incognito mode. It only hides your search history from anyone who might have access to your computer.

  • Celia Corona-Doran

    You guys rock!!! Just found your site and it helped us sooo much. Right on time. We booked our holiday to Spain from California , two people in late May to June for $1376 Round Trip. Score!! San Sebastian here we come. Thank you two brothers!

  • Md Mizan

    Be sure to read Booking review on my blog before you buy. Please go to dennisreviews. com/booking-review/ Thanks, Cody.

  • Katie Caruthers

    I love Momondo, but how do you know you can trust the third party sites that they take you to?? Such as SkyScanner or Vayama. Same with Skyscanner.

  • Molly Emerson

    I like jetcost mostly Because of you are searching for more than one person's ticket it shows the the total price of 2 or 3 or what ever number you are looking at..

  • Lanna's Missing Link

    Ryanair is cheap but it SUCKS. if you're using an Irish airline, just pay a bit extra for aerlingus. Trust me it's so much better

  • Elly Wills

    Vagabrothers you are good. But I prefer to book my flight ticket for the domestic and international destination from Delta Webs Solution. Because I recently booked my flight ticket for Xmas vacation and believe me they gave me flat 46% discount.
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  • media face

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  • Aleksander Courtney

    Great for 'published fares.' After checking these, look into a consolidator fare online travel agency or independent travel agency/agent that books consolidator fares which are almost always less (often MUCH less) than the published fares you can book yourself through online travel agencies. Remember that ALL so-called 'booking sites' are actually travel agencies. If they are a 'seller of travel' (read the fine print at the bottom), they are in fact a travel agency. Of course they earn a commission for your business and that's how they stay in business. You are hysterical! Thanks for the great info presented in a fun and entertaining format.

  • Travohelp

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  • Kevin Phillips

    Hey guys, great video with some great sites for deals! Another one I came upon lately was .I recommend checking that one out. Easy to use and also includes things such as bike rentals.

  • Todd Kight

    One site you did not mention that I found an extremely cheap fare on (saved me $800) is CheapoAir UK. I am not sure if I just happened to book my flights when there was an enormous sale going on, but I don't think so. Maybe just check into it and try to look very far out (10 or 11 months…I know how everybody says that you have to reserve 40 or 50 days out but my $800 savings was on a reservation I mad 11.5 months away from departure!)

  • Sofia Cadena

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  • Sara Hill

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  • Christian Aaron

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  • kaushal deshana

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  • Joe Jones

    Is there a travel website that does not ask for your email address before they even know where you want to go? A travel website that will just give you prices for flights without telling you how many other SOBs are trying to book a trip to New York or Bangkok? In other words I do not give a single damn how many seats are left on the plane or how many rooms are in the hotel. If there is not a seat or a room…just do not show that particular flight or hotel. I bet there is at least one site that we can search without having all of the pop-ups and bullshit. I cannot seem to find it, please help.

  • Bandar Zhr

    As I have just started my travel agency .. Wego is the best for most of time ,, MOST not always, as u have to check all the websites you know … #travel_smartly on Twitter ✌🏻

  • Guillaume Rousseau

    Up the the price because they know that you want the fare… It is a good idea but clearly not implemented yet as far as know as a professional developer in airline IT industry.
    Please provide a proof…

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